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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hi there.

I'm a virgin to blogging, so bear with me, please. I'll get on top of it soon, I promise.

This should be as easy as sex. Now, making it GOOD, that's another thing, isn't it? I mean, anyone can say CLIMB ON. But good sex, imo, needs a little lip service. Sweet nothings. Kissing up. That sort of thing. What do you think?

I suppose I should start my blog by saying...I have some cool stuff coming out. Pretty soon, you'll be able to buy a print copy of my Wanton Werewolf Series. Even cooler still, there will be five stories in a single print book. Go to or my website: and you'll see more about it.

Plus, I'm releasing more of the werewolf series. HOOD is next, and he is to die for, imo. Think...Wolverine from X-men. Yeah, he's hot. And Giselle Racini (the chick that drives him nuts)--you might have read about her in Jack: In the Pack--she's got a serious grip on messing with Hood's head. (Pun intended.)

So, did I set the tone of this blog yet?

Carys Weldon writes for mature adults. If you aren't one, walk away. If you are, and you like sexual innuendoes...well, come again and again, as often as you like.

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