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Sunday, May 25, 2008


I've got a stupid virus in my computer. (Yep, again.) It's affecting my mouse. I know I need to dump my ie files but don't know how to manage that without a working mouse. Any ideas? Or anybody know what else I can do to get this problem fixed?

I'm using a different computer today just to post this. (But this is why I'm not doing a lot of posting these days. It's too hard!) And, if you've emailed me and I haven't responded, that's why. It's such a pain without a working mouse. I assume I have a virus in the inbox that came attached to an email, too. I figured that out when I got a message saying MY message could not be delivered after 4 hrs--and it wasn't anything I had sent, but an email with a dat file attached. Those are never good, are they? Those and att files. You see those on an email, do NOT click on the pic or email.

I wonder...what sick little mind came up with the virus/worm stuff that messes up home pc's? I mean...apply your puppy brain to a way to hack into the credit company computers to wipe out debts or something. Do something good with that talent. Shut down communist and socialist computers on the other side of the world. But leave us regular folks out of your demented little plan to screw up the world.

You'd think these sort of things would be caught going out through a server, and the originting perpetrators would be stopped.

In my Dream Account, I'm on day 145 of this year, so I'm depositing $145,000 dream dollars. I'm gonna spend it all on furniture. I'm gonna invest in many antiques, and if I have to, I'll use part of the cash to fly to Christie's or Sotheby's to spend that money. Surely, if I search the country for things I like, I can spend that sort of cash in no time flat. I'm gonna get a cool real crystal chandelier. (I'll obviously spend tomorrow's money in prepaying a maid to clean the thing, but hey, when you're working with dream cash, you can afford anything. It just keeps rolling in.)

What would you spend $145k on?

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I don't know how to do that without a mouse. I've tried to figure it out, but I keep coming up blank.

My brother took a computer programming class in high school. One of their requirements?

To make a computer virus.

A lot of people keep them on a disc and bring it out for novelty purposes/demonstrations (my brother had to show the high school principal how it worked and how he could disable it). Some release them on the web. My brother destroyed his a few years ago.

By Anonymous JenNipps, at 3:24 PM  

Why aren't you investing in a new computer with some of your money? That's what I would do and at the same time convert my spare bedroom into bookshelves and a long counter to hold my computer

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:18 PM  

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can you break a penis? TMI post Graphic Sex Warning

I have to tell you that my friends and I had dinner together yesterday and one brought up the idea that men can break their penises. I was horrified and had never heard of that before. She helped us visualize it by crooking her pointer finger. One of the other girls there said, "Oh, yeah. It's a breaking of the blood vessels."

I had to come home and hit the internet. YAY for youtube. Go there and type in CAN YOU BREAK YOUR PENIS? It is a medical explanation of the deal. Then, if you want some bad, stupid entertainment, check out some of the other videos that come up.

It usually happens when the woman is on top, and actually occurs to about 10,000 men a year. I was horrified. It's one thing to Lorena Bobbitt a guy because he's a jerk but how awful would it be to be responsible for breaking your man's most favored appendage?

If you surf youtube, you can see a couple talking about how it happened to them while her guy was on top. Guess he was slamming too hard and missed. (Yeah, OUCH.)

Another guy did it while masturbating with two metal ring things on. They slid together and pinched the blood vessel, popping it.

But the most common way is a woman on top, leaning back, usually with her hands on the guy's knees, sliding up and down, but it occurs when she leans hard while it is half in.

Did you know all this?

Dream Account: This is the 141st day so my dream deposit is $141,000. I think I'd like to send it to little children in America. Maybe set up a fund for special needs in middle class American families whose parents pay all the taxes in this country and then they can't afford more than to get by, so their kids take lunches to school and miss out on activities and field trips that cost. Obviously, the money wouldn't go far so I'd just have to set it up locally at first and be the one to approve expenditures on an independent case by case. But I wouldn't make it embarrassing for people. Or maybe I'd just sponsor things at my local schools where kids would have otherwise had to come up with cash. With five kids, I can swear to you that they absolutely nickel and dime us to death.

Did you know that in most schools in America now, your daughter can't be a cheerleader or play on a sports team if you can't afford to pay for the outfits or warmups? And new matching tennis shoes in an overpriced brand, too.

And wood shop and basic mechanics costs now. My son said his wood shop bill started at $50, but I can make payments on the rest. I, of course, said HM, I'll MAYBE make payments on the whole thing, a dollar at a time, or five maybe.

I almost never had the money the kids needed at the time they showed up and said they had to have it that week OR ELSE.

And I don't think I'm alone on that. But then, maybe everyone else is independently wealthy and I'm just the only one on the outside of all affluence.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Home and working.

Hi, my friends.

I'm home again, done gallivanting for a few weeks, and trying to buckle down. Spent the last 4 hrs doing my emails and gave up with way too many still untouched. (Sorry if yours is one of them.)

What news do I have? Three different books have been released in the last month or two. I think I already mentioned the Carys Weldon science fiction title Angel B.E.T., and the Jennifer DiCamillo (with CJ Winters) paranormal mystery anthology, DEADKNOTS.

Most recently, though, I saw the release of JOURNAL JUMPSTART, another Jennifer DiCamillo title. It's so new, it hasn't even been added to the publisher's website. It's in a workbook size and will help you quite a bit if you're a writer (since it has writing exercises) and is especially geared for those who'd like to get their memoirs together, or start a journal.

Keep an eye out at: and feel free to email the publisher and ask when it will be added, or available for purchase.

At the moment, I feel a little stymied by all the projects I need to work on, and can't think of anything "good" to tell you about on a personal level. Meaning...good enough to interest you. My life is suddenly ultra-boring to me. And my storytelling tales seem like too much drama and trauma to go on about. Nothing life threatening going on, Thank God.

How about you?

And are you still doing the dream account, even if I've been less than perfect at posting mine?

Today is the 139th day of the year, so that makes us up to depositing $139k in our dream account. Since the housing market is a buyer's place, I'd buy a house with it. Maybe in Sedona Arizona. I watched a show last night about Crystal Skulls and there are a ton of people who think Sedona is an energy center with healing properties, among other things. I think I'd like to go check that out.

I told my husband that I'd consider buying a house or moving there, just to have time to check it out and he said he'd definitely not want to move there. So, I guess that's it on that subject.

Where would you move if you could?
I know one thing, I wouldn't go to Florida on a permanent basis. Nice place to visit, though.

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Well my dear, it's good to hear from you again. Seems like there should be something of importance to talk about but it's the same 'ol here. Still battling the weather to get crops in the ground. Poor Florida needs rain and right now we have just a bit too much. I'm very leery of complaining about the weather because I know come July & August we'll be looking at the sky and praying it will rain, even just a little bit. So...the corn is in the ground and bless it, all is coming up and with the chilly weather I wouldn't want to. Our second day of soybeans so we'll see. Enough from Ma Kettle.
Trying to think of another identity...hmmm, well how about Myrna Loy. Absolutely adorable but I have nothing in common there, so guess I'll be me.
I have all this money to spend and I know what I want to do with it. This is my dream money so whatever I want goes: I want to be transported to Carmel. Sophie the wonder boxer would be greeted everywhere as a very special dog. And she would have everything she needed for her comfort at the luxury hotel I select. I think a small boutique one with all the bells and whistles discreetly at the ready. We'll check out the vineyards, the coast and just do whatever we want. I will look spectacular since I've had so much dream money to spend on appearances and wardrobes and I think I'll need discreet security because Sophie & I are "top drawer" for this trip and "we want to be left alone!" Evenings walking along the beach, mornings too and visits to art galleries where once again Sophie is made over as she should be. I should really think up something for the poor people in Myanmar and China, but it's been so long since I used any dream money, It's all about me this time (and Sophie).
Went to a YMCA fundraiser Sat. night. One of the live auction items was a week anywhere in the world rci had accommodations. Think you could take 6 people total and it brought 17,000. I wanted to raise my number so bad but I just let the people with money have the fun and the bill. Did buy a coach purse for my dil. Her birthday is Friday.
You mentioned drab and boring, I have no excuse for thinking this way but I totally agree. I'm in for the Sedona thing. Love it and love the southwest. It's so mystical in Sedona and Illinois doesn't have anything I know of to compare.
All for now because "boring brain" can't come up with anything else. Congrats to you on the publishing. It's great when your hard work is recognized.
Are you headed to Ohio any time soon? If so, when? Noisy Nellie has a need to know!
Later dear. Hugs and love to you, Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 2:04 PM  

Welcome back!!!!Glad to hear from you.
We are still in Illinois. The Forest Service called and said not to come to Wy until they call. They have had so much snow only one campground is opened. We will leave next tuesday or Wednesday. I still can't believe we are still here. I want to go to the mountains and Peace and quiet.
Not much has happened here. We had a big family event. And It was a very nice time. It was nice to see everyone.
Steve is doing pretty good. He was in the hospital almost two weeks, stayed with his Mom for another two weeks and is now home.
Glad your books are out and I hope they are doing well. I have both of your books. I haven't read Angel B.E.T yet. Will let you know what I think of it.
I would love to go Sedonna, AZ. Maybe I will at some time.
I think it is great Kay that you are thinking of Sophie.. She is a very special dog. She has good taste, she likes me...
I think I will buy a new trailer with my money. This one has a been a lemon. I was warned but didn't listen. I think I have that problem a lot.
Later, I would like a little warmer tempertures......

By Blogger Brenda, at 5:53 PM  

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