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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wiener Day

I just found out that July 18 was officially Wiener Day.

I feel a little bit left out over missing the celebration. Although, I must say I've been trying to push the hot dogs in the fridge (mostly cheesy dogs) to my son. "Eat up," I say, "It'll make you stronger. You know you want one." Mostly, I say that because he makes his own hot dogs.

Anyhow, to find out how I learned of this auspicious event, and why it was started, go here:

There's a hot dog break dancing. It's funny for a second. I watched for awhile, but it never got to a big finish. I'd be interested if someone actually watches it to the end. (Long song, he's dancing to.) Is there anything big as a finale?

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I find the idea of a Weiner day rather amusing. :)

Doing good here. The Wild Rose Press requested a partial on Kiernan's Curse a couple weeks ago. :D


By Anonymous JenNipps, at 3:18 PM  

Why do hot dogs taste better cooked over an open fire with a burned crust? That's the way we cook them in the desert here in Arizona
The break dancing was funny

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:14 PM  

I agree about the hotdogs cooked on an open fire. In fact that is the only way I will eat a hot dog. Is it the burn taste or the dirt?

By Blogger Brenda, at 6:23 PM  

We can always celebrate weiner day later. I lvoe them ont he grill a well

By Blogger Debby, at 8:37 AM  

Are you still there????
Love ya..


By Blogger Brenda, at 6:19 PM  

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I've been busy...

I don't know about you, but summer time has me doing more things with my family. Even if it means watching tv with my son more. (He's the baby of the bunch!) He's out of school until the middle of August, and is heading towards his senior year. I'm feeling sort of panicky about the fact that he's growing up and probably gonna leave home before I know it.

While some people totally rejoice at the idea of their kids leaving home, I cry. I know if I call them too much after they leave, they'll realize how desperately I miss their smiling (and cranky) faces. It's weird, but I really have to keep myself from calling them, each and every one--and as you know, I have five.

Anyhow, my son went to scout camp last week and I was lonely all day. It's funny because it's not like we sit around and chat all day when he IS home. He's usually got his head in a game (Computer or Xbox 360) and I've got my head in a manuscript.

But we do talk here and there, when one of us gets up to get another bottle of water, or to go to the bathroom or something.

While at camp, he won an award. They did skeet shooting and he hit 72 out of 75, or something like that. I told his sister Cheyenne that it really means, if he says RUN and let's see if I can hit you, while he has a gun in his hand, you probably shouldn't think it's funny. She laughed, of course.

His dad was there the night they gave the award to him, and said he was SO proud. I guess, of all the camp awards, shooting is a big one. Not everybody gets to handle the guns, you have to pay extra for the privelege, and they stand over you. Those are good things, I guess--except for the money part.

Anybody else have a son in boy scouts? I want my son to be an Eagle Scout. You know, for years, they didn't accept anyone into the astronaut program unless they were an Eagle Scout. That's changed now, but I thought that was an interesting piece of trivia.

Let me apologize for my sketchy postings of late. I can't keep up with my email or writing, or kids, or most of the stuff I have to do and so I had to decide what would get less of my time.

While some would say, how much time does it take to post a little message here, I say...sometimes a lot longer than you'd think. I mean, I TRY to come up with something interesting, or thought provoking, and as you know, I sometimes fail miserably...but every now and then, I'm quite entertaining. (I just get lucky on those days, probably.)

Anyhow, sorry if you're getting bored with this blog because it doesn't have much going on of late.

Do you prefer sexual topics? Or personal? Political and controversial? Spiritual?
Is anybody out there?
On one last issue, I am still doing DREAM ACCOUNT type stuff. While I haven't been posting here regularly, I get together with a couple of friends once a week (most weeks) and do some positive dreaming. Mostly, we talk about what we hope for, and what we've received. We talk about ways to bring more good things to us and those we love.

More than anything, gathering with other women who are good friends, to whom you can talk about just about anything with, is very therapeutic. We talk about men a lot, and kids, and life, and writing, and psychic things.

Do you get together regularly with one or more friends like this? Any thoughts on this sort of thing?

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Good to hear from you.
I am home from almost 2 months in the mountains of Wy. David and I were volunteer camp hosts of a 12 site campground in a national forest. We are talking about outhouses, pump your water, no electricity. We painted tables, outhouses and site trim, cleaned fire rings, weed eating, wrote down license numbers of campers and cleaned the toilets. But we loved it. I know it sounds crazy but we did. We sat a lot and looked at the wonderful mountains, the bluest skies, the biggest butterflies and dandelions, and all of God’s creatures. I wonder why anyone would doubt there is a God. These things couldn’t have just happened. David is still there, first time we have been separated in 38 years but I need to come home and babysit the groundchildren. And it was a good thing. Rob told the babysitter his kids wouldn’t be returning and had to take off the day I was coming home. One of the older boys at the babysitter hit Parker and left bruises and twisted Lexi’s arm. Her reponse was” I Ben not to do it”. That’s not good enough. But Mamaw is home now. Ready to kick butt. I haven’t had time to miss David, I have been busy, this is my first day in over a week to stay home. I have worked on 12 computers, been to lunch with friends, been to dance lessons for Lexi and Taekwondo for Parker, taking the kids to the park everyday and even stayed all night with my mother in law when she wasn’t feeling well. But today is mine.
About what I like to see on your blog. I like to hear about what books you are working on, what you are doing and how you are doing, how the family is doing, I don’t think I will like to hear about Sex until David gets back. HAHA! Of course I do have my toys. I’m glad that your son won the shooting award. David was a very skeet shooter and he was in the boy scouts and loved it. It is really good for the kids .And I think it should be BOYS scouts, the girls have their own club.
In my dream account I want a day alone with people to wait on me.

By Blogger Brenda, at 7:04 AM  

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sex. How long is too long?

We all have thoughts on how long we like sex to take, how long is too long, and how short is too short.

I thought you'd find this study interesting:

Heads up to minute men=too short
Heads up to those who take foreplay to the extreme=too long

Anybody care to elaborate on their own preferences? you feel fully satisfied sometimes when your man has fulfilment but you don't get orgasm? Or do you resent the fact that you didn't get it, too?

Any women like a man to suffer through getting her to orgasm and not letting him finish his business.

How many times can you reach a pinnacle of extreme ALMOST orgasm without messing up the big thing when you get it?

Men generally say (polls say, not my personal info here) that they can get close over and over and it doesn't lessen the experience when they finally go over the edge.

But women tend to find the orgasm isn't as intense if they play at the edge too many times. What's your experience? Anybody wanna share?

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are you happy now?

I opened an email this morning, you might have seen it already.

Two girlfriends are sitting around, talking about Living Wills. One said, "If I ever get into a vegetative state, living off a machine, and depending on fluids, just unplug me."

So, the other girl gets up, unplugs the computer, throws out the wine, and the first girl says, "You're such a bitch."

I wonder who wrote that originally. I wish people would keep the author's name when they cut and paste quotes or stories or poems.

I'm in physical therapy now, for my back and fibro and nerve problems. They have me playing with balls. Sitting on them. Holding them. Stretching with them. It feels a little silly. And worse because I leave there and start hurting within an hour from all the stretching and twisting. Seems really stupid since it's very mild stuff that shouldn't hurt at all.

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Hello from Illinois, hope this post stays posted. Been having trouble with that so we'll see. Sounds like you are spending the summer going to drs. Hope it is all much better soon.
Afraid my summer news is boring. Trying to think of anything worth printing....still thinking. I could tell you about my 2 grandsons' baseball games and my grandaughter too. Allison (soon 10) decided not to play softball this summer but went to basketball camp and art camp. Guess she wants to do a little of both.
We have a wedding tomorrow...wonder how much weight I can shed before 4:00! Not enough, that's for sure. This summer has put me in a feeding frenzy and it shows..yuk! O.K., now there's got to be something fun going on...still thinking..well good grief, guess I just posted to say hello and goodbye. We are headed to New York in august. Have a wedding the weekend of the 16th. Our very good friends' daughter is getting married (at 39) for the first time. I can't believe Nancy wasn't grabbed up long time ago. She's beautiful, good job and world traveled..I mean the places lots don't go to. India, Tibet, Israel, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece..all backpacking with 2 changes of clothing for 5-6 mo. I forgot Australia but that's more normal. Anyway, I have her letters via email from her trip to Syria, Israel, Tibet, etc and hope to put them in order and bind them , I don't scrapbooking but not quite that either...gotta think on that and quickly I guess. Rachel & co are going to wedding too. Nancy was in hers 17 yrs ago..good grief I'm old.
Been reading my way through lots of books this summer..some I had reservations about starting and found out I really liked them so I guess it pays to read all kinds of "stuff." How is your writing coming along? Hope you can write even though you have lots of pain issues. Take care my dear and I hope I get this posted. Love to you, Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 8:17 AM  

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Seeds and oils

I've been studying essential oils lately. (I know, my interests are all over the place.)

You know, looking at their healing properties, reading up on what they are supposed to work on. I learned recently that helichrysum is known to heal hearing problems, including deafness from birth. I dunno if it's true but I thought I'd buy some and see if it helps. It's supposed to heal the synapses that are not functioning properly.

I didn't know that essential oils (undiluted, and not the perfume or fragrance dilutions) have an electrical frequency. See:

Or that there are studies done that show illness happens when our body frequencies drop. So, connecting the dots (that someone else has already connected)--if we use the oils properly, we can raise our own body frequencies and thereby fight of disease and illness.

This principle is why natural foods like lemons, onions, garlic, etc. are known to boost our immune systems.

You probably knew all that, but I am continuously amazed at the miracles in nature, and the healing capabilities of our own bodies' ability to rejuvenate itself, given the right vitamins, minerals, oils, etc.

Here's something you might not know, though... Rose oil, pure, undiluted, rosa damascena (which takes about 10,000 flowers to make a pound of oil) has the highest energy frequency of all oils. And it is the one scent smelled round the world at the sightings of Mary, mother of God.

I dunno what you believe, if you believe in that sort of thing... just repeating what I've heard, and what has been documented.


Back to the early comments on electrical freqencies--and how changing our body frequency affects our health, I'm reminded of electric shock therapy. (shiver) The concept has merits but the asylums of horror flicks have made the whole lot of procedural processes repugnant.

If you want to get technical about the effects of electrical impulse on health: (read through the bottom part of the page, it sorta explains how machines of that nature work.)

I think a lot of us have been zapped in small ways by electrical appliances not grounded out properly. I wonder if that burns out the channels it travels or jumps ones that are messed up. Any ideas?

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Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.

By Anonymous Mind Body Shop, at 10:36 PM  

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Life never turns out...

Life never turns out the way you plan it, does it?

Last month, I went to Ohio to Lori Foster's Get Together. That was good, but I ended up leaving early, and having to rush home--not getting to visit some friends in Illinois as planned. I'm looking at the calendar, trying to see when I can reschedule and get up there to chat and hang out for a day or two.

Already this month, I've had family trauma. My second daughter, Savannah, had surgery on Tuesday. That was a long day. She's fine. It was "only a gall bladder removal." But, to those who would say "only", I say...lots of people actually die during that surgery or from complications.

Take a look at these stats from

Incidence Rate: approx 1 in 438 or 0.23% or 620,031 people in USA

Incidence extrapolations for USA for Gall bladder conditions: 620,031 per year, 51,669 per month, 11,923 per week, 1,698 per day, 70 per hour, 1 per minute, 0 per second.

Deaths from Gall bladder conditions: 2,830 deaths reported in USA 1999 for cholelithiasis and other gall bladder conditions.

Death rate extrapolations for USA for Gall bladder conditions: 2,830 per year, 235 per month, 54 per week, 7 per day.

There are a lot more stats on that web page. Check it out.

So, anyhow, I've been really busy with life and family. What have you been up to?

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