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Friday, March 31, 2006


How about a new contest?

Why don't you post a hunky picture of a guy you know and I'll give a prize every time all three of the moderators on this list swoon. So, there's the scale. He has to make you, and three of us go, "Oh yeah. That's what I like."

Rules: No genitalia can be seen. We're not judging on the size of his, well, you know. We're judging on the rest of his bod and his face and his expression. These can be snapshots of YOUR guy (or even your brother or a friend) leaning against a post. And they can be 40 yr old black and white pics, or whatever. Just, let's see some sex appeal. Sound fair?

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Can't seem to get the img command to work so here is a direct link;

By Blogger contestbunny, at 8:44 PM  

There's some washboard abs, contestbunny! Is he a friend, relative, or just a hot pic you picked off the web?

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 12:47 PM  

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Werewolves IN PRINT

This morning, I am working on werewolves. Gotta love those nasty boys--and bitchy women.

I'm going through the final galley on the print anthology that will be available in a few weeks--what that means is...the first four ebooks in the Wanton Werewolf series will be in a paperback form. I hope you'll want a copy of that. Of course, there are plans to put the whole series in print.

This one is supposed to be available for purchase when I'm in Oklahoma City at the Embassy Suites hotel the first weekend of May, and at the Romantic Times Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida May 16-22. I sure hope you come and chat with me! I'd love to sign these books personally for you.

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Love the werewolf books!

By Blogger Estella, at 7:33 PM  

How exciting for you that the books are going to print. Hope the signing goes great.

By Blogger snowflake, at 8:12 PM  

It is exciting.

What I am constantly amazed at is how much I enjoy reading my stories over. And that's not to sound egotistical. I DO enjoy them. But then--that's my first goal of writing--to entertain myself.

I figure, if an author's stories bore the author--you know it's bad. And that's one of my rule of thumbs on a piece or scene. If I get where I lose interest, I go back and rewrite what came before.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chicks for Money

As you may have guessed by now, bits and pieces of music ring through my head all the time. Usually just the best line of a chorus. This morning, the MTV hit of the 80's (mentioned in an earlier post), Drugs for money, chicks for free got turned around in my head. And all I kept hearing was Chicks for money. And my brain put in, sex for free.

But...I don't think sex is ever free. Do you? I mean, we always pay--one way or the other. Usually, emotionally.

Sometimes sex pays us, makes us feel wanted and loved. And sometimes it makes us feel dirty. Now, sometimes we like feeling a little wicked. But what, do you think, is the thing that separates the "feeling dirty in a bad way" from "feeling sexy and wicked in a good way"...?

Obviously, if you do things for your partner because they want you to, but you're just trying to please them, there is some emotion involved in that. We do a lot of things for our partners because we love them and want them to be happy. But there are lines that get crossed, for all of us (probably) where we are torn between the happy "missionary position" that seems like real lovemaking, and the more creative positions that Kama Sutra defines so well.

Which brings me to ask, have you taken a look at the positions book? Holy cow! Cirque de Soleil might have trouble doing some of that stuff.

But then again, trying might be half the fun. What do you think?
Are you bedroom gymnasts at heart or desperately seeking a guy who likes the missionary position and old fashioned lovemaking like the romance books of old picture?

And how do you draw the line on things you don't want to do, without alienating your partner or ruining the good stuff between you?

I try very hard to create female characters with real life dilemmas (even if they're in love with werewolves, vampires, or fairy men). And when I say fairy men, I don't mean homosexuals. I mean, guys with wings.

Have you checked out King of Wands? It's a book I wrote for the Tarot series at Extasy Books. There are two love stories in one. A brother and a sister, both selfish, get some attitude adjustments from fairies. If you're the slightest bit interested in domination, consenting situations, and what makes partners do things they wouldn't normally want to do--you might enjoy KOW.

What I like about it best is that Granden, King of Wands, and his sister Marinda, though beautiful people physically, are not exactly perfect. (Who is?) But they find someone to love them, and in the process of learning how to love someone right, they change some things.

Granden says, at the beginning, that he would never beg a woman for anything. Yeah. Who doesn't know a guy like that? And he thinks that telling a chick what to do--for his pleasure--is all right. Well, in my opinion, I think guys like this need to be taught a few things. I mean, if a guy says he'd never beg, that's the first thing I want him to do. It's some unwritten principle. A challenge or something. Isn't it?

You gotta love Isabelle, the fairy princess who is willing to sacrifice herself to save her people from torture--and ends up getting tortured a little herself. (I think a few women will identify with her, especially mothers). Don't worry, it's consentual--but it is consentual because she allows it.

Let me say this, it isn't a story about victims of abuse, per se. I have those, too. Check out Mira Starks. This one is about giving in because you love someone too much. (I believe you CAN love someone too much, so much that you let yourself get hurt and don't draw the lines. What do you believe?)

And then there's Jadder, King of the Fairies, who loves Marinda with all he has and teaches her, by example, what it is to give everything. The guy knows how to make love, let me tell ya.

The story is really about appreciating the gifts you're given, and being appreciated. I'll try and post an excerpt later, or tomorrow. If anyone's interested, that is.

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KOW sounds intriguing. Sex is a give and take but when your partner wants more than you are comfortable with and uses emotional blackmail (if you love him, you will do it), it does make things difficult.

By Blogger snowflake, at 10:16 AM  

I think we all suffer from, and are guilty of, emotional blackmail sometimes.

Love is a hard thing, a tricky line to walk. Especially for women raised Christian. The bible, and church, tells us to obey our fathers and our husbands. And confronted with the bottom line, it's hard to argue against because we get brainwashed by it.

I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm just saying that it puts women in hard spots where we have to choose, sometimes, what we think is best for ourselves, and what we should do to please the men in our lives. And one way or another, we then struggle with guilt.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mail Fixed

Thanks to the help of Jenny, and my webmistress, Jaymi, and my promo girl, Lisa, and her man, Diego, I think we have the bouncing issues fixed.


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So, um, now that I have a nudist (adult male) running around my house, I have to I the only one that thinks that naked men running around are funny?

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You are not the only one that thinks naked men are funny---the older they get the funnier they are.

By Blogger Estella, at 12:25 PM  

Yes if you mean why they run around when there are ahem better things to do naked. LOL

By Blogger snowflake, at 10:22 AM  

What's best is when they're trying to be sexy and you're laughing and they keep asking, "Why are you laughing?"

Don't you think?

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 12:55 PM  

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Good morning!

The sun is shining in Missouri. Birds are chirping outside my window.
And there's a man, naked, sleeping in my bed.
Does it get any better than that?

Wait. It's a man I like.

He's a night owl and I'm a sunrise sparrow.
I wonder, if you were to classify yourself as a bird, what would you call yourself?

A chickadee?
A pecker?
A yellow bellied sap sucker?
A blue jay?
An ostrich?
I know we have a robin on the list.
What else?

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Night owl.

By Blogger snowflake, at 10:19 AM  

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I've deleted some of the past archives/emails on the newsletter list, hoping to free up some email space. Please try posting again.

And bear with me, if you will. I really want to see new comments. I'm trying to get the hang of managing the emails, etc. by myself. It's slow going.

I'm the girl who squints at the remote control and asks, "Which button changes the channel?" and "This thing works everything but the toaster? Then why doesn't it read my mind, too, and just make things happen the way I like?"

That's what I'm waiting for. You know, the one that'll replicate (like Star Trek), read my mind, anticipate my needs, kiss my butt, and lick my wounds, too. Not to mention, gimme a foot rub while it's at it.

And, heck, while I'm dreaming...let me post another piece of Mira Starks' story. But, before you read it, let me ask you this...what's your idea of a real hero, or a man worth having?

Mira's having a little trouble figuring that out. And Rick, the guy to die for in her story, is turning every which way, including up to figure it out. Damn, wouldn't it be nice if guys in real life bent over backward for us?

Feel free to post an example of real life coolness by your guy. We can't hear too much about that, can we? We need proof that chivalry is not dead, that love at first sight does exist, and that fantasies can come true. Don't we?

Here ya go:

Mira opened her eyes, leaned her head up and asked, “What is this game you’re playing? Is this some sort of fantasy you’re putting in my head? Did you really knock me out and I’m in a coma or something? Am I gonna wake up in a hospital?
“Do you want to?”
“Stop answering my questions with questions. I want some answers.”
“There are only two questions that matter.” He took her chin in his hand and pushed her back, kissing her. He drank from her soul again. She knew that. And he fed hers.
One more time, she felt defenseless against his attentions. Not that she wanted to fight it. It felt good to be made love to. He was an excellent kisser. Highly skilled in the art of love making. She wanted him to move downward, to keep going until….
He stopped kissing her. “Until what, Mira?”
She admitted, “The oral sex—earlier—it was good.”
“I have never had the best of that, believe it or not.”
“I offered it,” she said belligerently, opening her eyes and looking at him, finally. That’s when it hit her. He didn’t, quite, trust her.
She accused him of it, silently. You don’t trust me?
“Women are fickle. They love you one moment; they call you the devil the next.” His fingertips flicked over her nipple, making it pucker all the more.
Mira pushed hand away. “Stop that. Quit trying to distract me.” She sat up, making him back up. “This isn’t about me, and what my choices are, is it? I mean,” she reached up and tossed her hair back. The ends were wet, still, from sitting in the water. And she looked around the sunken seating area they were in. Like inside the Genie’s bottle. “What is this,” she asked, “A mirage?”
Gaining momentum. She demanded, “You think I’ll only like you if you have money? Or pretty things?”
“The vision of the true hero, from your mind…Mira. You want more. What do you want from me?” His frustration was evident. “I gave you raw emotion. You wanted physical attention. I gave you that, you wanted…what? To be saved. I saved you how many times, and you said I still didn’t fit the bill of hero. I take you…to a place where anything you want can be given, and you’re turning it on me as if it were a crime.”
Rick got up. “I don’t know how to be the kind of man you want. I don’t think you know what you want.”
Heatedly, she said, “I never wanted a man, or a hero, or…or…any of this.” They were too much trouble and heartache. They were too dangerous.
She wanted to be left alone, didn’t she? Mira felt something in her heart break away. Ice around it? Or was it her heart, itself? She hadn’t secretly wanted that, had she? To be left alone…?
Maybe. Maybe I do want to be left alone.
He put a hand to his chest as if she’d staked him. And he looked hurt—just for a moment, until he turned his back.

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Crazy Snow

So, I was traveling along in my automobile (yes, there is a song running through my head--anybody know the title and vocalist who did that one?) And yes, I am planning on doing something for those who have rung the bell

And I had the Impala up to speed on I-80 this last weekend and what to my eyes did appear?

A whole heckuva lotta ice.

I went through Green River, Wyoming. You might have heard about this:

And then I narrowly missed:

But, I turned south on 789 to Colorado 13 and cut through above Vail. When I hit Steamboat Springs--anybody been there? Beautiful, clear. Mountain was gorgeous. No warning of a bad storm rising.

A half hour later, while slipping (literally) over Rabbit Ears Pass toward Kremmling--which is the shortcut to Denver--I really got to sliding around. The blizzard overtook the mountain and we couldn't see more than five feet ahead of the car--and that was only when the wind gusted the flurries off. Have you ever done that? Scarrrrreeeeeey.

I'm the crybaby in the car ahead of you repeating, "Oh, God. Oh, God. Please keep my kids safe." You know, in mantra/rote form.

We did the snail's pace bumper to bumper with five other cars, saw cars off the road in hood deep ditches and took our turn at skidding off the road, hitting the side of the hill (damn big mountain) and over-correcting. We followed the car ahead of us all the way, over-corrected in just the same way, but survived it miraculously unscathed.

Which leads me to ponder. Would you say that meant me and the two kids traveling with me were destined to do something great? Saved by fate?

This is my same daughter that survived a near fatal accident last fall--with hundreds of thousands of medical bills to show for it--and she has healed (yes, miraculously). Is she my lucky charm? (I think she's an angel, personally.)

Do you believe in miracles? Lucky charms or talismans? A pre-ordained fate/destiny to accomplish certain things while on this planet/in this life?

Before you post your answer--understand that I love responses, but not preaching. (There are plenty of other blogs that do that. Go there if you wanna.)

PLEASE share your spiritual message with gentle testimony. If it contains an affirmation of God, Christ, or any higher power, I am fine with it. Your opinion of your experience is your own. Please, no bashing of other comments. Those get deleted by my fine and fast delete finger. (as soon as I read it anyway)

Let me start the ball rolling by admitting...I believe in a higher power. I call it God. And I believe in Jesus Christ. And, yes, I also believe in listening to spirit.

Spirit tells me now to get up and kiss my cupcake husband. He flew in from Alaska as a big surprise to me. Wow. That man is too cool to me. Gotta love a guy like that. *smooch* -Carys

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I'm back from my mad dash across the country. I'm thinking about writing a book on how to plan a wedding in four days. Think it would sell?

I arrived in Boise on Tuesday evening, left on Saturday about the same time. 96 hours. And I went into every bridal, floral and rental place between Boise and Nampa, Idaho. Lined up a caterer, a cake, a photographer, flowers. Helped my daughter find bridesmaid dresses she could stand--and that her sisters won't kill her over. And found THE wedding dress.

I'll let ya know how that all turns out. Have any of you planned a wedding? Or have an anecdote, funny or horrible, about weddings?

I'm still looking for a DJ/karaoke set-up. (Yeah, we're a hammy family.) And a runner for the center aisle. Anybody got any suggestions?

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Hi Carys, I think that's a great idea for a book. I've not planned a wedding before but I know how stressful it can be. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding and hope all goes well with the preparations.

By Blogger snowflake, at 4:48 PM  

If I write one, I'll let you know.

Unless I add in a "how to enjoy the honeymoon" section, I don't think people will buy a Carys Weldon Wedding Planning book. But who knows?

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 12:56 PM  

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Friday, March 24, 2006

To win prizes

Just a win prizes on trivia questions, etc. readers need to post on the blog and drop an email with the answer via the Carys Weldon newsletter list. It's done this way to make sure the answers aren't missed.

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I sent an email to the newsletter list and it was returned because the box was full.

By Blogger Estella, at 8:13 PM  

I think we have that fixed, Estella.

Jenny jumped in and saved the day for me. She helped me fix a bunch of things, I think, and so we shouldn't have those problems in the future. (crossing my fingers now)

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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Just a quick recap:
I was a virgin. I used 69 in a rhyme. Ted saw it. He spread the word. I didn’t have a clue what 69 referred to. How to go from virgin to slut in 24 hrs or less—just write a nasty poem. It doesn’t even have to be nasty. Just have one bad line. People will think all sorts of things.

Angie, my good friend, called Mary, school slut, for advice on how to keep my rep from becoming totally soiled. Mary rescued my sorry little self by turning this back on the guy who had been reading my personal notes in the first place. (How the bad line of poetry got spread around.) She let it be known that I was playing a joke on him because I knew he was invading my private works and space. So, the next time I saw Ted after he got WORD…

Ted caught me at my locker. Leans into it like he’s homesteading. Since I had a crush, I wasn’t moving away from the close proximity. I wasn’t sure what his attitude toward me was, at that point. After all, he’d been kind’ve kicked to the curb a bit by the chicks from higher up (seniors).

I was nervous. He was awkwardly gawky, if ya know what I mean. He wanted to say something but finding the right approach to bring up the whole ’69 is fine poetry line thing…well, how to do that when you find out that the girl really is a virgin?

So, Mr. Cool says, “Hey. Remember that poem you wrote yesterday?”

Would I ever forget it? No. I don’t think so.

I said, “Yeah.” Pulling books out of the upper part of my locker—and putting them back in—just to prolong standing there. I glanced over at him while my arm was in the air, shoving something.

Eye contact. Mr. Cool had cool blue eyes and one of those smirky grins that play around the corners of his lips. I was totally into that.

Like we have a secret, he says, “I can show you ’69 if you want.”

Hopeful? Doing me a favor, or what?

“Thanks. I’ll think about it.”

He was gone in a heartbeat. I was confused. I went to Angie and asked, “What should I do?”

“Do you want to do that with him?”

“Not really.” I had no idea what it was, except in virginal terms I knew it was putting my mouth in a potty spot. Yes. Yes. I’ve been educated since.

“So, if he has the guts to bring it up again, just shrug like you thought about it and he isn’t the one you’d do it with. And if he pushes you on it, say, look, I thought about it and it’s a no. Thanks but no thanks.”

My personal guide to dealing with guys. Doesn’t everybody need one of those?

Ted never asked me again. But, sometimes he watched me with that smirk-- just to let me know he was thinking about it all again. And that was how he made sure I was thinking about it, too. Only guys and girls don't think the same.

I wasn’t picturing him naked like he probably was doing me. First of all, my mind wasn't filled with nude men pics like it is now. It was limited to changing diaper type knowledge. Not the same at all, is it?

And I wasn’t picturing us doing a 69 either. Nope. I was remembering back to the moment right before he saw what I’d written on that paper…to how I smiled to myself and said, “Yeah, that works good there.”

I erased that line at home in the privacy of my bedroom, came up with a better line, then threw it away. Sometimes I think we need to do that, to get through issues. Write them down, get it all out, then throw that words away. Move on.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

FACING the freaks who believed…

As I was saying in yesterday’s post, my girl Angie had the decency to explain oral sex to me, and the term 69: mutual pleasuring in sexual partnership, tongue and suction action. Look at the number. Visualize the heads where the O part of the numbers are. Yeah.

So, there I was, educated a day too late, and forced into going back to that school where the word had spread. That word being, maybe the original virgin girl wasn’t as virginal as we thought.

Wicked cool. Or someone to despise. I got both.

But what I wasn’t expecting was Mary’s reaction. School slut—why is there always something about Mary’s? She was senior. I was a junior. She ran with the coolest guy on the basketball team.

Anyhow, she fell into step beside me and glared at those who dared look down their noses at us. That part was good. I was suddenly in an upper rung of high school society, albeit one I didn’t deserve.

Here was a second kicker. Mary asks me, “You okay?”


“I heard.”


“You know what.”

I shrugged. “Guess it’s out now. Nothing to do about it.”

“Angie called me last night.”

“Oh.” We stopped in the middle of people bumping past us, and got a moment of honesty. “So, what did she say?”

“She wanted me to help you.”

“How can you help me?”

Remember, I’m looking at her, thinking…she’s the school slut, cool as cool though—in her own way. And I’m a total poser. I got myself into it and I’d have to ride it out.

She said, “Look. Anybody that looks at you can see you’re a virgin.”

There was a relief. Or was it? Virgin’s had a look? I mean, my mom would be happy to hear that, but really. Did they? (I’ll take a vote on that. Do you, honestly, think you can or cannot tell if a girl or guy is a virgin?)

I didn’t say anything to Mary’s comment. I just stared at her, wondering what this was all about. Where was she going with it?

Ted slipped past us, bumped into me, whispered, “Hey, what’s up?”

I say, “Hey,” of course. Conversation of 1980.

Mary’s gaze followed him, as did mine. I didn’t get the “watching his butt” thing back then, but I did it.

When Larry did virtually the same thing, not as strong a bump, she said, “Hey, watch it.”

She glanced around, giving the heads up to all by doing that. They better watch it. I was, sort of, under her protection. Hands off. The slut and me were buds.

I didn’t get that either. Except, any friend of Angie’s was a friend of mine. I understand that now, and love the philosophy—try to extend that everywhere. So, you’re a fan of mine, you’re a friend of mine. Feel free to come up and chat if you see me out in public. I’m super approachable—really!

Mary leans close and says, “You know, a few years ago I did about the same stupid thing.”

“Really?” She hadn’t been a slut all her life? There was news. Not that I’d ever thought that far. But, everyone has a turning point, or a series of turning points, in their life.

“Yeah. And when somebody offered to educate me, I let them.”

Wow. Confession in the hall at school. What do you say to that? (Nothing, wait for them to finish the thought they were moving toward in the first place. Confession always comes for a reason.)

Mary said, “It was a mistake. It got around that I was a slut because guys are stupid. They think it sounds cool to use the word.”

I held my tongue, but I wanted to ask, “So, you’re not really a slut, ‘cause I definitely heard you were.” And I saw her making out with a guy—her long-term boyfriend—by the lockers once.

“It’s a hard thing to live down, once it gets around.”

Considering little comments were passing within hearing range the whole time…like, “I hear she likes math.” 69’s a number. Therefore, I like math. It was high school, remember? I rolled my eyes on that one.

Mary said, “Look. Angie asked me to fix this for you.”

“You can fix this?”


There’s the measure of the girl. They could call her what they wanted. To me, if she could take back my own stupidity and make it like it never was…that would make her a demi-god in my book. A saint, at least.

“How can you fix it?” I was thinking ahead, and really wanted to know, what would this cost me?

“I’ll get Tony—” Let me clarify this, in case you heard that my husband’s name is Tony—which it is. Two different guys. “To tell Ted to keep his mouth shut. And Larry, too. End of story.”

How could that shut up the entire set of gossipmongers at a high school? And why was she doing this for me?

She touched me, then. The school slut put her hand on my forearm and said, “Trust me, you don’t want to go down the road of no return.”


“You want me to stop it, right?”

“Yeah. Of course.”

“Done, then.” She grinned. “Let’s twist this back on the idiots. The story is…”

I leaned close. Hell, I wanted to know this part.

“You were teasing them. They fell for it. You had a laugh on them, and Angie and I, and all the girls will back you up.”

All the girls referred to the senior posse Mary hung with. So, the day the slut said all that to me was the day I gained some serious respect in that school.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for What Ted said.

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What a total reversal of a sticky situation.

By Blogger snowflake, at 8:28 AM  

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So, one day in high school, I sat at my desk in English—before English, actually—and writing poetry, which I have always loved to do.

There are a lot of terms ya hear and don’t know, quite, what it means, but ya get the jist that it’s a little dirty. Right?

I had this cute guy named Ted sitting beside me—whose attention I craved. Basketball player. I was into those. Except, I never let them get into me, if ya know what I mean. Hint. Hint. Wink. Wink.

So, Ted had a habit of reading my papers. I think he sort’ve liked me, but I could be wrong. Maybe he was stupid and looking for answers. I could have given him a few, like, “Duh. Ask me out!”

Anyhow, I got this brilliant rhyme in my head and penned it. The words of the immortal line that runs frequently through my head is: And 69 is mighty fine. It was a poem about love, but I didn’t know what that meant.

So, he spots it and turns fully to me, asking warily, “You’re into that?”

“Yeah, why not?” Nonchalant-like. (haha, jokes on me)

Here’s the thing. I was a smart girl. Maybe the smartest in the whole school. So, and that came across pretty well most of the time. So, on things like this? When I knew I was bluffing, I just had to push all the way through. (pun intended, considering the whole LIKE A VIRGIN thing I had going on)
Anyhow, Ted tells Larry—and then there was a wildfire—“Did you know Jennifer likes ’69?”

Larry, God love him, had a crush on me the size of Texas. I think he just about wet his pants right there. And I kept on keeping on with my stupidity. “Oh, yeah. Don’t do it much, though. Tryin’ to cut down. You know how addictions go.”

So, thank heaven a bud of mine, Angie, snagged me a couple hours later, put her arm around my shoulders and whispered in my ear. “You and me gotta talk.”

“About what?” I knew I was in trouble.

She says, “I gotta define ’69 for ya.”

“Okay.” Thank the Lord someone was gonna, since I could hear whispers and had sly looks comin’ at me from all angles. Of course, I smiled at them and shrugged it all off. And I enjoyed the guys hitting their shoulders into the locker by mine, asking, “How you doin’ today?”

What up with the popularity and all that? Whatever had caused it, it was all good—I thought. Until after school, that is, when Angie got me alone and said, “Look. If you want to tell every guy at school that you’re into oral sex, that’s fine by me. But you and I know—”

I stopped her right there. “Wait. I’m not into—”

“Double oral sex.”

So, okay…no. Putting my mouth where? Letting a guy put his…where? Yeah, there was a holy shit moment.

One of those Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit. moments. Except, back then, butter didn’t melt in my mouth. But still, you get the picture. How to face the guys at school?

And that will be in tomorrow’s post. Yeah. Can’t wait to read that, can ya? Why is someone else’s humiliation so funny to us? I dunno either, but come. Laugh with me. I just roll my eyes over it nowadays and think, I’m a survivor. I got past that. I can get through anything.

Take a leaf out of my book. You made it this far. You can do dis ting called life…one day at a time.

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I cannot believe you got into high school not knowing what 69 was.

By Blogger Estella, at 12:59 PM  

That did not come out right---what I was trying to say is it boggles my mind.

By Blogger Estella, at 1:05 PM  

I didn't know about the significance of 69 either because no one in my family or the crowd I hang out with uses it. The chats with erotic romance authors and readers clued me in though. LOL

By Blogger snowflake, at 8:07 PM  

I had no explaination done with me to explain 69 but too, nothing about sex from my mom, nor my sisters. I knew few basics from a health class and sweet books but I learned some info when I went to college! where friends could communicate with me and I picked up more and more that way, so it was very late for me to learn this info.

By Blogger Caffey, at 1:06 AM  

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Monday, March 20, 2006


So, in keeping with my flashback to my teen years, let me say that I was the original virgin—right there with Mary, almost. I might have been looking for a kiss around every corner, but I had a virgin brain and the lack of experience to back it up.

I had the fortune, or misfortune as it were, to move to a new town when I was sixteen. I fell in with the cool kids a year older than me. Yeah, there’s a dream. Or is that a parent’s nightmare?

But I was a good girl and could be counted on to be responsible. That was in the days before designated drivers became popular. I don’t know what my parents were thinking, they let me go with this group of (wild) girls to stay in Vegas for the night. Which is where we hooked up with some guys from our high school at an inner city party.

We waltzed in—like they were old regulars. They planted me on the couch in the living room, a tight little dark space, really. They went looking for drinks, when they came back with beers in hand, offering, I passed.

I told you…I was good.

No. Yes. Whatever. Truth was…I couldn’t have swallowed to save my life. To some DOORS tune, I sat on the sofa with this guy I had never met before nodding his head at me, saying, “That’s cool. You’re with Rhonda? She’s in, man.”

Well, she was actually out—on the back porch popping Quaaludes. Checking up on her on again off again boyfriend Dominic.

This guy, whose name I can’t remember for the life of me, says, “You know what my favorite hobby is?”

Of course, my answer was, “No. What?”

“Muff diving. Ya like that?”

“Um, sure.” I had no idea what he was talking about.

He was talking dirty to me and I was clueless. Geez, that was one of the longest conversations of my life. I pretended like I knew what it was, and was interested, which fed his little fantasy, I guess.

Funny how sexual memories pop up. He was totally “jonesing” and one of the girls, when she dragged me out of there, asked, “What were you doing, hoping he’d jump you, because he was close.”

Over my shoulder, as she pulled me to the car, I kept asking, “No. Why? What are you talking about?”

So, my husband—years later—explained the ins and outs of muff diving to me. Er, demonstrated. And even though I’ll never see that guy from the party again, I got embarrassed. Ever have a “stupido revelation” like that which made you blush even though years were gone by?

Yeah, well, I have a ton of them. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you another one.

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 7:36 AM :: 3 Comments:

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You were a very naive teenager. I know I' older than you and I know what "muff diving" was when I was in eighth grade.

By Blogger Estella, at 9:39 AM  

Carys, I think too we remember those embarrasing moments more than anything else in our teenage years. I was alot like you, I was naive and my parents were very strick and I couldn't even date until I was 18! I think that was a part of it and that I really didn't understand about relationships and dating not having much communicated to me. I remember my first boyfriend at 19 visiting my house after class and then and its like 'I don't like this kissing' how do I say I don't know how, at the same time its like I don't want to be embarrassed so I remember finally saying 'you gotta leave my mom will be home' and after that I was totally ignoring him in school telling him I wouldn't be at home etc. He wasn't pushy or anything, it was me just being so inexperienced even with kissing, that it felt so wrong. See I remember those embarrasing moments too!
PS Every time I come to your blog I'm chatting away here, LOL. You have great topics!

By Blogger Caffey, at 3:25 AM  

I'm sure I'm guilty of quite a few but my memory is kinder to me as I can't recall any specific examples now. LOL

By Blogger snowflake, at 8:37 PM  

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Saturday, March 18, 2006


At the risk of dating myself—as in showing how old I am, not as in dating and going to movies, etc. by myself—I’ll ask this question…do you like thinking back to “the good old days” and “songs of yesteryear”…? I do. I woke up with a ‘70’s tune in my head. Undercover Angel. Remember that one?

Undercover Angel, midnight fantasy. Who wrote that song? If you know the answer, send it down my newsletter list. I’ll do a random drawing on that and give up a free download of an e-book—or something.

And that brings me to the next song that jumped into my brain. Some of the lyrics here: “Makin’ love in my Chevy van and that’s all right by me.” Who sang that one?

And, ya can’t remember the ‘70’s without Afternoon Delight rollin’ through your brain, can ya? I can’t.

Okay, I didn’t graduate until the ‘80’s, but I remember the summer Afternoon Delight came out. I went to the lake with my friend Kelly; her family had a cabin up there. With that song playing in the background, I got my first kiss. Some kid named Larry. Cutest guy at the lake that year—which wasn’t sayin’ much. Never kept in touch. Didn’t see him the next time I went up there—which was good since I was re-thinking the whole “giving kisses for free” thing.

That of course was reinforced to me when MTV came out with Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free. Who sang that one? I can picture the video in my head but can’t read the fine print words in the corner of the screen. (Yeah, I know. My brain works weird. That’s why I write a lot of paranormal stuff! LOL)

Remember those days? People were struggling between the free love of the sixties and teaching their kids to be careful. HIV had just “come out” and there were posters in school bathrooms saying you couldn’t get it from toilet seats or kissing. But, who knew for sure?

This is funny…I remember back to my Algebra class. This girl that sat beside me turned excitedly to tell me, and I quote, “Oh my gosh! I went to the dentist yesterday and it turns out I have gonorrhea in my gums.”

Yeah, so I blinked. Gonorrhea of the gums?

The guy in front of me—his head came up fast. His back went stiff, and for once, I thought, “Houston, we have his attention.” I transferred into that class so I could look at him, so it was about damn time, imo. But we had it for something weird. Not because he thought we were cool or cute.
Hesitating, I asked, “Isn’t that an STD? What did you do to get that?” And then grossed out at the mere thought of oral sex, I said, “Ooooh.”

Okay, it would be a total “Ooooh” if you had to worry about gonorrhea of the mouth. Turns out she had Pyorrhea, inflammation of the gums—a whole different thing, let me tell ya.

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 1:20 PM :: 5 Comments:

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die straights sung , money for nothing and chicks for free

By Blogger blackroze37 -tami, at 9:41 PM  

alan oday

By Blogger blackroze37 -tami, at 9:42 PM  

Undercover angel
Midnight fantasy
I never had a dream that made sweet love to me
Undercover angel
Answer to my prayer
You made me know that there's a love for me out there

I bet you are really doubting I can't hear but I can't. But I did some when I was younger even though I couldn't understand lyrics, my sisters wrote them down for me but I love to look them up. Now this tune is going to be in my head all day, sign. LOL

By Blogger Caffey, at 3:29 AM  

Ok Chevy Van I think by Sammy Johns from 1975
Here's the refrain:

Like a picture she was layin' there
Moonlight dancin' off her hair
She woke up and took me by the hand
She's gonna love me in my Chevy van
And that's all right with me

I love searching for the 70's songs and lyrics.

By Blogger Caffey, at 3:38 AM  

Alan O'Day

By Blogger snowflake, at 8:46 PM  

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Carys is Obsessive Compulsive

So, I should be out the door for my trip to Idaho but I'm a little (okay, A LOT) obsessive compulsive. I had to check my email ONE MORE TIME. And look here to see if there was anything else I could take care of or respond to before I hit the road.

My kids are moving slow this morning. I'm the morning gal. They are night owl types. Sigh. And...get this...I have four daughters, one son. The boy is 14. And ALL the girls put together, plus me, can get ready faster than he does. What's up with that?

Obsessive compulsive folks will understand--it drives me crazy if I can't handle something I've taken on. And if I've set time constraints on when I need to get out the door or be somewhere--and someone else slows me up or speeds me up. I'm just as annoyed either way.

I don't wanna be annoyed, but sometimes emotions happen. And all you can do then is ride with the flow or try to stem it.

I'm a flow-girl. I like to yell on occasion, or cry as the case me be. I like to sing at the top of my lungs--which my kids are always worried about when we climb in the car for a trip. Hehehe Because I take only MOM approved music. Which includes show tunes--I love Cockeyed Optimist from South Pacific. And Oklahoma. And, if you see my music list in my profile, a whole lot of other things. When they whine, though, I careful or I'll pull in somewhere and buy a Donny Osmond CD. Yeah, I used to be a fan.

But that's because a kid at Turkey Run State Park (Indiana) once sang Go Away Little Girl to me while I was on vacation. He was skipping rocks. We were watching each other out of the corner of our eyes. I was twelve and hopeful. You know how that goes.

Always hopeful that some guy is looking my way. Even if you're married, you want someone (at least your husband! or SO) to notice what you're up to.

Right now, I think my son is trying to get my attention BY MOVING SLOWER THAN A ROCK.

Now, I say that in full knowledge that rocks can move. IF YOU THROW THEM. Or knock them down a hill.
LOL No. I'm not planning on pushing him around. But, I may threaten to motivate him.

Wait. Rock trivia. Do you know where The Devil's Golf Course is and how much a year the rocks there move?

On that note, a riddle, I'll hit the road...Jack.

Which brings up two of my stories: Pack City and Jack: In the Pack.
Do you know Jack?

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 4:34 AM :: 3 Comments:

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GREAT WEBSITE!!! and looks like lots of good reading

By Blogger 56BABS, at 11:44 AM  

hit the road jack, dont you come back here 'no more 'no more '
lol now is stuck in my head

By Blogger blackroze37 -tami, at 9:45 PM  

It's in Death Valley, California. The rocks there move once every two or three years.

By Blogger snowflake, at 9:06 PM  

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Friday, March 17, 2006

What city are you in?

Let's do a city call...

What city would you like to see me show up in?

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Huntsville Alabama

By Blogger terri, at 6:23 AM  

oldfort tn

By Blogger blackroze37 -tami, at 9:46 PM  

Buffalo NY

By Blogger Caffey, at 3:40 AM  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:37 PM  

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Response to your questions

I was in NY twice last year, and I went to Oregon a couple times, too. Did booksignings in NYC and then on the other end--in Eugene and Portland. And I traveled through most of the states in-between Missouri and both coasts. I went to Florida once. Vegas a few times. (I have family there).

Since I drive if I can, I can see more places. I'll try and post where I'm heading, in case anybody wants to meet up. Mapquest says I-80 is the quickest route. Anybody up that way wanna give me a heads up on the roads? If it's snowy, oh darn, I'll have to take the Vegas route...again. LOL You know that'll be a hardship for me. My mom puts me up in a suite at the Casablanca Hotel in Mesquite, usually, and buys me prime rib as much as I can stand--or whatever.

She's a dealer at the Eureka Hotel in Mesquite and would love for anyone to come by and say you're a fan. And my brother, Jason, is a craps dealer at the Monte Carlo in Vegas. So, if you get out that way, be SURE and stop in and say hello. They'll think it's awesome.

I do need to say this...I am leaving in the morning for Boise, Idaho where one of my daughters' live. I dunno how well this new laptop is gonna work, or if I'll be able to figure out how to connect to wifi--or whatever. So, if I'm incommunicado, don't think I'm ignoring you. I have scheduled remote daily posting, so something will appear (hopefully) even if I can't monitor it myself all day long.

And I'll chat with ya when I get back.
Have a great week!

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 10:49 AM :: 1 Comments:

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It's great to hear you come to Oregon---not many authors do. If they come it is only to Portland.
It would be great if you would post appearances.

By Blogger Estella, at 7:59 PM  

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A Winner Picked

Cathie (who posted comments already)...wins a free download...if she emails

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 6:51 AM :: 3 Comments:

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YEAH ~ I won Carys contest and she sent me the download for Tower of Loneliness! WOW Carys....Thank you so very much. I will read it this weekend and come back and let you know how much I like it!
Thank you again for the book and for a wonderful and fun blog!

By Blogger tholix, at 8:39 AM  

Hi Carys! Was it Cathie? But if it was you Cathy, congrats!

By Blogger Caffey, at 10:01 AM  

Carys, thank you again for the book TOWER OF LONELINESS wow, you really touched on an excellent topic that is great to open and discuss about. So I'm really enjoying your blog! Thanks for the book and i'll be back to chat about it too!

By Blogger Caffey, at 10:36 AM  

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Invitation from Carys

There is nothing I would love more than to meet you all in person. I am traveling a lot in the next few months and maybe I'll be in a town near you. If you want to post the town you live in, that would be great. I'd love to know where all my readers are coming from.

Here are some of the cities, I'll be in:

Last Weekend of April--Springfield, Missouri Poetry in the Park (Yeah, I'm a poet!)
First Weekend of May--Oklahoma City, OWFI writer's conference, Embassy Suites Hotel
May 16-22--Romantic Times Convention--Daytona Beach Florida--BE THERE! Party time!
Last Weekend of May--Kansas City, Missouri--CONquest (SF fan convention)
First Weekend of June--Little Rock, Arkansas--Arkansas Writer's Conference--
Second Weekend of June--Amarillo, Texas--Frontiers in Writing Conference--Ambassador Hotel
Third Weekend of June--Boise, Idaho--Daughter's Wedding
June 19-20--Las Vegas--relaxing after my daughter's wedding
July 20-23--Las Vegas--poetry symposium
Oct 20-23--Las Vegas--world gathering of psychics--yeah, I'm one of them!
LOL And...yeah, I like Vegas.

You can google most of these events and see what hotels they'll be hosted at. All of them have bookstores/signings that are open to the public. AND I don't mind if you want to call my room and leave a message to meet me for a drink (of whatever kind) or lunch or just to sit in the foyer and chat. See how easy I am?

And, I like to drive. So, I'll be at cities along the way, coming and going.

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 4:32 AM :: 2 Comments:

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I would have loved to meet you too! I'm in NY tho, so far from where you are signing and too can't go that far, but sounds too that you have a great trip with weddings and all to go to! Have a great time!

By Blogger Caffey, at 10:04 AM  

Do you ever get to Oregon?

By Blogger Estella, at 10:24 AM  

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Another sleepless night

I went to bed at 1 a.m. and was awake again between 4-5 a.m. Rolled around until 6. Tired, just not sleepy.

I went shopping last night at the only store I have a credit card for. Circuit City. Bought myself a new laptop. Now, I'm wired for sound. Or something like that.

What gets me is the deceptive marketing. I mean, I knew how to do the math as I picked it out. And I knew about the add-ons beforehand, so I wasn't surprised. But, this laptop (Acer) that had a tag saying $1000 with $250 rebate cost me $1700 all total by the time I bought: $100 carrying case--hard sided (last laptop bit the dust due to the soft side case allowing a thump to damage it beyond repair), wireless mouse $30, car plug-in/charger $50, $300 warranty 2 yrs. Oh yeah, and the FREE printer and router--which you pay for up front and send in the rebates for.

Now, all I gotta do is figure out how to put it all together and get online and I'll be up and running.

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 4:13 AM :: 1 Comments:

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Carys, I have to thank that I have my husband, cuz I wouldn't have remembered to get that all and would have gone back and forth. I leave it to him to set up and make it ready to go for me, LOL. But maybe too you will find it all worth it, especially if it runs fast and all!
Hope the sleeping gets better and that you're not up on the laptop more, LOL

By Blogger Caffey, at 10:06 AM  

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Advice about sleeping husbands

As I read through the comments posted, I came across Cathie's comments about having trouble sleeping--even when her husband is in the bed.

I NOT let sleeping dogs lie. ;)

I say...kiss up, touch everything, climb on. Whatever it takes to let him know you're interested.

And if he's cranky for being woke up? Tell him you were cranky for needing some attention. I wouldn't say a pick a fight. I'd say pick a lovemaking session. Kiss up and down and all over his bod until he can't ignore you.

That's what I do.

In his sleep, he might roll away. And at twilight sleep, he might moan like he's annoyed. But, it doesn't take too long to perk him up (if I'm serious about getting his attention).

In my experience, men like to be told that you're hot and ready to go. All the men I know say they like it when a woman takes the initiative.

Wince. All the men I know. Sounds like I sleep around. I don't. Never have. (But to each his/her own on that one). I meant, I have lots of male friends that have confided that they'd like a sexually aggressive woman in their bad--at least half the time.

It makes sense to trade off. I don't know about you, but sometimes I'm in the mood to let my partner be the one to do all the work. And sometimes, I wanna participate big time. And sometimes, I get annoyed when he makes me do all the work.

So, I off on that. And even if you're the recipient of body worshipping, you still need to let your partner know they're doing the right things. You don't want them to think you're asleep. Because that "ain't gonna get it for ya again anytime soon." I guarantee that.

Ever been on top, doing all the work, and wondering if your partner was anywhere near where you wanted them to be? Well, ask. Say something. Let 'em know you couldn't tell if they were enjoying it.

Because, honestly, I damn sure ain't gonna do all the work next time if you didn't show some appreciation--even if it is simply an occasional moan of pleasure, or a gasp of, "Ah. That's it. Keep it up. I'm close."

Or whatever.

And I don't care who you are...cuddling or at the very least, some sort of skin touching--before and after--is really a good thing to do. Anything to keep the physical connection.

That's not to say you have to be a blanket for your partner. Although, when I was younger, I liked draping myself...well, I ramble. You get the picture. Right?

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 10:06 PM :: 2 Comments:

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I agree. Mine never complains about being awakened. If I can't wake him, then I know he was too tired. But if he does wake, he's always very happy to be awake and more than willing to be treated (as in my treat, or trick or treat) on occasion. ;-D

By Anonymous blythespirit, at 11:52 PM  

Oh I agree with you Carys, and I think at those times, are the best ones to take advantage of. Sometimes we need reminders of being the more agressive one! So sounds like I have more planning to do :)
Plus I feel communication is important, to say "I need you to take care of me today, I need you to take care of all my needs"
Its important to communicate what you want and need!

By Blogger Caffey, at 10:10 AM  

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Comments are in place!

I'm so excited!
You don't want me to go into details on what that means, do you?

I THINK I've found all the comments you've posted in the last week and they're up and available for viewing. Just click POST A COMMENT on the one you want to read or post to. That will pull up a page that lets you see what's been said about that particular blog post.

Man oh man. Now I can go to bed and sleep. It was driving me crazy.

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 10:00 PM :: 1 Comments:

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hehe, I wondered where the comments went. Good thing I wasn't doing them over, o r you'd have to read them over and over. I don't know much about how to do my blog but going to work on it today!

By Blogger Caffey, at 10:12 AM  

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My Pic

What do you think?

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 9:45 PM :: 2 Comments:

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Carys, I think your picture is beautiful! You have geat think and full hair and beautiful eyes too. Thanks for sharing! Its really a joy to meet you!

By Blogger Caffey, at 10:13 AM  

like leather too eh?

By Blogger blackroze37 -tami, at 9:33 PM  

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Well, I am SO sad that I've lost all the comments that have come to this blog already. In trying to straighten things out, we had a mess. I hope you'll come back, read more, and post again. We THINK we've got it figured out.

To post a comment, you click on POST A COMMENT. Anyone who has commented on that blog post already--their comments will be readable when you click to post. It's a little weird, imo. I would prefer a button that says READ COMMENTS. But, on this template we're using, it doesn't give us that option.

I DO like the fact that the blog page loads fast--which is why I chose the pic. Well, let me give credit where credit is due--I have a promo girl, Lisa Jones, who also handles Writers Red Room--and she's got a guy (which she raves about so much that I'm dying to meet him)--his name is Diego and he is the one that set this blog up to begin with. And I SO appreciate his help.

Kisses to Diego. Or hugs. Or both. And Lisa, too, of course.

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 9:38 PM :: 1 Comments:

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lovely website and i like reading your books

By Blogger cjtaylor, at 3:59 PM  

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Missing Hubby's Excuse

So, my husband finally called me.

He's in Alaska. Well, on an island OFF of Alaska. (Or something like that.) Yeah, I know. I should get out a map. He flew to Juneau. Then, his company chopper-hopped him to some other place...that, apparently, shall not be named. Not because it's a great mystery. But, because I don't know if I ever heard it. I'll have to ask on that.

The story is...the phones went out. He couldn't call and he couldn't email. That's his story and he's sticking to it. I choose to believe it, since he sounded so sweet and lonely on the phone.

Am I wrong, or is it cool when a big tough guy shows a little vulnerability when his woman is crying...?

He is a tough guy, too. Strong. A hard worker. I'm very proud of him. Not because I made him that way. Just because he is.

I did teach him how to open doors for women and to take his hat off in buildings. And, um, a few other things.

Can I get into TMI (too much information) territory here? How well do ya want to know me? LOL

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 8:20 PM :: 1 Comments:

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:37 PM  

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My apologies on this blog

Okay...let me apologize for the fact that this blog isn't working completely right.

I was under the impression that no one was commenting--and a little sad about that. Then I got an email from KISSINOAK (no signature) and she asked why comments weren't posting. So, I had to go searching. Lo and behold, I found a page to moderate comments before they post. SO, I clicked to publish them--deleting one or two that repeated four times--you know, the cyber error type things.

Anyhow, it now says no more to moderate. I'm hoping they all show up soon, somewhere. I've enlisted a few people to help me figure this out, but, really, I'm good for typing and printing and basic email. The rest is brain surgery.

Bear with me. We'll get this figured out.

But let me say are all SO sweet. I feel like I have a whole new group of friends.
And not that I want anyone to be lonely, but it's nice to know I'm not alone in that department.

And one comment--man, I hope they show up on the public board soon--one comment was dead on, too. Sometimes WE WANT TO BE ALONE. And sometimes that's just too good.

Yes, we are fickle about that. We wanna be alone when we choose. Not because Mr. Perfect doesn't have his booty over here...(like he should!)

Ah. I covered booties and buns earlier, didn't I?

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 8:12 PM :: 0 Comments:

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Bad thoughts

So, here I am sitting at my keyboard, having bad thoughts.

My husband didn't call me today, and I'm wondering what the heck he had to do that was more important than call his wife. Now, I'm somewhere between worried about him and mad at him...and I hate that.

In all fairness to him, he works nights on this (stupid) out of town job he has. And he works eleven hour shifts. He's gotta be dog tired when he gets off shift. But, I still want him to call and spare me a few minutes of chat. Is that asking too much?

I miss him. I know, I'm a whiner about that, but it's true. I do.

I tried to keep my mind off his neglect but that is easier said than done. I did write two short stories. Wish me luck in finding a publisher who'll take one or both. I'll let ya know if that pans out.

What else can I rattle on about today?

Oh, what's to come!
Come. Come. (Clearing my throat here.)
Are you thinking bad thoughts?

I'm gonna have some (sexy) excerpts posted in the next week or so. I hope you come back and check those out.

I'm giving prizes away over the next couple weeks, so check my website, sign up for the newsletter (on the website) and get ready to win something.

And...I'm taking suggestions on what to give out as prizes in the future. Aside from things like "a new car" and "a dream vacation"--can you think of anything on the smallish but cool side that you think would be neat? Drop a note on the newsletter email loop and I'll take it into consideration. K?

*Smooch* Chat at ya later.

Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 2:39 PM :: 6 Comments:

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Sounds like your missing hubby! You got two shorts done, YA! I'm sure you will not have a problem getting them published but I will wish you luck anyway! I didn't notice much chat at your site but I will make a point to stop in and say hi!

Hope hubby gets home soon!

By Blogger Robin49, at 4:55 PM  

Carys, I'm sure he fell asleep dialing your number, and misses you almost as much as you miss him...

Good luck with the short stories!

Looking forward to those sexy excerpts! Too dang much snow here!

By Blogger kaisquared, at 5:04 PM  

Some things like candles, body lotion or teddy bears are cute for prizes! But my favorite are gift cards (in any amount)for Barnes & Noble or Amazon!

By Blogger Carol, at 6:11 PM  

Give up the bad thoughts---think how happy you will be when your husband gets home.

By Blogger Estella, at 7:42 PM  

Test post

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:04 PM  

I Know how you feel,my husband worked out of town for awhile & i hated it.He is back now & i don't think i will let him leave again,to lonely with out him.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:16 PM  

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sleepless spring nights...

I had one of those sleepless spring nights (that was really a late winter deal since it's cold here, still). I stayed up until four a.m.--at the computer, surfing--nothing constructive--okay, shopping on ebay--went to bed (naked--is that tmi--too much information?) and tossed and turned and was up by 8 a.m. Just couldn't sleep.

Needing a man in my bed. Did I mention my husband's out of town? If you ever wonder how I can write from the viewpoint of a lonely woman so well--this is the sort of thing that gives me full knowledge of the emotion.

I think we're all lonely sometimes, even if we're married or with someone. But sometimes the feeling is much more profound, and seems like a living thing that eats away at us...a gnawing hunger for companionship. Ya know?

You'll find a lot of my characters are starving for that feeling of kismet and completion. That's because I totally believe that it can happen, and I think we're all looking for it...that one person that makes us feel like it's all good and we can face anything because we're not alone.

Except, sometimes we ARE all alone.
*HUGS* to all the lonely people out there.
In that, we are not alone.

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Thanks for the hug. I can definitely relate. We all have moments of vulnerability.

By Blogger snowflake, at 5:14 PM  

Hi Carys,

If my hubby is out of town I always sleep in one of his t-shirts and I sleep on his pillow.

Before I started doing that I had terrible times sleeping, but it really helps.

By Blogger Jaynie R, at 5:22 PM  

How true. Had a hard time sleeping yesterday myself. Something in the air maybe, the waning Moon perhaps. Been feeling like getting out of my skin whole day today as well. Crazy days. Thank god for books! and authors! ;-)

By Blogger aBookworm, at 5:44 PM  

I certainly understand how you feel, although my husband doesn't work out of town. He's just sleeping by the time I go to bed and sometime I have a very hard time sleeping lots of times, and when I climb in bed, I wish he were awake so we could talk or cuddle, or do other!

By Blogger tholix, at 6:52 PM  

I certainly understand how you feel, although my husband doesn't work out of town. He's usually alsleep when I go to bed, snoring logs, and I'm awake until lord knows when....don't sleep well. Sometime I just wish he were awake so we could talk, or cuddle, or do other!

By Blogger tholix, at 6:55 PM  

Hugs back to you! If one is lonely one can feel alone in a crowded room of people; been there done that.

By Blogger robynl, at 7:31 PM  

Sometimes I just want to be alone.

By Blogger Estella, at 7:45 PM  

Carys, you're a new to me author when I started your werewolf books recently so I'm thrilled I signed up for your newsletter, so I too have the opportunity to chat with you. I'm learning about blogs and I'll get the hang of it soon. So first I wanted to tell you its a joy meeting you.
I understand lonelyness (I'm not a good speller!) And its now after 2 am and I'm doing my mails and reading groups and shopping around, more like window shopping. I'm not lonely tonight, I know everyone is asleep now and the dh probably going to be looking for me soon because he's always checking and patting my side of the bed to see if i'm there.
I feel a lonely ness over the last year dealing with the chronic pain with stage four endrometisis and the masses. After going through so much, oncologist appts, scans, and on and on, I wonder how to explain the pain to others and then again I didn't want to, making it feel like i'm being a burden. Well a week before Christmas, I was afraid to say that the pain was really bad, and I went to bed but woke up and it was the worse ever. I then began to realize this pain is different. I woke up my husband and he took me to the ER and found it was close to my appendix bursting so I was sedated and took right in for surgery. See I felt so alone with the pain, that I couldn't tell anyone about it anymore. But after this, I learned to listen to my body, that it was ok to say 'i'm in pain' but the lonely ness is still there. Not alot of people understand this and its hard going through the surgeries. So I do understand, thanks for bringing up a topic that I talked too much (so sorry!) but maybe my story will tell others its ok to say something when you're lonely.

By Blogger Caffey, at 11:30 PM  

I think it's hard to sleep when you are used to having your husband in bed with you and he's not there. As you say, you know you are not alone when he's there, even when you're asleep.

By Blogger Maureen, at 3:43 AM  

That is so true. Thanks for the *HUG*. I needed it and here's a *HUG* for you.

By Blogger Marian, at 4:19 AM  

I agree with you completly. I think we all need companionship.

By Blogger Tammy C, at 5:05 AM  

I'm sorry you had a sleepless night.
I'm tired as well at the beginning of the week it was 80 degrees now its back down to 40 which is normal but what a tease to have that warm weather. Hope hubby comes home soon

By Blogger Beth, at 6:45 AM  

Sorry you couldn't sleep. I'm tired as well was 80 degrees on MOnday and today back down to 40 sure do miss the warmth. Hope hubby comes home soon - Beth

By Blogger Beth, at 6:46 AM  

I am one of the lonely people. Reading helps so please enter me to win a book.

By Blogger Doodle, at 6:51 AM  

I agree... Sometimes even when we're with people, we're still alone. I've been in a household of kids all day long, and feel totally alone... wishing for companionship... (mostly the company of another adult)... it can become very overwhelming at times... I'm a very shy person, it takes alot for me to come out of my shell... so when I start feeling lonely, I make a point to come out of my shell... (like this post!) lol! I really enjoyed your post!

By Blogger Christina, at 7:13 AM  

I found I could be lonely even when in a crowd of people. You are so right about searching for that 'someone' to take away the lonliness.

By Blogger robynl, at 11:57 AM  

I understand loneliness; I found at one time that I could be lonely even if I was in a room full of people. Hugs all around.

By Blogger robynl, at 12:46 PM  

Hi Carys,

Just wanted to stop in and say "hi".

I really relate to this post and your thoughts on loneliness and companionship ~ and, you expressed everything beautifully.
(My husband is out of town on business right now too.)

By Blogger ChristyJan, at 1:47 PM  

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kissin' Up

I'm in a mood, I talk about lips. My husband, who is working out of town, sent me an email with lips on it and it made me smile. It was a short email...said...Thinking about kissing you. Can't wait to get home to do it. (Or something real close to that). Isn't that sweet?

Which made me think...I like lip service like that. Doesn't everybody?

Anyhow, that got me thinking about kissing scenes I've written. I thought you might like to read an excerpt or two on that topic. Here goes:

From Tower of Loneliness, my debut ebook--available at :

They didn't talk. His lips skidded over the flesh at her throat, down across the upper edge of her breasts. With his nose, he pushed the elastic of the gypsy top down and buried his face between her boobs. He held her there, like that, for several seconds.

That was from a scene Marsy had with a guy named Theo. Next is a short clip from something that happened later that same night with the guy (Josh) she had a thing for:

He kissed her. It was soft, a fluttering of lips, really. A taste. The tenderest of exchanges. It required nothing from her at all. It made her close her eyes. Unbidden, the thought that Theo hadn't kissed her ran through her brain.

Want more? There's other lip kissin' in most of my books, if you're interested.

I hope you smile all day and think of kissin' and bein' kissed. I know I will.

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What A SWEETHEART! You're very lucky! My husband of 28 years isn't into romantic gestures at all. I'm going to tell my 3 sons about your post...I want them to be more appreciative of their girlfriends! The kiss scenes are GREAT!

By Blogger Laurie G, at 3:52 AM  

Ah, you have a keeper! I hope he's home with you soon!

I've read some wonderful kissing scenes that made it so sensual, loving and too made it more romancy than most of the book!
I haven't gotten far in yours yet but from what I read, each are different that fit the story! Now I have to go find all the books I'm missing of yours! LOL

By Blogger Caffey, at 11:33 PM  

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Monday, March 13, 2006


I have several vampire books coming out through Extasy Books. I hopeyou'll check them out later this year.Destra and the Lustpire is set on another planet. The lustpire is a notonly a vampire but a rare breed of rulers that also have the built in lustdrive as strong as the vampire thing. They want to procreate when theybite. So, picture a man's fangs in the neck and, well, sucking and pumpingat the same time. He's a little obsessed. Destra is a tease. You'll lovehis introspective issues, I think.Then, I have Vampirubus, a full length vampire novel that is a menage ettrois story of a woman who is made into a vampire by two men who are bodyworshippers. Very sensual. Who doesn't have this fantasy?I am also working on Rusu: Poetic Vampire.Old world gypsy vampire comes to America and discovers spandex, amongother things. Gotta love this painting vamp with a desire to wax poeticand find an eternal love. I find him funny and that's sexy, isn't it?

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Oh Good. I love the vampires.

By Blogger glenna day, at 2:47 PM  

Hi Carys, your upcoming works sound awesome. I'm especially interested in Destra and the Lustpire -- it's the lust thing LOL.

By Blogger snowflake, at 3:57 PM  

sounds like you have some rocking vampire books coming out soon. I really like the sound of the ones on other planets. That combines two of my favorite things alien worlds and vamps. lol

By Blogger Pamk, at 6:43 PM  

Carys, I love vamp books! These I look forward to of yours! My first love of books is historical (love reading the settings, culture and all) then parnromal, first vamps, werewolves, etc.
So I hope its sooner than later this year when they are out!

By Blogger Caffey, at 11:35 PM  

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Sunday, March 12, 2006


I am sitting at a library, typing this blog entry. I've had a system meltdown at home. We had an electrical storm and it's knocked out my brand new DSL modem. It was installed on Thursday evening. Meltdown Saturday. See how my luck works? (Sigh)

So, in lieu of the public usage agreement, I have to be careful of what I write here. I have no access to my manuscripts and posting excerpts. Makes ya wonder what I'll do to entertain you, huh? (Me, too!)

Let's see...

I have a project going that I think you might like. It's called Confessions of a Cover Model. I'm thinking about doing a whole series. The first book in that is about a male model named Derek. Picture a half naked hotty--like The Rock. Poor guy has a problem meeting women that suit his taste. Isn't that a sad story with some big possibilities?

He's looking for a girl that is okay with her body, even if it's got some dimples, extra pounds or whatever. The too perfect girls he shoots covers with are a little messed up in the head--anorexic, bulemic, etc.

What Derek wants to know there any girl out there that is okay with her bod? Luckily, he has another model friend, Mia, to help him find true love. While their relationship is a little too friendly--friends with benefits--and very teasing--it also a good mix for caring, posturing and some lip and tongue action. Anybody like the premise enough to say...put that on the list of projects to finish soon?

Got another idea you'd like me to write a novel on? Now, careful, remember, if you type an idea here, it is fair game. You cannot sue me later for using the concept. K?

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I like it. I say go for it.

By Blogger glenna day, at 5:39 PM  

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Warning, Will Robinson: Contains ADULT material

Yesterday, I promised you an excerpt from a book I haven't finished--Mira Stark's story. I WILL get to that.

But first, I thought you might like to know how things go for me. I woke up before six a.m. because the guy (tweaker type) up the road fired up his rumbling car and cruised it up and down the road for 45 minutes. This is Saturday, remember?

I get up, get dressed, and find my teen son is ill in the bathroom. Nothing big, just queasy, but homesteadin' in there. Which means...I gotta hold my water. Then he decided to take a shower. Yeah. So, I woke up pissed, and felt more pissy by the minute.

Then, I had 1762 emails in my inbox this morning. Personal emails...I don't mind. I'll read those all day long and half into the night. But those damn spams, they wear my arm out just in clicking delete, delete, delete. Are you with me?

I have a ton of better things to do with my fingers and elbow than that. I mean, if I wanted to work out my forearm and hand--well, you can guess what I'd rather be doing. Let's play the family feud game on this...can you guess the top three answers? Sign up for my newsletter and send an email with the answers there. I'll do a random drawing on April Fool's Day. Winner gets a free download of one of my ebooks.

There are other contests running through my newsletter and at other spots on the web. Look for them.

And here's the excerpt from Mira Starks, she's created a fantasy man and has him mopping naked so she can watch the way his muscles ripple:

Mr. Beautiful mopped some more while she wondered what it felt like to have oral sex done right, by someone who wanted to do it for her. From what she'd heard, it was something to experience. She wasn't sure she believed it, though.

The guy--she decided to name him Grant--for grant me wishes--mopped for some time before she stopped conjecturing on whether or not the women who said they liked oral sex were all liars or not. She left the jury out on that one.

Grant got impatient. He asked, "You didn't bring me here so you could watch me mop all day, did you?" His voice was low, and deep. "Because I can do a lot more for you."


Mira wasn't used to thinking sexual satisfaction, so how could she command the guy? She felt him watching her. It didn't feel like eye-rape, but there was...what? Desire? He flexed his fingers around the mop, and his biceps bulged, and he waited for her to say something like "Drop the mop."

It took her a minute to get the nerve to look Grant in the face. But when she did, a slow grin spread over his features. The eye contact had her melting at the promise in his expression.

He prompted her, "Go ahead, Mira. Say it."

"You know what I want more than I do," she said. "So why don’t you just do it?"

Again, she imagined herself on the lounger. His strong fingers slid up the mop handle and over her ankle. Then, they followed her leg up to her body. In her fantasy, her legs were bare, and unlike reality, shaved really nice. And she had a bikini wax and pubic trim. She winced over that thought. Why did real life always try to intrude on fantasy, dammit?

The moves Grant made were sensuous and torturously slow, as if he were considering how to go about it, and giving her plenty of time to get her head into the fantasy. He never stopped gazing at her, and somehow, when his lips quirked, she realized that meant he was waiting for her to stop him. Expecting her to call another halt.

More than once, his fingers hesitated in their tease as if sensing that she was suddenly uncomfortable with the liberties he took. At those points, Mira breathed deep and gave him the slightest nod of a go-ahead. And a smile. That came from her inner nervousness.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Frustrations from yesterday aside, I have new frustrations. Reality intrudes into my writing life. Ever have that problem, where real life/obligations get in front of what you want to do?

There is never enough time. I feel like I have a million things cooking, and everything on the verge of burning...and no potholder in sight.

I keep asking friends, what should I write here? Most of them laugh at me and say, "You're the writer."

Do you want to know about everything I do? Or just writing projects and events?

Part of why I'm feeling so scattered and under pressure is that I'm in the middle of final edits on one book, expecting an e-release TWO WEEKS AGO of Hood--from my Wanton Werewolf Series, and I'm preparing to go on six separate writing conferences/book signing deals...and now, in the middle of that, one of my four daughters has announced that she's getting married on June 17th. Do the math there...three months and counting down--with all those conferences in between AND she's clear across the country.

I'm taking all EMAILS on wedding planning suggestions. And sympathy via email, too.

But what about the writing?
I'm slipping that in and out of everything else. I've got a project almost done. I wonder if it sounds good to you?

It's about a girl named Mira Starks. The working title in my twisted little mind is BANGIN' FANGIN' VAMPIRE'S REVENGE. I'm sure it'll have a more respectable title by the time you see it. God, I hope it does, anyway.

Mira Starks is one of those average chicks you see every day working behind the counter at gas stations. Her boss is a jerk. He keeps feeling her up. (No. That's NOT the sexy part. And anyone who gets turned on by accosting women can just go...get some counseling.)

Some dolts in my writing group tried to tell me they thought she liked getting attention that way, and her barbs back at him egged the loser on. I had to do a rewrite and spell it out. She hates that kind of treatment. She'd like to shoot him in the head. (That would be the REVENGE part of this book. So, if you're lookin' for satisfaction, it's there. In more ways than one.)

Anybody with me or against me on that sort of thing? Sorry, I'm not into non-consentual touching. But, man, gimme all the consentual stuff you wanna show me. Right?

Ya can't have a whole book of a loser picking on the heroine. Oh, no. This is one of those --the girl needs a hero and to be empowered herself--books. It's definitely for chicks out there who have an urge for someone to get some back on a guy that was mean. And for guys who might not be the kind of man his girl wants...and is a little frustrated over trying to please her.

It's a surreality vampire story. Whatever that means.

Mira has a fantasy about a very sexy guy named Grant--in the beer cooler. Yep. Dirty thoughts while cleaning up. Mira's never had good oral sex, believe it or not. Is that about the worst shame in the world?

Okay, maybe not the worst, but damn, it's up on the top of the list. So, it starts out hot in the cooler.

Never fear. Enter the hero, Rick DiBiase, who ain't yer reg'lar sorta guy. At first glance, he's a vampire with some kind of secret. It's hard to tell if he's a good guy or not, but fan me fast, he is damn sure sexy. And he gets into Mira's head and plants some fantasies that are too, too real.

Let me ask you this...what if satan wasn't the only one with a wicked-cool army of kick ass, neck bitin' dark angels?

Who do you think tossed Satan out of heaven? Pretty blonde angel girls singing hallelujah? Oh, no. I propose, in Mira's Story, that God's got some archangels of a kind you don't often see. Warrior Angels who've spent eternity doing a fine job of putting out the dogs. But there comes a time when they get their reward.

What would you think if one of them appeared in your life and said, "God said TAKE YOUR PICK and I picked you."...?

A little unbelievable? It is for Mira. She thinks she's going nuts. And when he winds back time, that does a number on her head.

Did I mention that my vampire books almost always have some surreal twists...? I hope you can keep up.

I hope you're intrigued. Tomorrow, I'll post some sexy preview of that book. How's that?

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Posting for Yesterday

Yesterday, I tried to post to this blog all day. I felt so frustrated.

And it wasn't the good kind of frustration, like sexual desire that is being teased. Nope, it was cyber-pain. I'm not really into pain. Not even the famed "pleasure-pain" that I see in other authors' erotic books. Whatever that is.

Okay, wait. I know what that is. Pleasure-pain, I mean. It's the virginal first time feel. It hurts so good you couldn't stop it if you wanted to. (Girl's point of view)

Hm. Does it hurt to push into a tight spot--from a guy's viewpoint?

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So, here I am, an erotica writer, and there you are, hopefully a fan, or soon to be one.

It seems to me that I should titillate you in some way. You know, to keep you coming again and again, as I mentioned yesterday. Hm. What would excite you like that?

How about an excerpt from HOOD, a book in my Wanton Werewolf Series that will be released any day now?

This scene is between Giselle Racini, a courtesan of the highest order who works for Lobos International, and Hood, a werewolf alpha male that smacks a whole lot of Wolverine from the X-men movie (in my mind anyway). She's been bitten, Hollywood style, and he's got her on hormone therapy, but she's a little bitchy...because he's been cheating on her.

I hope you enjoy it!

It was a battle of wills. I wanted nothing more than to be in his arms, and he wanted me there. But I was mad at his neglect, his cheating--not that he owed me monogamy--and his alpha sex appeal commandeering, ah, that made me furious. It was a matter of principle to look him in the eye (something I don't think many people did,) and come up with a suitable retort. It took me a minute.

A long minute while I looked at his black eyes and knew he was trying to pin my brainwaves. But while he was gone, I lined myself up for a new experiment he didn't know anything about. A freaking, mind-blocking serotonin derivative. He was fresh out of luck if he was looking to read my mind then. I had to let a slow smile creep onto my face...about the time I think he figured out that he wasn't getting in my head.

He had to admire me, I think, as much as he hated me. I could see wonder cross his features (very briefly) before his gaze hardened even more.

As it turns out, I didn't have to come up with anything clever. He surprised me by saying, "You are one, fucking, beautiful bitch." And he kissed me hard.

Now, I have to explain this...Hood's kisses are more like assault. He plunders your mouth. It doesn't matter if you try and fight the urge to give in. Not that you can fight for long. Or that you'd ever really want to.

It's just an act you have to try for. You know, a little self-preservation?

My chair's tipping back, and he's all over me, and before long, I'm clinging. That's about the time he pulls up, when he has me gasping and wanting.

Letting my chair come back to upright, he looks in my eyes again, self-satisfaction on his face. He knew he could get me hungry, licking my lips, and that makes him completely proud of himself.

The perfect time for a good retort. So, I respond with a small smile, and a killer gaze, "You must've been practicing."

A clever cut that lets him know that I really am furious with him. Brilliant, right? Of course, it backfired.

He calculated his response before asking, "Can you taste where I've been?"

I could, but I resisted the urge to spit. What could I say to that?

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hi there.

I'm a virgin to blogging, so bear with me, please. I'll get on top of it soon, I promise.

This should be as easy as sex. Now, making it GOOD, that's another thing, isn't it? I mean, anyone can say CLIMB ON. But good sex, imo, needs a little lip service. Sweet nothings. Kissing up. That sort of thing. What do you think?

I suppose I should start my blog by saying...I have some cool stuff coming out. Pretty soon, you'll be able to buy a print copy of my Wanton Werewolf Series. Even cooler still, there will be five stories in a single print book. Go to or my website: and you'll see more about it.

Plus, I'm releasing more of the werewolf series. HOOD is next, and he is to die for, imo. Think...Wolverine from X-men. Yeah, he's hot. And Giselle Racini (the chick that drives him nuts)--you might have read about her in Jack: In the Pack--she's got a serious grip on messing with Hood's head. (Pun intended.)

So, did I set the tone of this blog yet?

Carys Weldon writes for mature adults. If you aren't one, walk away. If you are, and you like sexual innuendoes...well, come again and again, as often as you like.

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