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Thursday, May 06, 2010


Vampirubus is out.

SUBGENRE: Vampires, Menage et Trios

RATING: 4 quills, the Lady’s Chamber (for Menage)

WORD COUNT: 45, 880

To all the people who ever dreamed of a ménage et trois. This one’s for you!


Stoker and Crim, two vampires looking for a queen for their minions, find Maggie—by scent DNA marker. They sweep her off her feet, make her into a vampirubus—vampire-come-succubus—and show her how unique it can be to be loved by two men at once.

Maggie’s a late shift waitress at a twenty-four hour diner. She never expects to be visited and swept off her feet by a vampire named Stoker. Or taken to an island, and made into a vampirubus—vampire-come-succubus—by him and his equally stunning friend, Crim.

He sprawled out beside me, real ginger-like, and slipped a leg over mine, kneeing up into my crotch. And, God help me, I got moist there.

Licking my throat first, he whispered, “You’ll be my queen, you know.”

And then he sunk his teeth into the other side of my throat, right where he’d licked, but opposite from Stoker’s. At the first of the bite, I whispered, “You’ll be sorry.”

I cried the whole time he sucked my blood. But, like before, the euphoria came quickly and the dazed feeling reached into my eyes. I swear, it was orgasmic.

Stoker got to us, and I know it was only seconds, but it was seconds that were out of his control. His strength, I knew, somehow…through transmitted fluid or something…would return if only he would drink once more. It would equalize his system.

I know it was killing him to not be strong enough, even, to knock Crim free, because he tried, and that greedy bastard kept sucking, a hard drawl. So, Stoker didn’t have any choice. It looked like Crim would drink me dry, if Stoker didn’t stop him.

So, Stoker licked his own lips, and whispered, “I’m so sorry, Maggie,” like he’d done before, and he peeled my bra down, pulled my nipple into his mouth, sucked—so sweetly for only a moment, then bit me again. Right into the blood veins there. Not as quick as the jugular, but less apt to kill me, I know now.

Crim lifted his head, leaned over and kissed the corner of my mouth, then flicked a tongue out to steal the blood he’d left there, that had come from his lips. It felt reverent, and loving. Then he licked my throat again, sealing the wound he’d made, and slid down my body, trailing kisses, until he exposed my other breast, laved it with his tongue.

To Stoker, he said, “We will be brothers in this.” And he clamped down on my other breast.

Let me tell you, the experience was exquisite. Two men, weak with wanting me, suckling at my breasts. Although their teeth were in the blood veins, their mouths formed around my nipples, and it made me arch into them, needing and wanting to be sucked more deeply.

But Stoker knew when to stop. I suppose the thread of my pulse told him that. And I suppose it only lasted a minute or so, if that, but time stood still and when they stopped sucking, they began licking over the wounds, healing me.

God knows how long I lay there while they did that. But somewhere in the middle of the glorious attention, I felt Stoker’s hand slide to the juncture between my thighs, to cup my womanhood. Yes, through the pantyhose. I was warm and wet, though, and that barrier did not hide that.

Crim kneaded the flesh of my inner thigh and his licking slid up, back to my neck, and turned to kissing. The attention made me positively languid. I couldn’t have, wouldn’t have moved out from under that for anything. Though, I never, ever, think I fantasized about two…devils like that making love to me. For that was what they did.

I don’t think they left an inch of my front side unkissed. Unworshipped.

It isn’t all about blood with them. There are more to vampires than that. They are sensual beings, who long for relationships of a lasting nature—to be loved as they are. And they aren’t just takers. They give as good as they get. (No, better than they get.) And those men have shown me that.

Stoker moved downward, kissing a trail from my breast to my navel, and then he slid his tongue under the waistband of my pantyhose. That, alone, made liquid literally pool between my legs.

I wasn’t thinking, really, or I probably would have whimpered for these two guys to stop right there. I mean, I had always, always been disappointed by sex.
But I went with the flow. Well, I laid there and let them have their way. I figured…if I died that night…I was dying happy. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t like something they were gonna do. It was going too good. And, to tell the truth, I wasn’t really thinking ahead.

Stoker moved some more and I felt his nose, no, his hot breath, through the pantyhose, right at my crotch. And then his tongue—yes, through the pantyhose. I know my eyes rolled up in my head. Because he started sucking (without teeth)—and let me tell you, that guy can suck.

In my ear, Crim whispered, “Now that we’ve fed…”

Sexy. His voice was pure velvet. It promised so much. And I wanted it all. Everything he, and Stoker, wanted to give me. And it seemed so natural for him to say, “Now that we’ve fed…”

I know what happened when they fed. The blood rushed through them, fully engorging their sexual organs. Making them want to…

If you like what you've read here, you can pick up the whole story at --Enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Explosion of releases! Please look!!

Finally, what (I hope) we've all been waiting for! My books are coming out in a boom, boom, boom, fashion! Just go to and see what's come out over the weekend.

Destra and the Lustpire--a new type of vampire tale.
To Claim a Queen, a historical novella.
And the re-release of an early favorite contemporary, Three In Their Cups.


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