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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice storms, puppies, and inaugural blanket

If you live in the midwest, or eastern half of America, you know about the crazy ice storms tromping across the U.S. I live right on the line between the really bad and the Oh, My God, it's horrific.

I've been lucky so far. I still have power. I heard on the news, some people in Arkansas have been told they will be out of power for at least two weeks.

Check out the weather channel. They've been showing pictures of the incredible amount of ice. It's weighing down the tree limbs, breaking 100 year old oaks, splitting them in half. It's crazy. Sounds like a gun shot, and suddenly half the tree splits off.

It's actually quite beautiful to look out at a crystal dazzled wooded wonderland. But people are being told not to go out at all, unless they have to. They have a lot of downed power lines and trees falling into the roads.

I guess Arkansas has declared a state of emergency. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power down there. And the forecast isn't giving us any hope of a meltdown for days. It's 16 degrees here, now.

And I have this silly song jingling around in my head. It's a rip-off/parody...maybe you can help me figure out what's it called...? One line in the song says "Walking around in women's underwear." It's to the tune of Winter Wonderland.

I hope you are safe and warm, wherever you are.

I know one little puppy, you know, the 3 lb yorkie named Pixie...hates the snow. She's not a noisy dog, but she cries when her paws touch the snow, yelping like she's in pain from it. It's SO sad...and a little bit funny. Right before she starts it, she looks up like the most pitiful pup, and if you stay stern and say, "We can't go back inside until you go potty," she puts a foot down, as if she's going to walk out into the cold three inch snow, and then lifts it back up, and starts the yelping. If you don't scoop her up instantly, she puts that foot down, and lifts another leg. And then another. It's pretty funny.

Of course, she's too little to keep out for any time at all. I would just die if she caught pneumonia or something. So, we're talking...she's maybe out there all of two minutes, if that much. Did I mention she has a hoodie, and a parka, and a polka dotted dress, (etc) and I bought her booties but they were too big. So, I'm looking at a pair of $1 gloves. I'm thinking I could put that on her, with a cut of the material or two, and it would keep her feet (and tummy) warm long enough to go outside to do her business. It will be ridiculous, I'm sure.

My family thinks I'm too silly over this itty bitty dog. But hey, I don't have any grandkids yet, and she likes to cuddle with me. Have you ever just needed some unconditional love? Yorkies are so great at being excited when you come home, and they like to go places.

Anyhow, enough about the dog. But you could comment a little about your dogs, or pets.

Sunday, we went down to Harrison, and the home we went to, they had a huge, huge, very pretty siamese looking cat. But he had to weight 20 lbs. He stalked around the room as we sat down, and we leaned to pet him, and the woman said, "Ack! I wouldn't recommend that. He, uh, bites. Very unpredictable." He didn't bite any of us. But he did lay at my feet and on top of my purse, and I did have to pry myself out from under him...a little nervously. Do you have a cat? I do not have one at the moment. But one of my daughters is trying to give me one her brother-in-law dumped on her.

I just can't make myself do a litter box. I did it for years, and will probably do it again. But right now, I'm enjoying not having to clean up cat hair, etc. Yorkies don't shed much, if at all.

As for the inaugural blanket I mentioned up in the title of this post, did you hear that Obama's blanket got stolen? No, I'm not kidding. You can read about it here: Or just google INAUGURAL BLANKET.

I'm thinking this is a first. I can't imagine anyone having the cajones to steal the president's inaugural fleece blanket which is the FIRST presidential item the man gets, and the only real keepsake of the inauguration ceremony. I'm sure he assumed it would be taken care of, and available for him to look at, and keep and savor, later.

I guess the chick said she'd give it back if he asked for it. That website shows the actual clip of the interview where she admits she has it. They all think it's funny. Do you?

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We got around 8 inches of snow so the grandkids were home yesterday.Glad they are back in school tonight.

I went to WW Monday night a day early for my weigh in because of the snow coming on Tuesday. I gained 1/4 pounds.. I was a little pissed, I had stayed on the plan. Then I got to thinking what Had I done for the past week. Sitting in my chair or sleeping because I felt so bad.. So that explained why i didn't lose more.. Back on the plan but I am really fighting with my mind.. I am wanting a lot of bad foods.. I am over the Pepsi thing but I miss my cheese...

About dogs, we don't have one. Rob has a dog, Chief. He has to be the best dog we have ever have. He is good with the kids and so loving. He listens, stays in the yard and if you yell at him to stop chasing a squirrel or rabbit he will stop.
I love Kay's dog Sophie, that is a dog that is spoiled..You should hear some of the stories about her.

I am listening to Rod, our gov of Illinois talking..This will be his last day as our gov... I will be glad but we could get someone worst.. I don't trust anyone in office...
Have a good day and stay warm.

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:41 AM  

Brrr, and greetings,
It's finally sunny here. It's still snowy, icy and cold but the sun is nice. The comments about dogs caught my attention. Especially when Brenda mentioned Sophie.
Here's Sophie's bio: About 4 yrs ago my son started telling us we'd mourned long enough for our schnauzer Parker. It took us 13 yrs to think about another dog. He had 2 boxers and was totally sold on them. I went to look at boxers and Sophie found me. I drove probably 1 1/2 hrs to a small town. Saw an ad in paper, 4 boxers, 2 male, 2 female, 2 brindle and 2 white. I was told the white ones are not albino but just a white. The drawback for some people would be if you want to show them. I didn't so that wasn't any problem. It was April so I sat in this big farmhouse yard and played with all 4 pupppies..but one of them came over, backed into my lap and stayed put. So Sophie came home with me..she was the female brindle. First night I put her by my side of the bed with lots of "stuff" and kept petting her while she howled for her litter mates. Uh huh, that lasted about 15 minutes. I picked her up, put her between my husband and myself and she slept all night long. Not a peep out of her. Well obviously she won our hearts. When she got the potty training down she was a full-fledged member of the household. This is the order of our household...kid you not. I have wanted a king size bed for a long time (been married 40 yrs) but didn't need one. Well, my husband informed me Sophie needed more room as she grew..we had a new bed next day. Allrighty then: husband's recliner was getting some age on it but we've had worse for a lot longer, but again: Sophie needed more room to sit with him..yeah, you guessed it. New recliner. The one that tops it all (and there are many in that category) was when we were purchasing a new truck. We're pulling out of the driveway of the dealership and P.B. calls the manager and asks if the truck had bench or bucket seats...Sophie only liked bench seats. O.K., by now you got the picture...we bought a camper so she can go with us sometimes. Otherwise she stays with out son and his boxers. I didn't know boxers were so loving and personal. She likes to be touching one of us when we're around. If we're sitting, she's with us..obviously she sleeps with us..but she's so funny (and I'm very biased) and cute. But she still thinks everyone who comes to the door is coming to see her. Brenda can attest to this. She adores Brenda. So my dog story is: love me, love my dog. We've always had dogs of some sort and all were special. I like cats too but never had any except outside (husband is very allergic). Can't have them anymore because the coyotes come and get them. There's nothing so chilling as hearing the yipping right outside your house and then the silence. Hate it. I have a gun and have shot it a few times. I'll never hit anything except one of the grain trucks! But I can put a tiny bit of fear in them
I think I told you, I've turned off the 24 hr news of gloom and doom. I did have to tune in briefly when the governor showed everyone just how delusional he is. Illinois has a major machine in place and is so corrupt. Maybe the time has come for the people to say enough.
Brenda and I are trying to loose a few pounds. Boy I enjoy eating my way through everything and then I see the results. Not a pretty sight. Think I might have hit one of my all-time highs this yr. Not sure because I've been yoyoing for so long. I know it's not healthy but as I'm (gulp) 60.shhh don't tell anyone..I doubt if I change too much. My goal is at least 30 lbs. and stay there...uh huh. Maybe 25! Or 20. We'll see.
Take care all and for anyone in the states with no electricity, I hope you are soon back to normal. Stay warm. We have a corn stove (gee..that sounds like Ma & Pa Kettle) and if you don't know who that is, well, you're too young or I'm still old. But Sophie and I go to the sunroom and watch t.v. or read (I do..Sophie doesn't read yet)and keep warm. All for now before I wander off in something more ridiculous than I allready have.

By Blogger Kay, at 5:06 PM  

I just got a face book web page, it is cool. I think we should all get one.
Parker is home sick from school.His mother is here..
I wonder if Becca and Rob are going to get back together. I am staying out of Rob's love life but I still worry after about $20,000 and pain and lies from her, is she to be back in his life???? I will accept it, I won't like it but what ever is best for the kids and Rob. Maybe this is the anwser to my prayers. Just don't know.
Take care. Love ya, Brenda

By Blogger Brenda, at 8:12 AM  

I lost 2.6 pounds this week.Hope all is well with you, I miss you when you don't post. But I know we alll have busy lives. Later.Brenda

By Blogger Brenda, at 12:15 PM  

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese babies died...

Did you know about all the chinese babies dying from milk poisoning this last year?

You know, there's a lot of criminal behavior in the world. Generally, I don't see it, and don't go looking for it. I only watch my local news for the weather report.

I used to be an avid news watcher, but then I listened to an Esther Hicks cd that spoke about how we make ourselves ill worrying over terrible news we can't do anything about. We can't help because it is already done, or somewhere else. And out of our circle of reach. It made sense.

I mean, I'm one of those folks who really would say (at a beauty pageant?), "I want to cure cancer, and have world peace."

Every time I see a St. Judes commercial, I want to cry for the people who need to take their babies there. And cry in gratefulness to the people who've dedicated their lives, or means, to help. The Ronald McDonald House is one place I donate regularly to (in the drive through lane at McDonalds, I drop change, etc.) I've known a lot of people who were given a place to sleep while their family member was in the hospital. Out of all the charities on this planet, it is the one I've seen giving more.

I know there are lots of great charities and help organizations. Locally, we have a council of churches that does a great service to our area, collecting everything from food to clothes. So, I'm not discounting those. I'm just saying that unfortunately, I've known too many families who were too broke to buy a motel room when their family member was in the hospital, and the RM House gave them a place to lay their heads, and wash, etc. just across the street from the hospital. I'm just grateful it was established to help people.

I feel the same way about the amazing Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. What a gift to the world that is. Ditto with the surgeon (Sami Kyoshmon), an Austrian, who put my youngest daughter back together after her horrific accident a couple years ago. You can read about that back in the October-December 2006 posts archived.

Please, take a moment and send up a thanks to God (or whoever you feel is responsible for directing these people to enter the field of medicine in areas that help little children.) I pray regularly that surgeons will have steady hands.

I have these little tremors (compliments of overexposure to too much bug spray.) I couldn't be a surgeon to save my own life.

But the real point of my post today is that I was appalled to read about the milk poisoning in China this last year. (I am SO last year.) Always a day late or a dollar short. You've probably heard all about it. But, in case you want to read it (nothing bloody or gory, no pics here):

It's so sad. I can't even imagine the heartache those families are going through, knowing it was greed that caused their babies' deaths.

The justice is being done. The people responsible for putting melamine in milk are being put to death. Compensation is being paid.

However, I have to say...there would be no price high enough to pay me for the loss of a child...because someone was watering down milk, and adding something that would clog up kidneys (and kill babies) just to raise the protein content so it would pass inspection.

Melamine, you probably know, is what those plates we all ate off in the sixties and seventies were made of. I was thinking about ordering some of those kits where you draw and send it in, and they make you a plate from your art work--to surprise my kids for Easter or something. They're grown up but still like little things like that.

You can see what I'm talking about here:

When I ran the preschool in Nevada, we used these. They are so easy, and it is such a pleasure to see the kids when they get their plates, and eat off of them later. Although, they are NOT microwave safe.

I don't know if I can look at another melamine product and not think of dying babies. It just breaks my heart. (Not that I can't look at those kind of plates.) My heart goes out to all those families.

And I thank God, once again, that I live in the United States of America where all our food products are tested so strenuously that, hopefully, this sort of thing would never happen.

We are so lucky. The story just made me want to hug my babies, even if they are all grown up. So, the challenge today is to give a kid a hug. Or do something like drop a buck in the Ronald McDonald House box, or some other charity.

Heck, go to a salvation army thrift store and buy something. The proceeds will go to help someone and you can get something in return.

*hugs* to all of you, my friends.
Now, I'm gonna get busy writing.

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I have decided to read books instead of watching 24 hr news. I watched during primary, etc and now that's over. I do get the world news and local and then I quit. This winter I'm knitting ugly scarves and dish cloths or reading. At least I can opt out of a book if it doesn't work for me unlike the events already happening in the world. Guess I'm cynical about politics and sad, very sad about the state of our world. I see and hear words from our teens and younger that totally shock. I know I'm just an old granny but I can't help but wish they all had good role models. Doesn't always help but it won't hurt either.
So back to reading..I have enough in my tbr pile to last indefinitely. Really nice when you're not sure what you want. Brenda & I might have to make another run to the ubs. MIL loved her gothic mysteries I gave her for christmas. Some came from the Phoenix library and had discard all over it...but she really enjoyed the whodunit. My MIL just found out she may have melanoma so anyone reading, I would appreciate any kind of prayer, good wishes, etc. We should know next week. A word to pass along and I hope you never need. After several months of a toe nail having dark spots on it she went to dr. He sent her to specialist...said specialist told her to soak in vinegar..uh huh. Went to another dr and he took one look and removed the toe nail. It had also gone to other big toe. He said melanoma can be anywhere. I never thought of finger nails, toe nails as being targets. Enough dr advise. I'll bring in my dr shingle and end here. Hope everyone is staying warm. It's a balmy 15 here. Happy reading.

By Blogger Kay, at 2:29 PM  

Hi All,
I am finally among the living. Becki came like the grimreaper and gave us a very bad virus..It has been terrible.David, Rob and I got this virus. It started on Monday and a week later we all believe we might live. We hadn't done anything for a week but Rob went to work anyway. I did go to Ww and lost 1.8 pounds, So I have lost 13.8 now.

We are getting ready for the snow, I sure hate this cold weather but haven't been out in the cold.
I didn't even feel like reading.

Just checking in and Kay whenever you want to go to the Used Book Store I am ready. You know I don't have anybooks to read..

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:30 AM  

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

It was MURDER.

So, I've come back to the top to write this note. Again, I've failed at being a concise blogger. You may need to go get your lunch, dessert, and an afternoon snack, and maybe a little wine before dinner to help you through this.

(Not that I'm saying my writing will lead you to drink...but it might.)

In the beginning, there was light.

One small one in the black abyss. It was attached to a miner's fiberglass hat. You know, like construction workers wear.

There was darkness all around the world...and the only thing I could see was sex appeal staring straight at me in the face illuminated by that damned miner's light...that blinded me.

Did I mention my husband was a gold miner when I met him?
No. Really!

That did not mean we were IN THE MONEY. In fact, because we got right to the business of having our five kids, we were repeatedly broke. I didn't even know what "being in the black" meant.

Which of course brings me to think of that old adage, once you try black you never go back. I that true?

Is it true about money and sexual partners?

Not that it really matters. I seem to be ever doomed to be in the red, and nailed by an Italian to some crazy vow I made when I was nothing more than an innocent virgin. hehehe

Years into the marriage, my mother-in-law, when drunk, once skewered me with one of those looks of vehemence some Arkansas Razorback women are said to have in their gaze. With a long, pretty finger (That actually did some hand modeling back in the day), she mentioned that she knew I married her son for his gold.

Would it be amiss for me to pause here to mention her fingers are her best features?

Okay. It was terribly laughable. I didn't miss a beat. We were struggling with our bills, as always, and the trip to see his family was torture for me because every time they got drinking, his parents said something mean to me. I dreaded it more than I can explain.

I turned to him and said, "You have gold? We are long past time for you to whip it out, buddy."

He agreed with a grin.

I believe I said I might have to divorce him now that I knew he had gold hidden somewhere, since I could finally look to a possible rosy gold high money future.

In truth, he was the only one in his family who didn't get a gold nugget when he married. His dad gave his brother's wives each a gold nugget/necklace or something, too.

Needless to say, they don't like me much. And I was a good and dutiful little wife for years and years. There was no excuse for their snobbery. Except they didn't like me doing terrible things like going to church, reading the scriptures, etc.

There are several points to this story. One, you can't make some people happy. Two, no matter what you do, or how good you are, there will always be someone who looks down on you. And three, for heaven's sake, find out if the person you're marrying has a stash of cash somewhere, so you can use it to pay your bills!

My mom always said it was just as easy to love a rich man as a poor one. I dunno. Most of the wealthy men I know are assholes. I always liked the down to earth types. Farmers, cowboys, guys who scratched a living out of the dirt literally.

I think true love and sincere, hard to drag up out of the solar plexus "I Love You's" are worth so much more than financial wealth.

That said, I am NOT against becoming rich, or rolling in money padding my bed. YAY FOR MONEY, I say. SEND IT TO ME, OH WONDERFUL UNIVERSAL POWERS! I call the U.P. GOD, but you can call for money from wherever you want to.

As you know, lately, I've been hoping God uses the Publisher's Clearing HOuse's next big drawing to send me a little fortune. Whatever works for you, ya know?

I had a flashback to an episode of SNAPPED, the thirty minute show that recaps murders women have committed when they just snapped. (Who can blame them?) YAY for PMS as a defense!

??? No? Yes?

Anyhow, there was one woman who killed not one husband, but two, and would have gotten away with both, but after one of the deaths, she went to some place like Cabo with her lover/accomplice and he took a picture of her literally rolling in thousands and thousands of dollars cash on the bed, smiling her ass off. Well, okay, she apparently had smiled all her clothes off before the picture.

And I'm pretty sure some of it was totally dirty money because he didn't appear to have any clothes on when the video camera panned his thigh, or whatever.

Anyhow, the chick got away with two murders and the local police honestly thought she was a victim of two freaky, unconnected, deaths of husbands who were good guys and business owners in the community. Although, her step daughter kept insisting she was evil.

Somehow, the pictures of the bed party south of the border turned up. I believe it was the lover feeling like he might be next on the chick's list. So, the woman was tried for the second murder, convicted by the jury on the basis of the pictures which had date and time stamps. Apparently, they were taken within hours of her husband's death. They didn't think she showed enough remorse.

I totally agreed. I can't even imagine hurting someone purposefully, let alone committing cold blooded murder.

Although I totally remember watching Farrah Fawcett and that Burning Bed movie and thinking it was the right move and she should have done it a lot sooner. I also cheered or Lorena Bobbitt and was sad when her hubby's surgery to reconnet his parts actually gave him full function again. (DAMMIT)

What made me think of all this?

As I turned on my computer today, I saw a few links GOOGLE had highlighted. One that I thought you might be interested in was this:

No. Sorry. No pretty man pictures. Just a list of questions women should ask, or look into, when they meet a new guy. So, those of you on the dating scene might wanna scan the list. Those who have single friends or daughters might want to, to know what to ask about the latest boy toy in your circle.

It's actually a website that is trying to sell you an ebook. I'm not really promoting that. I just think they give one really important thing--a heads up to not necessarily trust the newbie man candy that slipped into your little arena.

Or, in the case of the women featured on SNAPPED, men (or lesbians) might find they've dodged a bullet if they do a little research before they let someone creepy into their life.

Sadly, they aren't all honorable gladiators willing to bow at the feet of a queen, to protect and honor and provide for her forever more. And all the women aren't as virtuous, lovely, and of good report like US.

As we all know, there are way too many skeevy types out there. Men (and women) who've cheated on their previous love interests. Men who've abused women physically or mentally, who may have criminal records and restraining orders in public records. Or vice versa. (Let this be an equal opportunity finger pointing post.)

We had a child molester lurking in our local writing groups. A friend of mine found him completely by accident on the internet, listed as a sex offender in our area. And when I say lurker, I mean it. The writing groups met at the local library. All too often, he was scamming the young girls.

Interesting enough, older men and women in our circles seemed to not think his crime was too bad. He was 39 and raped a 14 year old. I was horrified to hear some of them say that when they grew up, old men were allowed to sleep with teens, and some even had the nerve to imply the girl probably egged him on.

It's people like this that I want to protect my daughters, and all children from. It is NOT okay. The laws of the land are quite explicit in what is not acceptable. Under age children are not to be physically taken advantage of, even IF the adult perceives the child is interested in sexual exploitation.

Sorry. That's another one of my little soapboxes. If a girl/woman is attractive, and a man attacks her, she is NOT at fault, she IS the victim. It doesn't matter if she was wearing a bikini or Daisy Dukes or pasties and a g-string, dancing on a pole.

Men should be glad they are allowed to look without getting their eyes poked out. But it is NOT okay to touch. (Isn't that first rule of a strip club?) I'm almost sure they said that when MEN DOWN UNDER came to our town in Nevada to do the Full Monty dance at our local bar and grill.

But to be fair, this website can also prove good for men, too. All women are not honest. Some do a fair bit of abusing themselves. (I'm not talking about teasing men mercilessly by shaking her money maker when she walks or dances, or shimmying when she gets something cold spilled down her top.)

Some women have a trail of broken hearted men with empty bank accounts to show for their involvement in nefarious affairs.

Of course, we all know there are gold diggers of each gender out there. Honestly, I never thought to do a credit check on my guy, back when I was seventeen. But then, there wasn't the freedom network of info so readily available, and I was entirely naive.

Thank God I didn't get a bad one.

I was surprised to see the recommendation for seeing if the man had ever filed bankruptcy before, but it makes sense, whether you're seeing a man or a woman, because if you hook up for the long term and join names, you will take on their credit, or lack thereof, depending on the situation.

When my mom left my dad, they had a great credit rating. But her new husband had filed bankruptcy, and is a gambler and an alcoholic. She retained my father's last name so she could access the credit they'd built together, and so she wouldn't be dragged down into the lower rating her new hubby had.

On one hand, that was very smart. On the other, it seemed unfair that she could go on benefiting WITH HER NEW MAN while sporting my dad's last name and credit.

They built it together, and she was the one who actually mailed in the payments, she said, and it was perfectly legal to do so.

For us, the big issue was annoyance that she'd left our dad (cheated on him) and continued to use him to her own means. The annoyance rose further when my father married the hag from hell. I personally blame THAT on mom for leaving in the first place.

Okay, so I say that, but also agree that a woman (or anyone) shouldn't stay in a relationship where they are miserable. You don't have to live in a relationship like it's a prison sentence. There are too many people out there who will endeavor to make you happy, or that you can make happy.

We all know that some people refuse to be happy, no matter what you do for them.

Now, I say that, and wince. Nobody can make you happy. You have to learn to be happy within yourself. I find that terribly hard to do.

But I also know you can change everything for a person, trying to please them, and find you've compromised yourself, and they still aren't happy, they still want you to change again.

Why is it that people always want whatever they don't have?
Do you think people keep asking for their significant others to change just to see if you still want to try to please them?

This makes me think of a conversation I've had many a time with my husband. He doesn't care for short hair on women. Now, most of you know that a year or two ago, I had a terrible terrible perm. I had to cut my hair from waist length to my chin.

I cried for months. It's one thing to cut it when you've planned it. It's another thing to be forced into because it's breaking off in handfuls with every brush you slide through it.

In fairness to my husband, he was very kind when I was crying over it and kept saying it didn't look too bad.

But every time he complained before about a woman having a "dykey haircut" came back to me. No offense to anyone. I don't care what your bedroom habits and companionship add up to. Neither does he. It's just a term he uses. And we all know short hair is not necessarily a lesbian thing.

Sorry...I'm not always politically correct in my terminology. I still think of the Russians and Chinese and North Koreans as communists who will gang up on us if we're not careful.

We still tend to call all Asians Oriental in my family, too. I still also think of the Czech Republic and Slovakia as Czechozlavakia and have to remind myself that Prussia no longer exists, and is now Poland and Russia. Although, I don't even know when all that crap happened.

And yes, that would make the dreaded N word a part of my husband's vernacular, too. But let me say that he doesn't think everyone with dark skin is one. He happens to use that term blankly across the board to include all people who behave like ghetto scum, including white trash.

I say that, and must reiterate, I live in a single wide trailer, am quite obese, and am no one's version of a wealthy chick, or a snappy dresser. So, many may think I am Trailer Trash.

I think lots of people live in trailers, are overweight, and may have little cash but are NOT trailer trash. SO, please, take no offense. I can not, in good conscience, call the kettle black, or el negra, or any other shade of ebony since I am the proverbial pot.

Those who know my husband, know he's a redneck cowboy type, and old fashioned. On top of that, he's italian. So, what is that? A triple dose of "I know what I like and I have no problem telling people when they don't fall within the range of my appreciation?"

And we all know that there are many, many cute short haircuts and styles out there in the wide wide world. Many are very chic. A lot of hetero women wear their hair shortly cropped, and look good.

Hell, Sinead O'Conner, Demi Moore, and Britney Spears all looked great bald.

But my husband regularly asks me, "Why do women cut their hair short like that?" He truly subscribes to the biblical concept that a woman's hair is her glory...or something like that.

This, from a man who is bald on top. No offense to bald men, or him, either.

We are all entitled to our opinions, likes and dislikes. I, for one, like Vin Diesel and Yul Brenner, and the guy who plays Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek: Next Generation.

I think a man's sex appeal is all in the way he handles himself, not in whether or not he has hair up there.

But, honestly, hair on a man's back isn't very appealing. I like the new trend for men to be body waxed from head to toe, although it looks horribly painful, and I couldn't talk my Italian Stallion into doing it to save his life. (hehehe--I tried! Er, I keep hinting at it.) He usually gives me a flat, "Are you crazy?" But the answer to that is YES. So, sometimes he varies it with, "Okay. Right after we wax you from head to toe. Lay down, I'll get the wax and...we'll start at the pubic area."

Okay, so...NO.
Although, I hear laser removal in the peri area is a good way to clean up for the bikini season, especially for those who don't have a partner willing to help them get the strays and stragglers.

Hm. Those naked hairless chinese pussies come to mind now. Cats, I mean. The ones that are kinda ugly but hypoallergenic?

Here's something that I think is funny. My four daughters and I wanted to compare all the hair removal products, including waxing, Nair, Epilstop, etc. So, I went down and bought a fortune worth of that crap, and we applied it in sections to his face and neck. We figured his skin was much tougher than ours, and could take what appeared to be very painful to us.

Well, between us, we drew tears to his eyes. Waxing a man's beard is not a good plan. And it hurts like hell on a very hairy arm, or back even. Nair ain't no good for men skin neither, if the hair is rooted in old man italian skin. And the E stuff? Holy cow. That can even make a grown man cry.

Not that I'm admitting HE cried. hehehe
Or that I've ever taken joy in the moment. hahaha
(But I know my girls laugh over it every time they bring it up.)

But, a man's beard does seem more entrenched in the follicle field (or whatever you wanna call it.) So, it takes longer exposure, but that causes a rash, or razor burn effect which is horribly painful (so I hear.)

One of my daughters recently bought that kit they're advertising on tv, and is for sale at Walgreens. You know, the thing that you swipe over your leg to remove hair. It works, but it isn't painless. It works by yanking the hair out. My husband tried it on his arm, I think, and said it reminded him of his day under the wax and nair know, before he shivered.

Just kidding. The man never shivers. He's a rock. He works in icy below freezing temperatures and sometimes doesn't wear a hat or gloves. He's insane.

But then, I've already established I'm crazy. See why we're so perfectly suited to each other?

And all that without a background check. But then, he had top clearance at the Nevada Test Site during the nuclear testing years. So, he'd already been checked out.

And, of course, I checked him over from head to toe many of know, just to make sure he was all on the up and up, and all that.

But even with all that, I will admit, the man leaks. He's got this tiny hole in his radiator hose... but that's another topic for another day. ;) Have a good one!

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Isn't it sad that you even have to think about someone's history now.. We went bowling with the 5 grandkids and our two chilren.Now you can't let the kids go to the bathroom or drink counter by themselves.. Didn't have to worry about that in my days.. And it didn't cost over $60 to bowl two games. I couldn't believe it.We were thinking of ordering in Pizza but decided to eat before we went bowling. I am glad.

We had a neff war on Friday night. We have about 10 neff guns, a blew gun and a crossbow.. I used the crossbow, it hurts the most.. Poor Rob and David. NOT! I was doing was laundry and found 4 darts in the washing machine..
I know how you fell about your in laws but I have or had great in laws, it's my Mother who wasn't nice to me. At my Aunt Lois's funeral, letters were written by her grandchildren and they were funny and how a mother grandmother should be. I asked Becki if you could remember good moments with my Mom and she couldn't. And I don't think the other grandchildren but one would have any thing good to say either about Mom.. Rob and Becki would have wonderful memories of my Dad, he was the best. He was giving, not my Mom. They both had good memories of my Aunt Lois and Uncle Ed.
I am glad that the cold is leaving..I hate to see our heating bill... Jennifer did your pipes freeze this time, I remember you had problems last year?
Back to laundry... Love ME.

By Blogger Brenda, at 12:31 PM  

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Current and past contests & Pub. Clearing House

Currently, I am collecting names (starting at January 2nd) for my next drawing which will be held on Valentine's Day. Again, I will give a gift certificate for the online place of your choice. (Makes it easy for me to send and you to spend.) So, all you have to do to be eligible is to post to this blog. For every comment you post, your name goes into the drawing. So, post away. The more you post, the better your chance of winning.

I've just sent Sue A. and Brenda Z. their gift certificates from the holiday drawings. I'm still waiting for Debby and Cynthya to email me with their full names and email addresses, and choice of card outlet (amazon, B&N, Paypal, one of my publishers?) so I can send their gift cards. Email to: I don't think any of my mail is coming through.

My question or comment for today you win very many prizes? Do you enter very many contests?

I entered the publisher's clearing house contest recently and for some silly reason, felt very confident in that...which seems beyond reason considering I've entered it off and on for my entire adult life and not won anything from them.

I received a big red envelope from them last week. Did you? Attached to the outside was another piece of paper that I had to detach and send back in with the vouchers and stuff, as usual. You know, all the items you COULD purchase if you want to, but don't have to to be entered in the contest.

What actually got my hopes up was the thing attached to the outside that had been hand printed with my name and the local tv stations, a florist in my area, and the name of a local hotel. There was a note saying to notify them all that there would definitely be a major prize winner in my area with my initials.

Have you ever seen one of those before?

I've seen the letters that come on the inside of the envelope that says YOU COULD BE THE WINNER if YOU SEND THE WINNING NUMBER IN...and there is obviously no guarantee that your winner IS the winning number. In fact, there was a letter like that inside my envelope.

I just have never received a hand written attachment saying to notify my local tv stations and closest florist and motel that there would be a major prize winner in my area.

It impressed me that they had hired someone to hand print those things personal to my area. I mean, it made it feel like there was much more hope in winning. Right?

Well, my daughter Casandra who lives in Mesquite, Nevada, said she got the same type of envelope with the hand written local stations, etc. So, that poked holes in my dreams.

Do you think they have a computerized printer that pulls those names from a database and prints them in a way that looks hand written, or do they hire people to actually hand write them? Or are we lucky types, living clear across the country from each other, who are actually in the finalist part of the drawing?

Are you giggling at how silly I am to hope? Did you send your PCH entry in? Did you get a similar deal?

I contacted one of the local tv stations via email on their website, and felt very silly. The drawing is Feb. 26th, 2009. I'll have to see if I can muster what it takes to contact the other businesses listed on that envelope. I have to wait until I'm in another silly mood, I think.

For 2009, I'm wishing and hoping for all my friends, family, and ME to receive all things positive, including positive cash flow. So, as silly as it is, I'm hoping my daughter, all of you, and I ARE winners of major prizes in the PCH.

Short of that, you have a shot at winning a gift certificate from MY drawings. Go ahead, laugh with me, or at me. Tell me what you think of drawings and other contests.

I had a friend back in Nevada who won major prizes all the time. She said she worked the law of averages. If it said send in a 3x5 card with your info, and there were no limit to entries, she literally would send in a thousand. NO KIDDING. Every week, she won something a JEEP. She subscribed to all the contest newsletters and showed us her system for making the 3x5 cards, etc.

I had 5 little kids at the time and couldn't fathom taking the time to do it, although I admired her for persistence and effort. Now, I think about all the time I waste and have wasted over the years, and think...I could've been a contender! (Yeah, I sound like Rocky in my head. LOL)

Anyhow, good luck TO YOU.

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Carys thanks again for the GC I found in my INBOX! You’re awesome!

I'm short on time so I will come back to answer today's post later.

By Blogger Sue A., at 7:41 PM  

I lost my favorite Aunt this past Friday. We had vistitation Monday and the funeral on Tuesday.. She and Uncle Ed were the very best. They took in people in their house.When they didn't have anyone else who wanted to care for them with their handicapped areas. They were the first people to be there with money or whatever was needed when a crises happened. She will be missed. Aunt Lois was 78 and had gangreen from toes to her head so her passing over was a blessing.
I kind of felt bad, I had a lot of fun with my cousins the past few days. I hadn't seen some in over 10 years. Some of us are going to make sure that doesn't happen again.
I am so sorry about CJ Winters.. I really enjoyed her stories in Deadknots. It was a very good book.

I went to WW on Monday on the way to the visitation and I lost 1/4 of a pound. Which is pretty good. I had several meals out and I don't like to eat "diet Food" out. I want to enjoy the food. Which I also in yesterday. The food after the funeral was cooked by the church ladies.. And they know how to cook. Homemade rolls, pecan pie, and real fried chicken.. Enough about food. I have lost 12 pounds now.
You were talking about winning prises. We would have a drawing every month at UPS if we didn't have any accidents. I would win about every other month.. I finally said it wasn't fair and won't take the prize. They finally changed the rules once you won your name was removed until every one won a prize. I got the same Publishers Clearing house you got and I got two new letters today. I am ready to help a lady on her computer and then get ready for the Cold, cold weather.Later

By Blogger Brenda, at 10:54 AM  

I forgot, I got my Amazon Gift card. Thanks!!!

By Blogger Brenda, at 12:56 PM  

Hi Carys,
The thing about contests is when you win a few things it becomes addictive. The problem now is that there are way more people entering contests, what with the internet and everybody being connected. I got my first real taste for it at a computer conference when I won $3000 worth of software. And since then I moved on to contests on the internet and I've won a lot of small things and some bigger prizes, but nothing as big as a car.

By Blogger Sue A., at 12:09 AM  

I'm sorry about your aunt, Brenda, but if she had gangrene so bad, I'm sure it was a relief for her to go where the physical pain would be lifted from her. *hugs* on that.

I'm glad Brenda and Sue both received their gift certificates. I am waiting for Debbie and Cynthya to send me email addresses. If you girls read this, and have, please resend, or post here so I know I need to fish harder through my spam filters. I feel awful when I don't get the prizes to the winners. Somebody help me! If you know these women, tell them to call me. Unfortunately, my phone number is all over the internet. But I don't answer blocked calls. I need to see the name.

Sometimes my 17 year old son deletes my phone numbers before I return a call. So, if any of you have called and didn't receive a return, that is why. Although, I don't encourage folks to call. I turn the ringer off when I'm working or if any of my children are visiting me. But I honestly don't ignore calls purposely.

Does anyone else have trouble with that sort of thing? My husband used to sometimes delete things, saying he didn't know who it was, so we obviously didn't need to talk to them, probably someone selling something.

Anyhow, love to you friends. Enjoy those gift certificates! It makes me feel good to know you received them.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:29 AM  

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Death of a dear friend...CJ Winters

I'm sorry for being a missing in action blogger. It seems like my desire not to have drama in my life never got transmitted to the energy pushers of the universe.

Let me ask for the four winners of my December holiday contests to email me again with their full name and the email address where they want their gift certificates sent, plus specify Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Paypal (Cash), or one of my publishers--your choice. That would be Brenda, Sue A., Cynthya, and Debbie as mentioned in my last blog posts. Email to:

Among other things, I'm having issues with my inbox. Apparently, it hangs up when it reaches over 5000 in one file (the new messages folder), and it's pulling up errors when I try to delete some, so I can't get to the older emails where I believe those contest responses might be. (Still waiting on one winner to respond.) Emailing me again with your preferences just saves me from fishing through pages and pages of emails.

In very heavy hearted news, I managed to open one ominous email from someone I've never met. It had a cryptic feel, and said, "Just call me, I have bad news." Or something of that nature. Normally, people don't call numbers attached to emails like that. I know I don't. But this one, I did.

I'm wondering if my psychic side had been protecting me from the news, keeping me from going into my inbox. My very dear friend, CJ Winters, passed away. I'm feeling bad that I didn't get through my inbox earlier, or that I didn't hear the news in time to go to Connie's funeral, and to be supportive to her husband and children.

Here's the obituary:

Constance Joyce Severson | d. January 3, 2009
Constance Joyce Severson, 76, of Blue Springs, Missouri passed away on January 3, 2009 at The Villages at Jackson Creek. Visitation will be held from 1-2 pm on Thursday, January 8, 2009 at Meyers Funeral Chapel with memorial services to commence at 2:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions to the American Cancer Society.

Connie was born on September 9, 1932 in Marshall County, Iowa to Basil and Gladys (Kellog) Winders, who preceded her in death. She was united in marriage to Wayne L. Severson on September 13, 1958, and together they enjoyed 50 years of marriage. Connie was employed by Macy’s as a Copywriter for many years, and was a published writer many times over. Connie was a long-time member of the AOA. She was a very accomplished person and will be truly missed.

Connie is survived by her:
Husband: Wayne Severson of the home
Daughter: Dana Severson of Blue Springs, MO
Sisters: Mildren Oberlander of Fullerton, CA
Jean Hanus of Marshalltown, IA

Some of you may have purchased the anthology Deadknots with short paranormal mystery stories by CJ Winters and Jennifer DiCamillo...? I believe that's the last thing Connie had published. I am very honored to have my stories included in an anthology with such a well established, solid mystery writer as Connie.

She sent me some stories a month or so ago, hoping to do another anthology with me. I haven't even had a chance to read through them, what with the holidays and all.

Connie wrote mysteries of all types, and has many books published through Hard Shell Word Factory. You might enjoy picking up some of her works. She was a very good writer, and won lots of awards, so you can rest assured the reading will be entertaining. (Please do not misconstrue this as a crude attempt for me to boost the sales of Deadknots. I would never want to profit over the loss of a friend.)

Connie was very generous. She invited me to do the anthology with her, which opened the door of Hard Shell Word Factory to me. It is hard to get in a publishing house door. But once in, they'll take your submissions even if the submissions are closed to the rest of the world. So, that was a great favor to me. She also pointed me to other publishing opportunities. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for her help.

On a personal note:

One of the things I found most wonderful about Connie is her honesty. I could always count on her for a straight take. I value that a lot.

We often laughed over the fact that we gave it to each other hard and straight. Now, I always joked that it was expected from me--what with my erotic writing alter ego. But she, as a mystery writer, would have been expected to be secretive, convoluted, but she wasn't.

She was also into many things I find fascinating but am much less educated on: astrology, in particular. She did my astrology chart but we haven't had time to get together for her to expain it to me, although she went ahead and mailed it...I have to wonder if that was an intuitive move to make sure I received it.

Anyhow, I'm feeling like a dog paddler treading water. I always wonder why some people pass over and others stay behind. Connie's husband Wayne has had a lot of health problems, including brain surgery this last year. Her daughter, Dana, has had a kidney transplant and been struggling with rejection. Connie seemed very healthy for her age. Of the three, (despite her age), Connie would have been the last I expected to go. I understand she had a stroke.

In any case, I just needed to put a tribute here to my good friend. I loved the conversations I had with her. I've pondered the concepts she expanded for me. I hope that I can be as generous as Connie always was.

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Hello from across the river,
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Saying goodbye to a dear friend even if you know they are ill is so hard. Saying goodbye when it's sudden is worse. One positive thought: you had the wonderful gift of her friendship and you recognized her as a true friend. That is a great thing. I think sometimes we don't appreciate a person as we should until it's time to say goodbye...then you're left with all kinds of "should haves" and the "why didn't I." I'm very sorry for your loss and you know I'll send all healing and good wishes to you. She has been a mentor to you and now you can use that knowledge to mentor others. Hugs to you dear...Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 8:43 AM  

Hey, Kay. Nice to see you post. I've been wondering what you were up to. Thanks for the sympathy.

Connie was a good woman. I loved her honesty, as I said. And you're right, we do get hung up in the "I should've gone to see them, or called them, or something" thoughts.

We really should make the effort to talk to our friends and loved ones more, even if we have to go out of our way to do it. Or get off our sofa, or whatever.

We almost always feel better once we do. Don't we? *hugs* It's good to see you're still there. You see, this is one of those things...I have been thinking of writing or calling you repeatedly, but have put it off. I am annoyed with myself for not insisting we swing in to see you when I had to go up to Ohio. I know I wasn't far from where you live. I keep thinking it isn't that far of a drive.

But now the weather's iffy and you can't trust the road conditions. So, I sit here and think again "That's one of those things I procrastinated on and am kicking myself for."

I love your company. You and Brenda, both, and really look forward to seeing you again. How are things on the farm?

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:36 AM  

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Crazy in India?

Valentine's Day drawing of blog posters from now to Feb. 14th--so, if you read this, make a comment. I don't care if it's intelligent or jibber jabber. Just let me know you tuned in. Every comment from here to there will get your name entered in the drawing again. So, your chances increase with every post you make!

I'm surfing ebay, as always, between writing, checking email (the neverending nightmare these days) and whatever else--watching killing on my xbox360.

I found some "Nature Diamond Rings"...nature meaning mined as opposed to lab created. Of course, for those who are fluent in English, mined, genuine, and real, or certified or appraised will pull up SOME diamonds.

Nowadays, it's hard to tell them apart, even with a loop. Not that I go that far, personally. But, I have a good eye in person, to see the inclusions, etc.

I like to know I'm buying real or lab created. I bought some briolite diamond jewelry for my 4 daughters for Christmas. They came with appraisal certificates of authenticity. I couldn't find any of the institutes where the certificates were supposedly issued from, so that's probably all a hoax, but hell, it helps for insurance purposes.

Supposedly, they are so "real" that even jewelers have trouble telling them from the real thing, so they have to be set in silver instead of white gold. But what do I know? They look better than all the other simulated diamonds I've seen.

Anyhow, as I was surfing, and realized a lot of the diamonds from China are listed as Nature or Noblest. So, tip to ya if you're looking for a nice ring at a cheap price. I saw two rings, identical. Emailed the sellers. One says it is lab created, and plated gold. The other swears his is all solid and real mined. I guess it doesn't matter. My girls don't care. I prefer the real thing myself. Not into cocktail rings unless the stones are real.

I know everyone who has a choice would probably go for the real diamond. But, honestly, would you wear a lab created stone and be proud of it? Would you lie and say it is real? I ask because I'm thinking of giving away some diamond (and maybe emerald, ruby, garnet, sapphire, etc) rings this year, but they'll be bought on ebay and so...sketchy in origin and actual value. Would you like to win one of those?

A lady at my church said she had a guy offer her to buy her a diamond engagement ring for Christmas and she passed in favor of something else she could be sure wasn't bought in a bloody mine. Do you pay attention to that sort of thing? I had to stop and go look to see WHERE the bad mines are. I mean DiCaprio's film BLOOD DIAMOND got my attention. But damn, I'm a Monroe fan. I believe, in lieu of good friends, she and Ava Gabor are right, Diamonds are good friends.

I know a lot of girls have comforted themselves by staring at, or hocking, rings that cheesey assed cheatin' boyfriends/hubbies have sprung for. Wasn't that what Kobe's girl did with that rock the size of Texas?

Personally, I'd rather have a faithful man. But what the hell. We get by.

Anyhow, trying to keep these posts shorter than the books and diatribes of last year. So, I'll wrap this up. Bottom line on the diamond buying...if ebay doesn't babysit me with a USD conversion chart, I'm in trouble. How many USD is 16,000 RS? Those are rupies, right? So, probably around $322 USD.

While looking that up, I came across a crazy intense blog that I thought you might enjoy checking out. This guy from Australia is doing the hostel and motor bike across India thing. He's very good at imagery, so you can get a real feel for what he's seeing...and smelling.

Check it out here:
Cahona cheers for the man who is taking on India all by his lonesome. While the adventure SOUNDS cool on some levels, I gotta admit, I'm a little girl about stuff like that. I like my big Italian squinting down anybody that THINKS they're gonna take advantage of me.

For the same reason, I don't go through Texas alone. That place is like a country unto itself. (But I digress. I'll tell ya about Texas another day.) Adventures R US.

So, back to the India deal. Would you cough up a rupee for someone saying hello to you in a pleasant way? Would you do it just so the guy wouldn't rob you?

I dunno how you'd be able to afford to do that. I mean, that could add up fast, even if rupees are like only a percentage of a penny.

I figure it's like war. I do NOT know how a soldier can carry enough bullets. I do not know how a tank can carry enough bullets or mortars or whatever it uses in those big guns.

As fat as I am, I think I'd say...nah, keep the food, I'll pack more ammo where that would have gone.

It would be nice if the world were at peace, but it isn't. But I say, let's all send up a prayer (or meditation, or whatever YOU do) for world peace...we'll do one for curing cancer on another day. K?

Note to holiday contest winners: Brenda, Sue A., Debby, Cynthya...I'll send the GC's when all of you have told me in email where you want yours from. It's the only way I can keep straight on who I've sent them to. I swear, I'll do it asap. Waiting gives you the great joy of anticipation, right?
Damn, this isn't a very short post.
Tomorrow, I'll try again to be less wordy. It's a hard habit to break for a writer, I guess. Sorry!

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Greetings from the embattled state of Illinois:
Started this once and accidentally deleted the whole thing so I figured it was a sign I wasn't writing anything of importance..maybe still aren't. But it's my duty for ladies everywhere to stand up for diamonds and other manmade gems. I like it all. Of course I love the real stuff, but what I like and what I buy are definitely not on the same page. In fact, I can't tell which earrings are the real ones. Good grief!
You mentioned India and their monetary system..after hearing about India from my daughter and son-in-law I know it won't be on my "go to" list...ever. Way too many masses of people, things to ride on, snakes in lidded get the picture. The biggest one was the violence between India and Pakistan. Mushareff was having governmental problems when they were there and 30-40 people died very close to them. Enough on India.
I've been reading with interest the blogs and almost commented on the political one but was afraid I wouldln't be able to stop. I think I'll take a break from the 24 hr news and focus on pleasant things. Realistic? No but at least I'm not getting ready to shoot the t.v. if I see another missile in the air or threats of violence. I guess Miss Scarlett and I will have to think about it tomorrow.
Glad you are back writing to us again. Brenda and I missed you. we'll see if I can post this..been having trouble lately. May need buddy Brenda to help me once again. From Kay, the computer challenged Illini farm wife.

By Blogger Kay, at 7:25 PM  

I spend time with David yesterday. I have been watching the grandchildren and working on computers so I hadn’t spend any time with him. I went on a computer job in the morning and spent the afternoon and evening with him. Watched Eagle Eye, it was pretty good it reminded me of War Games.

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on gems.. So I go for the fake. I do have some real ones but I still like the fake. I am not careful with my jewelry like Kay.
I don’t think I would like India. The snake thing would get me. I would like to see some of the sites, maybe in another life.
It is funny David watches the MANSWERS, I was reading a book and looked up they were decided what swim suit was legal or not legal..Anyway then I also watched about the passing gas could save the life of a friend or person.. I guess we should eat a lot of beans so we can be ready at all times.…That is really sick isn’t it???

By Blogger Brenda, at 10:18 AM  

With regards to the long posts, at least you have something meaningful to post. I wouldn't know what to write about on a daily basis.

P.S. I already sent you an e-mail with my choice and I know you also offered Paypal/Ebay, but I'll stick with the original choice so I hope you're not waiting for another e-mail from me.

On an earlier post I somehow sent a duplicate post which I've deleted since.

By Blogger Sue A., at 10:14 PM  

I got this in an email and liked it. Sorry it is so long..

1) Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk: smile. It
Is the ultimate antidepressant.

2.) Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day. Buy a lock if
You have to.

3.) Always pray and make time to exercise.

4.) Spend more time with people over the age of 70 And under the age
Of Six.

5.) Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants And eat less foods
That are manufactured in Plants.

6.) Drink green tea and plenty of water. Eat broccoli, almonds &

7.) Try to make at least three people smile each day.

8.) Clear your clutter from your house, car, desk and let new and
Flowing energy into your life.

9.) Don't waste your precious energy on gossip, issues of the past,
Negative thoughts or things you cannot control.
Instead, Invest your energy in the positive present moment.

10.) Realize that life is a school and you are here To learn.
Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away
like algebra class .......but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.

11.) Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a layman And dinner like a
Beggar .

12.) Life isn't fair - but it's still good.

13.) Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

14.) Don't take yourself so seriously. (No one else does.)

15.) You don't have to win every argument: Agree to disagree.

16.) Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present.

17.) Don't compare your life to others. You have no Idea what their
Journey is all about.

18.) Ladies - Go on and burn those 'special' scented Candles, use
The 600 thread count sheets, the good China and wear fancy clothes
Now. Stop waiting for a special occasion. Every day is special.

19.) No one is in charge of your happiness except YOU.

20.) Frame every so-called disaster with these words: 'In five
Years, will this matter?'

21.) Forgive everyone - for everything.

22.) What other people think of you is none of your business.

23.) Time heals almost everything. Give it time, time!

24.) However good or bad a situation is: it will change.

25) Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends
Will. Stay in touch with them.

26.) Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.

27.) Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need,
God provides, remember!

28.) The best is yet to come.

29.) No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

30.) Do the right thing!

31.) Call your family often.

32.) Each night before you go to bed complete the Following
A- 'I am thankful for __________.'
B - Today I accomplished _________.

33.) Remember that you are ʽtoo blessed to be stressedʼ.

34.) Enjoy the ride. Remember that this is not Disney World and you
Certainly don't want a fast pass. You only have one ride through
So make the most of it and enjoy the ride.

LIFE'S A gift. that's why it's called the PRESENT .. UNWRAP
Have a Blessed day.

By Blogger Brenda, at 3:02 PM  

I lost 2.2 pounds this week at Weight Watchers.. So I have lost over 11 pounds now.. Not bad for the holiday season.. But I am going to lunch with a friend tommorow and Going to Becki's this weekend. I am trying to plan for the two days.. I am going to get on the bike today and earn some points there. Hope all is well.


By Blogger Brenda, at 9:05 AM  

Carys, I hope everything is all right with you. You've been M.I.A. for a week and I know you wanted to post everyday! Take care!

By Blogger Sue A., at 6:31 AM  

Kay, your comment reminded me of one of the latest pics I saw about India. It was an old man in a long robe squatting to defecate in plain view in a town that wasn't very clean looking.

All I could think was...there were probably snakes in the small tufts of grass, and cracks in the buildings, but what was he going to wipe himself with? There were no leaves, or anything else that looked like it could be used for the task.

Shivering about that now. How icky would it be to live in a place where people crapped in squats all over the public areas and then didn't wipe or worse, used their hands? It was so primitive, I didn't see a spigot of water where he might have been able to rinse or scrub. Give me plumbing every day of the week, I say! And the privacy of a door, too!

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:41 AM  

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Friday, January 02, 2009

MANSWERS reports on Oral Sex

80% of Austrian women are willing to go down on men.
24% of women in Brazil will.

What do you think the American women percentage is? I thought it would be a lot higher than 17%, but I guess not.

So, either their stats are off, or all the men we know in America are exaggerating the number of women who enjoy and will do oral sex. And if you just wanna say no, you can toss these stats from the Manswer show at them.

I dunno how much you can trust this show...they said if your friend gets drunk and passes out/choked on vomit, or drowns/chokes on water...if you don't want to do mouth to mouth, for whatever reason (like that could be nasty?!?)...they say you can fart someone back to life.

No kidding.

I also learned how to make a stun gun/taser from a disposable camera and a couple paper clicks. I didn't know the show was so informative. I'm afraid you'll be hearing more about it in the future.

I thought it was funny. You should check it out.

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Fun trivia Carys! And short and to the point.

But making two posts in one day kinda makes it one long post. And in keeping with your resolution I still expect another post today, Saturday. Check you out later! Have a great weekend!

No resolutions for me. Too much work keeping them.

By Blogger Sue A., at 1:08 AM  

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By Blogger Sue A., at 1:08 AM  

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Shorter posts (from me) resolution and CONTEST WINNERS!

Happy New Year. I've already messed up on the resolution to post on my blog every day. Sigh.

Another, more important resolution is to make shorter posts. I went over the posts I made this last month and went "HOLY COW! I gotta do the blog diet thing." You know, post more, but less at a time.

I've been watching E's countdown on the 100 greatest celebrity slim downs, so I've got diet on my mind. I don't really understand how they decide which one ranks higher. Makes no sense to me.

Of course, I've resolved yet again to get thinner and in better shape...and messed that up too. Ate some Reese's peanut butter cups. However, I learned from a few of the slim downs that many people switch to peanut butter as a high protein snack, so maybe I'm not really messing up. What do you think?

I saw this site and thought you might like the tips, and especially the "how many calories should you eat for your height and weight calculator."
Hope it helps ya!


I was surprised, actually, that Brenda and Sue A. didn't win another drawing. Good news to Debby (posted Dec. 9) and Cynthya (posted Dec. 18th) for winning in my New Year's contest/drawings for gift certificates. Please select an online vendor like one of my publishers, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ebay, etc...a place that's easy for me to purchase and send it to you via e-certificate, therefore easy for you to use online, as well. Congratulations! Email me at Put CONTEST WINNER in the subject line. Thanks!

Brenda and Sue, I'll be sending the GC's via email soon. I forgot to mention ebay/paypal which is a cash deposit. If you prefer that over Amazon, please verify with me. I'm hoping to take care of all these between now and the next time I post on this blog.

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I finally got my Romantic Times and guess what your Deadknots book was rated in the new one..You got a 4 star and said that you and CJ Winters were very talented... I knew that.
I thought I would let you know.

By Blogger Brenda, at 12:40 PM  

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