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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Korea's cloned drug sniffing dogs

In today's headlines, I saw an article about Korea cloning some drug sniffing dogs. They took a working labrador retriever, cloned it, made a litter of seven pups, and put them into training. One was dropped from the program due to injury. The other six, after 16 months of training, are now working at the job they were literally born to do. The guy in charge of the project was the assistant to the man who got in trouble for falsifying test scores or something back in the Snuppy Afghan Hound clone deal. I bring this news to you this morning because I know you probably couldn't have gone another minute without knowing the most important fact about this whole situation...all six dogs are named Toppy.

I don't know about you, but little things like an animal's name, drive me crazy when I see a story about an animal. A horse is stuck in the river. Locals try desperately for 17 hours to rescue it, but it is swept downstream. What's the horse's name? Who owns this poor horse? How did it get in the river in the first place? The info never surfaced. The horse was finally dragged with ropes and a chopper up the rocky cliff side because, for some crazy reason, it was easier to do that than fly it across the river to the flat side of the bank.

I watched a show recently where a town's elephant in India got caught in a mudbog. The whole town turned out to see if their lucky charm was going to live or die, to cheer it along, many getting into the mud, climbing into the chest high mud and going under the elephant--which is very tricky since the elephant was tired and slipping and falling down a lot--but the brave men of the village fought on...what WAS that elephant's name? I dunno. Something like Moombahtoe.

The real story in both the horse and elephant stories were the heroes that risked their lives to save one animal. As a horse lover, I was certainly stricken over the equine story. Somebody HAD to save it. The upshot of that tale was the owner was charged with neglect. It over-rode the story of the heroes who worked so hard to save the animal. As much as I wanted the horse saved, I was actually ill at the end of it. More because I realized the value those locals had put on the horse. I mean, entire search and rescue and firemen teams were on the job to save it, costing the taxpayers a ton of overtime money... and I wondered... are people at risk because this who team of rescuers are out playing hero at the river? I was afraid to go and read the town's fire marshall report to see if there were any fires that day.

The elephant? My mother has a huge elephant collection. (The non-eating types.) So, I've learned something you probably already knew... elephant statues with their trunks up are symbols of good luck. You can imagine what a real elephant, tired enough to give up, could do to a whole town of believers that their luck was completely tied to the health and safety of this animal in the mud.

You'd think, if their entire town's luck depended on the creature's safety and health that someone would've been watching it better in the first place so it couldn't get in the mud bog. Therefore, thinking... it's their own fault, could have given some folks a bit of pleasure at watching the dummies who let their god-bles-sed being to stroll without supervision when it had such a ditch close by.

Anyhow, I had to give kudo's to the scrawny little men in their village who literally took their lives at risk to carry ropes under the elephant and mud, so they could try to pull it out. And more to the itty bitty man who cimbed on the thing's back, despite the slipperyness and the all-over threat of being rolled over on. I hope you're getting the full image. The mud was so slippery and deep, a person could easily go under, get sucked deeper, and never come out again. We're not talking two inches of it.

Interesting enough, the heroes that were interviewed after the elephant was saved said they took comfort, when they held their breath and went under the mud and elephant, because they could feel the elephant, cold as she was. They took strength from her presence, and her trust that they would save her. I thought it was simple and sweet, their trust between the creature and the men working to get her to safety. The simplicity of the women and children watching pensively on the side banks, praising the men and elephant, and praying...

You just don't see a village come together like that very often. It was a little like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, after he'd done his dirty deed and it looked like all was lost, and they pulled together to sing and dance anyway. And then, voila!, Christmas returned.

I felt like I had been slipping and crawling through the mud by the time they got that packaderm onto dryer ground. Ditto with the horse in the freezing river.

But, as much an animal lover as I am, I've begun to question the way we people do things. As you know, I have a 3-4 lb yorkie named Pixie. We also have Mojo back, who is the 4 lb yorkie we bought for our third daughter on her 16th birthday instead of a car. They don't like each other much. I believe that'll change after they get a little you know what. But...these silly little dogs are like kids to me.

I have them on my lap or at my feet pretty much 24/7. The only time I get a break from them is when I have to go to the dr. or something and leave them home alone. And sometimes I send them over to my OTHER daughter's house, so they can hang with Pixie's half brother, Tonka. He's about the same size, too. We are ridiculous pet owners. Pixie has a hot pink and black polka dot dress with rhinestones on it. They all have sweaters and hoodies, matching harnesses and leashes.

I've rushed Mojo to the vet at 10 pm because he jumped off the couch and acted like he'd broken his back leg. As it turns out, it is a normal knee cap displacement thing yorkies sometimes have, and it was back in place in seconds, but because I was still worried, I had to have him checked out. Only cost me $125 for the vet to try not to laugh in my face and suggest I buy him some stairs to get up and down from the couch and bed. My husband, who paid the bill, frowned the whole time.

As much as he loves the dog, he comes from the old school farm where you shoot a dog in the head if he outlives his usefulness, breaks a leg, goes blind...or anything like that. But he's a tender heart, and the bottom line is... he was okay with me running Mojo to the vet if he really needed something. But when it turned out to be a knee issue... well, let's just say he wasn't happy about the cash cost of finding out the news, and I got a lecture on taking a moment to breathe before committing to an hour round trip drive and couple hundred bucks. You know, weigh the cost of a replacement dog versus what this COULD cost us at the vet.

But...if it was a kid, you wouldn't hesitate to get it to the doctor, I say in my defense, cuddling my baby, turned away from DADDY or grandpa or whatever I want to call him at the moment (Maybe Mr. Meany.)

So, what do you think? Shouldn't pet owners be sensible? But shouldn't they be willing to do the vet thing if needed?

Do you think the horse owner should've been charged with neglect?

And here I am thinking about the waste of expense to save the one mustang, worrying about how much it cost the town. I worry about the people who may have been endangered because the rescue teams were at the river.

The elephant? I fully understand. Primitive India town, folks living in huts, no electricity, and it was their god-creature. The luck of the tribe was in the balance as far as they were concerned.

And here I circle back to the original thing that got me started. Cloned critters. How long before people like me have the option of having our favorite pets cloned? Not long if you live in the right country.

I wonder, would you rather have a natural descendent of your favorite pet, or a clone of it? Oh, and by the way, the cloned labradors are all named Toppy. Guess the Koreans have a sense of humor. At first, I thought they were lazy. Just come up with one name, make it easy on themselves because the dogs are identical. But then I, they're just funny people.

But people pushing the limits on every civilized level. We should keep an eye on them. I say, the best way to do it is probably go to eat at Korean restaurants regularly. We may find a conspiracy.

More on conspiracies later. ;)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Deeply penetrating objects...

If you follow this blog, you probably already know my topics have ranged a lot. I guess I'm what you'd call a real scatter brain.

I write erotica, science fiction, name it. So, putting that all together is just fun for me.

While perusing a science site, I came across this quote BY A PHYSICIST which, of course, makes it so much more credible than when, say, any regular man says the same thing. And I quote “We know from the entry physics that the largest and most energetic objects penetrate deepest,” said David Morrison, an astronomer with NASA’s Ames Research Center.

I actually found it on a site talking about the Tanguska, Siberia Lake Cheko. There was something on tv that said the earth gets hit like a punching bag every day. Basketball sized objects hit every single day. Volkswagon sized debris every six months. And Tanguska size every 1000-1500 years.

Tanguska sounded familiar, but all I could remember was something about trees laying flat in odd patterns. As it turns out, some scientists have found something with their sonar equipment. The thing is 10 meters (33 ft) down, seems to be about 30 feet in diameter and 1700 tons in weight. So, of course, some folks are conjecturing the possibility of it being a spacecraft. Wouldn't that be cool to find? Or scary...? What do you think, more cool or more scary?

The whole story can be found at this ridiculously long link:

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Talk about crap! (NOT POLITICAL)

Ick. I read something I'm still wrinkling my nose over. You know, the kind of story that is very short but may never go away. You can be traumatized by reading it here:

You don't have to go because I like to go over the fine points, give you the highlights.

I'm actually trying not to laugh, now that I'm over the shock of it. I swear, I couldn't get over to this blog fast enough. Can't have you missing something that's stricken me. My brain is going, "Ick. Ick. Ick. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Ooh, that's nasty."

It's just...the world simply astounds me.

Like the story a few days ago, it'll sound like I'm telling a joke, but here goes:

A guy named Sodoma... (I know, the name alone would give a kid a bad attitude. I'd have that changed in a court of law. Did you know most surnames originate from an ancestor's profession or crime? I'm getting pictures in my mind. I swear, I can't help it.

On with the story--
So this guy named Sodoma
crapped on the sidewalk... (That's right, the SIDEWALK. The sidewalk on the town square. While there aren't a ton of details to this story, they clarified that he didn't bring the feces from, say, a bathroom, or get it out of a bag he'd brought from scooping after a dog. Oh no, this man made this particular mess fresh on the spot.)

I know, I'm damned wordy and really drag out the dumbest things. I AM working on my pacing.

So, Sodoma scoops up his fresh, uh, delivery
then smeared it on a door

The door of the community coalition.

Sheriff says it's a couple of misdemeanors. Sodoma will get charged somewhere between $65 and $650. (And we used to complain about the bathroom stalls that required a dime or a quarter.)

Sheriff arrested the guy because it was basically against their town's basic morals.

Kinda makes you wonder why the community coalition made him mad about in the first place, doesn't it?

I always wondered what kind of people wiped crap on walls. You know, when you go into a public bathroom and sit down and just get started and look around and...holy shit, crappy stuff on the wall. So disgusting!

Turns my stomach. Ditto with people flippin' boogers ANYWHERE or wiping those on the wall. Is it that hard to get some tissue paper for the job?

What is it with people? How do we stop this stuff that's just plain nasty!

I mean, everybody has things in their nose from time to time that has to come out. But a tissue in a closed stall in the bathroom is a nice way to handle it. Or a tissue PERIOD.

Statistics say one of the most common things to do while stopped at a stoplight is pick your nose. After I watched the Family Feud episode that gave me that little tidbit, I couldn't help but notice...and it is too true.

Don't get me wrong...we all have our own little personal issues, things that offend others. Everybody has to deal with body fluids. Or solids. Or whatever. We all have times when our nose runs so much, we can't keep up with it. Or maybe that's just me and my allergies.

You know, when I was first asked to write erotica, I was told one of the big differences between it and mainstream romances is that erotica doesn't necessarily leave out the body fluids. It wasn't until then that I realized how clean most books USED to be in that department. But since I've been checking, I've noticed a lot more liquids in those mainstreams. Or is it just me?

I have another question for you... Why do people come in the front door and fart? Why don't they push it out before they come into closed quarters? And why do people laugh about farts?

Explain it to me. I dare ya.
And honestly, wouldn't you change your name if it were Sodoma?

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Recipes wanted!

I'm excited about a deal I just made with a publisher. I've been toying with opening submissions for a cookbook where all the recipes are put in poetic form. It is open to anyone with a good recipe and a poetic soul. It doesn't matter if you've written poetry before either.

I created a yahoo group where I could post the calls for submissions. See if you can find it by putting in cookbook contributors wanted or editorJD. Let me know if the page works or not. And read the guidelines and tell me what you think. Everybody's got a recipe, right? Here's your chance to have a cookbook with your own recipe and name in it. Check it out!


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In-vitro twins at age 66?

Okay, I have a new one for you. Have you ever heard of hormone therapy rejuvenation of a uterus after 18 years of menopause?

This will sound like a joke...
So, a 66 year old woman goes into a sperm bank...
Turns out the fertility doctor gave her three weeks of hormone treatment, rejuvenated her and implanted a couple of fertilized eggs from a younger woman. And voila! Lady has twins, gets in the news for being the oldest woman on record. Lied about her age. Apparently, there is no set age for when women cannot be impregnated at the doctor's office, although some won't do it after 50 and others after 55, which is the age this gal said she was.

You can read the whole story here:

I just have to wonder...WHY? I would be afraid I wouldn't be able to raise them, that I'd die and leave them orphans. (Which is what happened, according to the article.)

The uncle sold exclusive story rights so as to provide for the twins, two boys.

While I have five kids, and love them dearly, I'm happy to be at the "Kids are all out of school" place in life. It's like a relief to get them all to 18 and beyond without them being pregnant or whatever. Although, I don't judge the girls that end up having babies. I see it as a very common place thing these days.

And I see more women, like Sandra Bullock (love her!) 40 and fine without giving birth. She's got step kids now, and she's an animal lover. Those are sometimes easier to deal with than pregnancy, labor and delivery.

I say "Power to your own path," usually.

But in-vitro at age 66, that just sounds like insanity to me. As much as I love kids, I would've said it would be smarter to adopt a child or two already on the planet. Or foster care. Sometimes people THINK they want another kid, do the foster thing and realize that it was their dream, or that they really don't wanna mess with kids all over again. I'm just astounded, I guess, that there are TWO women who've in-vitro'd at age of 66. The other is mentioned in the article, in case you're curious to want to read more about her, too.

Would you do that?
My pregnancies and deliveries were all pretty easy as those things go. My longest labor was only 7 1/2 hours long, the others, in case you're curious, are: 5 1/2 hrs, 2 hrs 17 minutes, 3 hrs, and 3 hrs. (On the dot pretty much--and I'm not exaggerating here.)

Anybody wanna talk about their pregnancies or deliveries...or the sex that got them there? By all means, post away! I've probably confessed this already, but my fourth daughter...I know I conceived her with a condom in my hand...not where it needs to be for prevention. AND my husband had bragged at work that he was going home to get me pregnant. So, he was very persuasive, no--insistent, that night which really boils down to making it all a pleasure for me. Of course, he obviously sealed his own deal or the girl would've been left an angel in heaven. But no, she got a quick joy ride to planet hell.

In other news, I may have to have a surgery on my lower back AFTER a surgery on my neck. Ain't that great? Do me a favor, and pray for some miracles to come my way, would ya? Thanks!

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Hey there,
Just looked you up on facebook, then got the bright idea you may have something on your blog. Summer has fried what was left of my brain. Recipes sound fun so I'll look up site and see what I can come up with.
Really wanted you to know we're praying for you as you face surgeries. I'm facing two surgeries on my hand which is nothing compared to what you have ahead. Know that special prayers are being sent your way and we care about you more than you can possibly know. Take care..and lots of hugs.

By Blogger Kay, at 3:37 PM  

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cyber attacks on U.S. (contest!) Win a $10 gift certificate!

This posting holds details for a contest to win a $10 gift certificate.

But first, the nitty gritty of today's headlines. How many times do I need to say "Heads up, friends. Let's hope Obama's" chats are making some real progress for US.

It appears a little like...while the cat's away, the mouse has come out to play. Or attack. Not that the president is the actual gatekeeper on U.S. computers.

Have you seen this?
It's an article detailing the high number of cyber attacks and cracks made to U.S. security over our Independence Holiday.

Like I've said before, I don't want to be a doomsayer. I want to be an ostrich with my head in the sand, but for some reason, I can't look away. I can't close my eyes.

And I can't be secure in my own little happy corner of the Ozarks when I know the likes of communists on the other side of the world have somehow infiltrated the sanctuary of the U.S.--and I do believe my country is the safest sort of sanctuary from terrorists because we fight the fight on the other side of the world.

What disturbs me most is the trend for terrorists to come over into OUR playground.

Honestly, this isn't really a surprise. Is it?

Clear back when I was young, and Disney put out that movie WAR GAMES, I think the seed was planted. Or maybe before that in a Star Trek or Twilight Zone episode, it was precursed. If so, can you point us to the episode(s)? (Contest opportunity #1: email me with your answers. I'll do a drawing from those who participate.)

In that movie Hackers with Angelina Jolie, we saw a warning.

Before 9/11, we had so many "Look what we can do!'s" And then, when our perimeter bases had been stepped down (thanks Clinton), we were vulnerable enough to take a hit, a really big hit that rumbled the streets around the world.

I don't really want to get into a political bashing here. I just can't help but point out some of the obvious reasons we have taken hits in the last ten years. I know a lot of people want to blame things on GW Bush but the writing went on the wall during the Clinton administration. We were totally set up. Clinton fully expected it, too. That's one of his reasons for bringing in the U.N. peace keeping troops. I know I've said this before, but think, people. Who are these troops meant to control?

With things like the lockdown in China, and N. Korea's little froggy nukey finger itching to play in the big kid's game, we MUST send up prayers or meditation or whatever you personally do. I don't want people to get all crazy in paranoia. After all, what can you do?

Well, you can stay cool, calm and collected, and get your affairs in order. (No. Just kidding. Keep your affairs in chaos.)

I truly believe that there is a higher power that listens when people come together for a common cause and ask for help that can make a difference. So, pray for Obama, and all our politicians, that they will be clear headed and have the best interests for our citizens, and the whole world, upper most in their mind as they make choices in governing our nation.

Stop complaining about the war and start praising the efforts for peace. And do something to commend a hero. Look around, there are soldiers coming home every day. There are welcoming committees forming to welcome them as they arrive at local airports. Find one in your area. Throw some cookies or something, maybe a card of appreciation or balloons in for the soldier and his family. It's a little thing to do considering our troops are putting theirselves on the literal chopping block during daily active duty...and all so we can go shopping at the mall today, and buy groceries without ration stamps.

I say, Thank God God blesses America. As we feed the world and bring peace to its corners, we will be blessed. I'm grateful to have so much. Not that I have a lot. But I like the choice to go to church when I want. I like knowing that, for the most part, if my kids are in school or college, they're generally pretty safe.

Contest opportunity #2: Post anything you do/have done to show support for our troops. If you donated something that was sent, cool. If you collect items and make sure they get sent, sweet. If you write soldiers, someone you know or for "any soldier", awesome. If you can find a place where e-cards can be sent, let us know. Or, if you found a story about someone sending something to the troops that really was worth talking about, give us the link. Participators will get their name in a HEROES drawing.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Crazy Chinese?

I'm a big fan of chinese food. Love General Tso's Chicken (as mild as you can make it), and Mongolian Beef, and Sez Schuan, rice...

For a brief few moments, I considered giving it all up.

I know, that's insane.

I have actually considered boycotting all of China's products, and then I realized that my local Chinese place is run by American citizens, so I got over boycotting that pretty easy.

Many a time, I've heard about the Chinese putting lead paint on kiddy toys, or melamine in some food product. Pretty friggin' inhumane, the people who do that sort of thing. They should be shot. You know, first in the toe, then in the shin, then the kneecap. You get the idea.

I guess I should say I'm a fan of more than just Chinese food, and angry at more than the lead paint thing. I'm a big cheerer of their cameras and fireworks. Cannot say enough about fortune cookies that bid me good fortune.

Their politics are, as those of us raised during the cold war would say, they are atrocious, something not to trust. For that reason, I probably would have had to turn down free tickets to the Beijing Olympics.

Especially after their attack on the Tibetan months. When you see a country in this modern world shut down ALL internet and cell phones and communications of the masses, you need to sit up and take notice.

I'm sure you're all over informed on this stuff, and I'm a day behind on everything. But have you seen the feeds on the death toll in Xinjiang? For a quick view, go here: (Wait. Don't worry as you scroll down and see blood. The guy pictured survived the riot.)

All of this reminds me that the country of China IS still communist. I'm not an alarmist, not trying to make people do anything but think, and pray. ALthough, I'd be okay if I riled at least one person to a point of waking them up.

While America likes to go and feed the world and fight the fights of the downtrodden, we have some governments/countries who have very opposite political agendas. It is because of these other countries that we need to fight the fights over on the other side of the world. Much better on their soil than ours, as far as I'm concerned.

Have you had a chance to read PACK TABOO yet? It's in the werewolf series NOW IN PRINT and EBOOK from Mojocastle. It's a story about inter-racial romance, but it touches on politics. I'll try and post an excerpt of it sometime soon, see if I can whet the appetites of those who haven't picked it up.

Anyhow, what do you think of the Chinese uprising and all that control they've got? I can't imagine my government blocking off a whole city, locking it down. Can you?

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Size DOES matter

We hear it all the time. Some of us adamantly tell our husbands and boyfriends, "No, it doesn't matter honey. Not at all."

And, in turn, we let them tell us that the size of our boobs and butts don't matter, and we pretend to believe they like us the way we are. (Not that I'm saying any of us lie!)

Most of us just want to avoid conflict. After all, there are some things we just can't fix. Or (plastic surgery as it is these days) can't afford to fix.

But, in some things, size matters so much that we absolutely cannot fidget on the issue. For example, if a man's thingy (you know, hangy down danglies) can't reach your G, it's important. So, someone invented a length enhancing sleeve for him to put on. I dunno if that sort of thing works. Do you? (Please! Please! Do tell if you know!)

In blogs gone by, I've complained about everything like airline seat size to, um, well everything I can think of. And that, simply, is because size DOES matter. It matters most to me because I'm what some folks would describe big and beautiful. Others would just say big. Whatever.

I stepped into an elevator yesterday at my doctor's office and was shocked to find how big it was. There were ten of us in it, and room for another dozen. You know, if the rest were skinny minnies, midgets, and children.

It was a pleasant surprise. As was getting a meal at a fast food joint that turned out to be more than I could eat. I hate leaving a meal while I'm still hungry. Don't you? I always wonder why sometimes I can eat a lot, and other times I can barely get a few bites in. I've been thinking of trying those FULLBARS. They're supposed to make you feel full. Has anyone tried them? Are they good tasting? Do they work? Somebody give'em a shot and get back to me. K?

So, on the bigger and better game, I think a car should have more head room and more leg room. I like big beds but I don't want it so big I can't find the guy I like to cuddle up next to. I like big blankets, but not so much that I lose my little yorkie and can't find her for ten minutes because she's lost under there. (Usually happens when I really gotta go to the bathroom and don't have time to play Marco Polo with her.)

I like bigger shade trees, and smaller roses, but I love big cabbage roses. I love a big steak but am good with a little salad. I love long movies, unless you're talking WaterWorld with Kevin Costner.

I love big books. If it's good, I'm happy to read and read and read. I also like anthologies with little short stories. Like Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers (See my story Creepy Cat in there!) and Deadknots (Paranormal Mystery Anthology I did with my friend CJ Winters.) My Journal Jumpstart (by Jennifer DiCamillo) has a bunch of little short true stories from my life with short writing exercises.

My werewolf series has short stories and the tales get longer and longer as the series progresses. I figure the deeper in you get, the more you need. Am I wrong in that?

Is that true about sex?

I am currently working through the new lubricants for enhancing female pleasure to see if any of them work. Have you tried any of them? If so, please report! I'll give a blow by blow (giggle!) after I've finished checking them out. So stay tuned.

I think I've bounced off my original topic again. (What's new with that?) I was actually planning on blogging about the size of pens. Art pens and pencils to be exact. I dunno if any of you fancy yourself artists or not, but I found this pen and pencil blog and came to the conclusion that size DOES matter.

You can check it out here:

The blogger says he respects your right to differ about whether size matters or not as long as you respect his right to be an old geezer.

I thought about the term Pencil Dick and decided I needed to pull these thoughts together. Can you think of other terms for male genitalia that are sorta funny?

For the record, I personally eliminate donkey dick. That's not funny. It's scary. How ya gonna bury that? (With lots of pain?)

And, have you heard the latest term REDONKULOUS? Now, what do you think THAT means?

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Hello from Illinois,
You must have known I was looking at the fullbars. Sounds good but I haven't tried them. Meanwhile I've put all kinds of yummy goodies in my mouth. Ice cream sundae, cookie, chocolate cake, yep. Miss Piggy has been eating away instead of wasting away. Will let you know if I try the bars. Hugs, Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 8:14 AM  

I went shopping Monday and bought, oh, I dunno...darn near every type of fiber bar or health food bars out there. And let me just say...avoid those oreo ones. I keep thinking they'll be good. I've bought them twice and if it weren't for my teenage son, who took care of them for me, I'd still be staring at the box, minus the bar I took a couple bites out of and couldn't finish.

Now you've made me hungry. You can afford a few desserts. My weight has gone back up to what it was before that last surgery. (bleck)

I'm not getting a lot of comments. I wonder if I ran people off with political discussions. I continually hear people say, "You gotta keep your opinions to yourself, so you don't offend readers."

I certainly don't want to offend anyone. I'd enjoy a lively, well backed debate. You know, if someone wanted to argue one of my points with their own reasoning. Any time, any where. Okay, anywhere as long as we're sitting, and any place as long as its a/c'd in the summer and heated in the winter. (I'm such a baby.)

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 12:40 PM  

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