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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Whatcha up to?

I've been working on a BIAW project--a book in a week. I have it up to 213 pages and am actually really working on the second week of keying in on it now. So, overall the writing's gone well for the month of May. Sorry that it translates to not much time to blog or answer email.

I had a surprise visit from a friend this last weekend (Thursday thru Monday). While I was pleased to see her, and we had a great time taking in a few shows in Branson, that (unexpected type of intrusion) totally cuts into the writing, especially when I'm on a real roll. It's so hard to get my head back into a manuscript when I can't get to it for several days.

I find myself re-reading too much, and then editing and re-editing--which is totally against the concept of writing a book straight through, saving the edits for later (as BIAW and BIAM are set up.)

I wish I could focus on other projects like my alien and sf manuscripts, or the sequels to some of my other existing books. Gotta finish up some werewolf things, and complete that one I started a couple weeks ago--the Romanian one I mentioned to you. But I can't turn interest in this one on, or that one off, with a snap of my fingers. I wish I could.

I've also been watching SNAPPED, a half hour show that goes over murders committed by women. I am planning on writing more mysteries. (As you know, I have just released the paranormal mystery anthology DEADKNOTS with CJ Winters and I am awaiting the release of a mystery anthology containing only my stories, called Despicado.) Soon, I hope, you will also see Four Dead, a romantic mystery that will be published under my real name by Mojocastle Press. There's a lot of sexual tension in it, so I'm sure you'll enjoy that.

I really want to have books in all genres before I die, or am done writing. You know, if I just up and quit some day or something. Can't do that until I write all my sequels.

In traveling news, I'm going up to Ohio for the weekend, leaving tomorrow. Wow, that came up on me in a big hurry. Lori Foster (national best selling author) is having a get together. You can google it and read about it, and/or go! I'd love to see you there.

Originally, I was planning on going and swinging into friend's houses in Ohio (you know who you are) and Indiana (where I grew up) but then I had a friend who said she wanted to go, and could't leave until Friday morning and needed to be back by Sunday night. That would make the traveling pretty intense, a dead run for the event and back, since she works and that controls when she can go places and when she has to be back. I was stressing over doing that. With all my little issues, I need to stop for the ladies' room and to walk and stretch pretty often.

My husband's schedule got shifted to four ten hour days instead of five eight hour shifts. So, he said he could drive me/us. He agrees that we need to do some of the driving on Thursday so I'll be there on time, and fresh for the company I'm going to be keeping, which includes everybody from big name authors and small ones (like me!) to fans/readers and editors and agents.

My friend's boss has kept her on edge about whether or not she'd let her off on Thursday. She works nights at a local hotel. And now, it looks like she might not be able to go. So, the fact that my husband is willing to drive me is very nice...even if it means I won't be able to make the social pitstops I would do if I drove alone.

So, here's my public apology to anyone who hoped I'd come and stay at their house. I may be able to visit late tomorrow night or early Friday, but it wouldn't be more than a short deal. I have to be in West Chester, Ohio by 4 or 5 Friday.

If you're between Branson and there and would like me to swing in to see you, email me and let me know that you'll be free and send me your phone number. We can see if getting together, even for a soda or something, is doable.

But don't get depressed over it if I can't come this week. There will always be another day/week/weekend.

What else can I tell you? I've been added to the programming for Armadillocon. (August 15-17) So, plan on being there!

DREAM ACCOUNT: I think I want to take my dream money for the day and buy pilot lessons for me, and my whole family, and then take the rest of the cash to buy a small plane. Or make a down payment on one. Come to think of it, it would have to be a downpayment. I gotta get a plane big enough to haul my five kids, their sweethearts, and a few kids. Just count my dream money for the whole week in on that.

Having my own plane would sure take care of my driving issues and worrying about getting places on time. Don't you think?

Do you have a pilot's license? Do you wish you had one? Do you own a plane? I hear that every plane's engine has to be completely dissembled and inspected at least once a year, or every so many miles. Can't remember how many miles that is. Do you know?

It's weird, but silly little things like that will drive me crazy some days when I can't remember the answer.


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I honestly have no idea. :)

THings like that have a way of completely driving me nuts until the answer wakes me up in the middle of the night for some strange reason.

Sorry I missed you that Saturday at the OWFI conference.


By Anonymous JenNipps, at 1:06 PM  

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