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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am beautiful, no matter what they say.

I started my day with an early phone call. My husband's vehicle broke down and he needed me to come get him and take him to work. He said it was running fine, but very low on gas. He made it to the gas station, filled it, and then it started up, then puttered as soon as he turned out of the parking lot. He thinks it might have too much air in the line. So, it's now sitting in a Lowe's parking lot in Ozark.

I took him to work, picked up a prescription at my dr's office and came home.

Since I'm leaving again in two days, and will be gone for a few weeks, I thought I'd look in the fridge to see what needed cooked or tossed or whatever. Way too much stuff. I guess my son only ate cereal and soup while I was gone the last time. Even the sandwich deli meats are still sitting...probably on the edge of being bad. I hate to even consider opening the packages to sniff.

Frying bacon. It's outdated but smelled okay. It's today or the trash can. Good thing I like bacon, huh?

I'm going to write today, even if it kills me. Ignore the mounting piles of emails, and the LITERALLY WAIST HIGH laundry pile I came home to.

My second daughter, Savannah, came down while I was at the Romantic Times Convention, and cleaned Cheyenne's room. I understand she tossed a ton of clothes in the trash. I don't even want to look.

I'm going to stop buying my girls clothes altogether. I don't think they value them. One year for Christmas, I spent $400 a piece on clothes, and left the tags on so they could exchange them if they wanted to, and mostly so they could see the value. (Yeah, do the math. THIS IS WHY I'M IN THE POOR HOUSE. I've been too generous.) But...can you guess this? Two of them said they gave most of them away with the tags still hanging on. So, that sort of ruined that fun little shopping thing I used to do. My husband put his foot down.

Although I still buy them things here and there. Too much, it seems.

I don't know why I'm thinking about that except for the fact that I did laundry all day yesterday and already have a load in this morning. And I'm sniffly over the fact that my kids are growing up, moving out, not talking to me as much as they used to.

I miss them. I miss their company, their jokes, and their laughter. Their stories of every day traumas and dramas at school and work.

Is it a mistake to spend twenty some years doing nothing but living for your kids? And is there a way to deal with the fact that they move on and don't even seem to look back, except maybe to criticize?

No. Nobody's criticized me lately. I hung up on the last two that did call for that purpose, and they haven't forgiven me for it, I guess. Never mind the fact that they weren't being very nice to me.

God, sometimes I wished I'd died on that operating table. What IS my purpose on this planet?

Do you ask yourself the same thing? I mean, there has to be a reason we are here.

I don't think it is so we can suffer. When I do my motivational speaking, I feel great, I feel like that's what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. I need to perk up my spirit here.

I'm playing that Christina Aguilara song again (I AM BEAUTIFUL). Always makes me think of a day I yelled at my third daughter, Miranda. She went into the bedroom and played it over and over again, and both of us cried through the whole day.

Crying again. Damn. I need to get over my kids and myself. I wonder if I wrote a women's fiction type of novel about a mother...if that would help me work through the residual issues I have. I mean, on one hand, I look at my kids and see how wonderful they are. And on the other, I see that they don't seem to notice that their dad and I are people who suffer from the way they deal with us.

On the women's fiction issue...I met Britta Coleman this weekend. She wrote a book called Potter Springs that has won a bunch of awards. It's about a woman that runs away from her kids, and what her husband does to get her back. If you're looking for a read this week, you might look for it. She was a wonderful, positive speaker.

I'm guessing her book is of the same ilk as she presents. Maybe I should have bought it?

Anyhow, that's how my day is going. Now, tell me something good about yours.

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Oh sweetie, you opened a can of worms on this one. I do so know how it is to raise kids the best we know how, make sure there are clean clothes, meals, taxi service, social secretary, you name it and most moms can relate to some of it. I thought we were a great family unit. It seemed that way until after they married. I do want to make it clear: I think the world of my daughter-in-law and son-in-law and I'm not blaming them. It's just that most of the time they think in lines of a babysitter when they think of me. Neither my son or daughter called me on my 60th birthday..too busy, forgot, etc. For some ridiculous reason I feel I need to make sure their gifts for birthdays, anniversary, valentines, Easter, etc, yep we do them all, are on time. It's hard to not feel loved and appreciated. I want no monetary items, just kids who value their parents and at least see the many times we went out of our way to make sure they were able to do something or gave of our time to help them move, build fences, play "mom" while they globe trot to Africa, India, etc. I'd love for either of my children or both to sit down and write a letter of their memories growing up. What memories they treasure and maybe some that weren't so joyous. I feel invisible and taken for granted. Geez Louise, I sound pitiful! We basically sent Rachel to Scotland, Paris, Mexico, etc. Some of these were medical for her husband but she wanted to go so we purchased plane tix and then gave her a bit of spending money. I don't want a gift for this. Others would do the same, just a little call for nothing or email for just thinking of you. Enough of my whining. I've probably said too much and you probably have lots of readers wishing I'd end this ridiculous pity party.
I think a fiction piece would be great. One could insert appropriate things from life and build around it as you want. It may also make you stronger and feel better about yourself. You were definitely put on this earth to heal and heal you do. You give so generously of your time and your loving thoughts. I know our offspring don't often tune in but they really don't know what a gracious, lovely Mom they have. And I also know that's typical but I can't figure out why. One week I think we have "all our ducks in a row" and the next week they're squawking or waddling off to ignore you. I definitely agree on the hurt feelings and the uncertainty of where these feelings came from.
I have felt really down since I came back from R.T. I really enjoyed R.T. but something was bugging me even then but I still can't pinpoint it. Any drs reading? I always think of Huey Lewis & the News and their song, "I want a new drug." If it would let me see myself in a positive light I would be all over it but I doubt that's the answer or the cure. O.K., it's NOT all about me. I have to remind myself.
I doubt if I've aided you at all but that was my intent. If I would manage to work through the cobwebs of my mind and pull out any pearls of wisdom I'll let you know. Do not hold your breath! It is a tangled web in there.
Oh good grief, I forgot my money. I talked about serenity yesterday and my cottage. Today I want to go (and all who would like to tag along on my very excellent adventure) to a secluded place where there is a resident dr equipped with all the knowledge to change those patterns of thinking which are detrimental and make that permanent. Then we can learn to also help others if we are asked to do so. Wouldn't it be wonderful to look in the mirror and see a good person. Not necessarily a glamorous one but one that satifies. I'm going to quit before I start on my soapbox again. My wish for all today is to celebrate your life and the day we have. It's cold and windy here but I trying to recognize what I like about that..taking me a little time! Best wishes and hugs, Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 11:21 AM  

I wish I could help you ladies. But you listened to me at Easter time.. And it really did help me. And you ladies are not alone. My kids are doing better with the letting me know how much they love me. And I do know that your children love you but sometimes they loved themsleves too much.And forget how much they love you and how we much we have given up for them. maybe that is the problem, we did give them too much. We just wanted them not to go thru what we did.
Kay, I so wanted to help you at RT but didn't know how to help you. And then I called you a name in love and fun and it hit a wrong nerve in you. I am so sorry. So my daughter called me a bitch to make you feel better. Do you feel better now????? She was just funning with me.
Steve is still in the hospital..We don't know when he is getting out. Now there is a negative man..He never says anything postive. The nurses run from his room. Becki said he had a black nurse and she heard every bad name you would call a black person. And she said she knew the nurse heard some of the comments..and then he had a Mexican the next day same thing.. And the Mexican nurse was the sweetous person. It was hard to stay in the room with him..DAvid is worried about him. He wants meds all the time and doesn't understand why he isn't getting a buzz.. o David thinks maybe he has be OD ing on meds at home.
David is having the hose on the pooper tomorrow.. Sorry but I have been laughing all day. He is a little worried because of Steve's problems. Becki and I have trying to get him to get one for a long time.
I have been working on computers today.
Kay where ever you want to go I will follow. A nice restful break would be good. How is the farming going?
Jennifer it was so nice to spend time with you at RT. You are always so much fun. And I have Fabio and me as my desktop wallpaper. I wonder if it makes David think I will leave him for Fabio. haha!!! Fabio needs to lighten his hair a little. It was a little too dark. but he still has that sex appeal...

Tomorrow is another day and it will be brighter for both of my best friends.. The Hell with kids!!! We have our husbands and our friends. And BOOKS... Good books from Carys and Jennifer. Later

By Blogger Brenda, at 1:07 PM  

I don't have anything to offer on the daughters/kids front except *hugs*. My sister is kind of doing the same thing to my mom, though there's other things thrown in there too for good measure. *sigh*

Something good? Hmm... We took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Eureka Springs this weekend. I have about half the work done that I need to do this week (read: by tomorrow evening) done so that I'll have nothing to do Thursday except pack and leave. :)


By Anonymous Jen Nipps, at 5:15 PM  


I hope you have a great day, I miss hearing from you but hope that you are having fun...
Love ya!


By Blogger Brenda, at 6:41 AM  

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Bernie also met another of her favorite authors!


Read the whole story here:
See Kay in the picture beside Bernie?

You can read Kay and Bernie's comments on this blog, and see how they rose to fame. Isn't that fun? Why don't more of you plan on coming to RT to meet your favorite authors and hang out with Carys.

Bev (writer of the blog featured at the link above) sat with Carys, Kay and Bernie (Brenda) for a dinner at RT. So did the new Mr. Romance--before he

If you have a pic of the new Mr. Romance, feel free to post that here.

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Bernie got hugged by Fabio! Doesn't he look great in his jeans?

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My, my, my..our Brenda looks so happy she could...uh, well, she looks great beside the handsome Fabio. After seeing him interact with others at the SOS at R.T. I can say he seems very nice. I thought he might be too conceited to bother with a line of women wanting his picture but he was so nice to all and especially to our military. I think Brenda should have this pic enlarged and hang it up! What do you think, David?
Hope your Texas trip went good. We had some of Texas come here. My husband's aunt passed away and his 1st cousin lives in Montgomery and her daughter in Houston.
It's so cold here. Right now it's 44. Think it got down to 30 something last night. Mother Nature isn't paying any attention to her poor shivering people. And I'm sure I'll be the first to complain about heat and humidity, but right now it's too cold and damp. When husband can get in the field and stay there instead of getting rained out will be a wonderful me!
My dream money..I must have a gazillion megabucks by now.So..I want to go to my English style cottage with the housekeeper's little cottage behind it. I don't want a single thought of "should do, have to do, don't wanna do" to enter inside the doorway. So all who might visit my country abode will be filled with calming joy and happiness. I could name my "estate" Serenity or somesuch but I don't think I will..I and all who visit will anonymous. Now the money plays a part in this because anyone who wishes to visit will have free transport and we might even (after a wonderful visit) plan a get-away to a top-of the line spa to get even more serene.
All for now. Have a funeral to get ready for. All who read or post, I wish you a beautiful day regardless of the weather or other circumstances..just enoy..and if you like, read a fabulous can't put it down kind of book. Hugs, Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 7:24 AM  

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back AGAIN

I'm home again, got in last night. Survived O'Hare, but, as always, ended up walking about forty miles through the place. Inevitably, my first plane arrives at the far end of one concourse, as far from my connection plane as possible.

Oh well. C'est la vie. (That's life.) My life anyway.

I had a small spinal surgery/procedure this morning. A neuroblation. The dr. deadened nerves that have been pinching all the way down into my left leg, numbing my foot. The entire procedure hurt, and I cried--but then we all know I'm a big crybaby and whiner, so what's new? I slept most of the day away when I got home. Hopefully this will keep the pain at bay for 6 months to 2 years--the expected grow back rate falls in that range.

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All righty then, I'm going to try to post again. Having forgot my alias put a stop to my fun.
I have pics from R.T. and will be sending them across the Mississippi.
How are you doing Jennifer? The surgery procedure sounded really bad. Hope you are pain free for a long time. I know sometimes that's not what we're dealt but that's my wish for you.
Went to everybody's place to drop money, WalMart, and instead of getting needful things I got lost in the book section. Good grief..I may have to go to therapy or some such thing.
Brenda isn't playing nice with us. I've tried calling for 2 days. I sincerely hope the two surgeries went as planned. Will try again later.
You know, walking around Wallyworld simply wore me out. I need to do the household chores I least like: mopping, dusting, vacuuming, you got the picture but I believe I need a nap. Will call my mil so she doesn't interfere with my slumber time.
All from cloudy, raining any minute, Illinois. Hugs, Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 12:04 PM  

Sorry Kay that I didn't return your phone calls until today or was it yesterday.. I don't remember. Steve is still in the hospital and won't be getting out before Sunday.. We are going to take Becki's three girls home tomorrow and stay with Becki until Steve is ready to come home.I hope soon.. I am ready for things to calm down. After two days of 5 grandchildren, we need a break.I haven't recovered from RT.
And Kay I think you need help. How many books did you bring home from RT and how many are on your shelves to be read?.. HAHA!!! I know what you mean.. There is always room for 1 more book. But if you need a Dr let me know. I will be going to one soon for my Bertrice Small problems. I thank you for all of the help...Wait, I don't remember any......You just said I was sick.

I enjoyed Rt and seeing Jennifer and our other friends, new and old.
I will be reading Angel Bet sometime soon and let you know what I think.

Later and have a save trip.

By Blogger Brenda, at 4:35 PM  

It's Monday and Steve still isn't home for the hospital..We finally decided to come home and wait and see when he is released. Dr said it might be Thursday. He isn't haven't any major problems. They have tube and pumping everything from his stomache. His colon isn't wanting to push stuff thru, it isn't blocked. It is just taking extra time.
I finally got some needed rest. I slept the whole way home from St Louis yesterday. And didn't get up until after 7 today. We have to go to see David's Mom and do some stuff for her. I am doing laundry and going thru my RT stuff.
Take care everyone...

By Blogger Brenda, at 10:28 AM  

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm outta here!

I'm almost ready to turn into a pumpkin. Almost midnight and I have to be up by 4 am and I'm gonna get on a plane and go to hell on earth (O'hare airport/Chicago.) Wish me survival.

I'm thrilled at the idea of seeing some of you again. This will be so much fun, I'm sure.

For the rest of you, I can't promise I'll be able to blog this week. Not taking the laptop. (Just can't make myself lug it through O'Hare.) So, it's public access at the hotel, if any. I dunno if I'll bother standing in line.

I hope the rest of you have a great week.

We had snow flurries (that didn't stick) in Missouri today. It was weird. Looked like mini styrofoam balls.

Oh well.

DREAM ACCOUNT: I'm depositing $102k and I'm gonna hire me a mexican cook, a mexican maid, and gardener for that new mexican getaway. And I'm gonna pay them up front to bring good will. I know what some of you are thinking...that's crazy, but I'm going to turn over a new trusting leaf. Everyone will be wonderful to me. No one will cheat me. It's all good.

Wouldn't that be great if the whole world became like that?

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Some thigns have been kind of kicking my butt lately, so I didn't even know you were gone until today and now you're probalby back, or very close to it. :)

My little dog was gone for over a week, but we finally got her back yesterday. Maybe I'll start sleeping better again now. lol.

By Anonymous JenNipps, at 3:18 PM  

Wow. Your dog was gone a week and then showed back up? That's great that she is home. Ya gotta wonder what sort of little adventure she had, don't ya? And be grateful she didn't get into any trouble. Is she fixed?

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 1:15 PM  

I wish she had just shown back up on her own, but we had signs & flyers up for her. Someone finally finally called and said they had her.

Yeah, she's fixed. They did that at the animal shelter before I adopted her back in October.

Are you still going to be at the OWFI conference next weekend?

By Anonymous Jen Nipps, at 7:40 PM  

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Saturday, April 12, 2008


I have this new lightscribe dvd that's supposed to etch a picture on the top of the cd. I've been messing with it for an hour or two now trying to figure out how to make it work. Why can't things have the old fashioned buttons that simply say PLAY, STOP, PAUSE, EJECT, FF, and REWIND?

I hate it when electronics are smarter than I am.
Okay, I really think I could figure out anything given enough time...but the point annoys me when something that's supposed to be plug and play turns out to be a pain in the ass to get working.

Is it just me?

Don't have time to chat here because I'm messing with it, hoping to give out some fancy cool cd's to you friends going to RT and NETWO and OWFI. Wish me luck and you'll get something neat. ;) That is, if I can get it to do its dealy-bob.

In the dream account, I've got to put the $101k into that south of the border getaway house I dreamed of yesterday. Gotta make it fancy schmancy. New paint, furniture, etc. Just a modest remodel to make sure it gets the dishwasher and washer and dryer and a/c. Who wants to live without those?

What would you do if you suddenly had $101k?

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O.K., now I'm definitely coming south of the border with you. My money is going with yours so you can do the villa however you want. I still want a pool, don't like saltwater pools, and we need a pool/yard man. Now he won't have lots to do to the yard or pool so your mission will be to think up others chores for him.
I bet Brenda will put her money with ours..we can make it modest but with supreme class..or whatever floats your boat because you came up with the idea. I can picture us now..laughing like there are no problems in the world. Then we can go wherever and read what catches our fancy. Wow! What a day and place for a daydream. Especially since today is gray, windy, misting, etc. You get the picture. April in Illinois.
Anybody taking serious warm clothes to R.T.? I can't decide what to take..not that I'm going to be outside but we will have travel from Chicago to Pittsburgh and back. Wish we could beam up..wouldn't that be nifty.
I really need to get my act together and figure out what I'm taking. I don't want too much because it's hard to get books and freebies home. Can't wait to see what's in the book room!
All for now..just checking in. Good luck trying to get whatever you're doing to work. From that you can tell, I don't have a clue.
See you Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend, even if where you live isn't sunny and warm. Hugs, Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 6:51 PM  

I hope that you got your lightscribe to work.

I can hardly wait to see you. I still have packing to do. I started and found out that the closet was back to shrinking the clothes again. I wish I could figure out how it does it. I decided to bring a light jacket instead of a winter coat and one or two long sleeve shirts. I might be sorry. It will be cold in chicago. Kay and I are going to Plainfield tommorrow to my sister in law's house and spend the night. We are going to leave Kay's car there. And they will take us to Midway on tuesday. Our room number should be 540 unless they change it. We needed a lower floor for Kay. She sure doesn't like elevators. We land around 12:30. I hope you aren't flying American Airlines. We are flying southwest.
So i don't think there should be any problems.

Yes, you can have my money for the house. I will find the pool/yard man for us..I think we will need a cook and maid also. We won't have time for any kind of work. Just drinking, reading, and having fun.

I started taking antibiotics yesterday. My nose,throat, and ears were hurting my. I am much better today. I had to go to Wal-mart and get monostat, I always get an yeast infection anytime I take antibiotics. So I think I will be ready for the trip.

See ya in Pittsburgh!

By Blogger Brenda, at 12:22 PM  

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Romantic Times Convention

I'll be heading to the Romantic Times Convention Monday (in Pittsburgh PA). My "costumes" for the evening hooplas are decidedly lame. Just different colored tents. Red for the vampire ball. (Did black the last two years.) Gold for the Hollywood night. Green for the under sea faery ball. But what shoes?

I'm taking a lot of jeans and calling it good in between the tents for dinner.

Meanwhile, I wonder...does anybody care? I just want to be comfortable and sit with friends, and make new ones. And then I wonder...if I'm supposed to be better at costuming because I'm an author...? I used to make costumes for my kids for halloween, but they were much smaller and fabric was much cheaper back then.

Ah well, c'est la vie.

I'm trying to figure out how to get my lotions (full sized bottles) and shampoos transported from MO to PA. If you check bags with those in them, are they okay? Anybody know?

DREAM ACCOUNT: I dream of...drugs. LOL I'd like something to take me away for awhile. I wonder what all you could buy with $101,000? Wait. Perhaps I should buy a small house in South America before I buy some street medications in that amount.'s dream money's going for a modest little villa down south of the border.

What would you spend that type of money on?

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O.K., I'm with you in South America and I'm definitely with you on the zoning out. Stupid details just derail my nice daydreams. You can take whatever liquids, gels, etc as long as they are in checked luggage. At least as of this March. Airlines are changing by the day.
You were discussing and cussing your costumes of choice. Amen to that too. I do wish they'd get off the fairy, goddess whatever theme it is. Not too many of us do the theme justice and wings or whatever are too hard to pack and I simply look ridiculous and that is an understatement. This year it's a black tank dress with huge rhinestone hoops for the Hollywood era. The undersea whatever I have the same dress in a lavender and I'll put some green with it and that's it. Silver thongs for the heels on these old feet. The vampire thing is always the same knit pants and a black knit hoodie. Real original..may wear the silver sandals again. I'm taking some kind of jeans or capris with tops to mix and match and sensible shoes....oh, my gosh..I sound 60 with my "sensible shoes!" Well, so be it!
Think I'll pool my money with you and instead of a modest villa we can upgrade a notch...I can see us now, laughing, watching the ocean, drinking stuff with little umbrellas, be it lemonade or stronger it should come with the appropriate adornment. Then there's our pool boy....Hmmm Oops, this is your call...can we have a pool? Please, please...can we?? Sounds like the kids doesn't it? Well, I just might revert back but maybe I never grew up to begin with. Oh well, south of the border sounds great!
See you Tuesday, hopefully early afternoon if you aren't busy.
Later dear...and to all reading this, I hope your weather is better than windy, rainy, chilly Illinois and enjoy your weekend. Kay

By Blogger Kay, at 4:12 PM  

I am with you guys on the costumes themes, SiMPLE. I am wearing a black glitter shirt, pink boa and black pants for Tuesday. Black pants and shirt and a cape for the Friday party. I have king looking outfit with a crown for King Neptune, don't think I will take a wand but the fairy thing, its has got to go. Lots of jeans and comfy shoes. Tennis shoes I think most of the time.

Do you think I can put some PEPSI's in a suitcase???? Or WAter..

I will throw my money in the pot with you guys. I think the pool boy should be an Alien..And I am for the umbrellas thing. I always wanted one with my drink... See ya in the south...

By Blogger Brenda, at 5:07 PM  

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good intentions and all that--CONTEST WINNER!!

I had many plans of removing my whole blog, backing the last two year's posts up, and restarting with a fresh feel...but I've gotten sidetracked.

Too much going on, I guess. But I don't want to lose any of you.

Chris won the drawing I promised. (LRobe) You know, the one with all the blog posters in it for March. Please email me at and I'll give you your options for gift certificates.

I gotta be honest, I was surprised Bernie, Kay or Jenn didn't get it since they post more than anybody else. I mean, you'd think the odds are for them. But random drawings are just that, random. Congrats, Chris! Better luck next time to the rest of you.

How about we do another blog posting contest? This time, I'll send draw 9 winners, and each one will get one of my Amazon shorts, my choice. Want to see what else I write, folks? Here's your chance. Just post on the blog and you'll be put in the drawing, once for each post. Ready? Set? GO! (To the end of April.)

Did you notice the splash of storms across Texas and the midwest, sliding up through Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri? My road is virtually impassable at the moment. My son had to stay home from school (AGAIN!) because the bus couldn't brave the small river running through the hollow and if a bus can't do it, my Impala sure as heck isn't gonna try it. It's pretty incredible to see the road completely washed out with 4 ft deep ruts. I keep wondering if I should break down, get some money together, and try pouring some concrete on the weak spots. The neighbors did, and they've at least kept access into their driveway from washing away. Crazy world, Missouri. Ya just don't see that very often. I wish I knew how to post pics on this thing. (I have to pay my web people any time I post a cover or humorous stuff that inclues a picture.)

DREAM ACCOUNT: I'm gonna deposit a hundred thousand dollars into my dream account today, and then I'm going to spend it all on some seriously awesome vacation for my whole family. That is...if the kids will come. But where? What would be so cool they couldn't turn it down? How about a cruise of the Bahamas? With stops at all the best places.

I'm picturing it now, me, my husband, my son, and all of my girls, and Miranda's husband, Matt, of course. One white skinned bunch playing lobster on a whiter beach. Snorkeling. Drinking Mai Tai's. (Okay, I don't even know what's in one. But it goes with the fantasy.)

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Backing up the blog

Backing up the blog...turns into a much bigger and time consuming job than I anticipated. (Why does that not surprise me?)

I'd like to entertain you with my wit but I am a little short on that this week. Too many irons in the fire, I guess.

I did final edits yesterday and today on my Journal Jumpstart book that will be coming out, hopefully, this month. If you've ever wanted to keep a journal or gather your family memoirs, or if you're a writer looking for some good writing exercises...this book will appeal to you.

It contains stories from my life wedged between the writing exercises. So, my friends and relatives might cringe at the announcement that it is COMING SOON.

I've lost track of my dream account. How many days into the year are we? I'm going to deposit the nice round number of $100,000 since I'm too lazy to count the number of days to multiply by a thousand. Feel free to set me straight. With this happy little bundle of cash, I'm gonna buy a nice piece of land in Arizona. Somewhere where the trees and grass grow, in higher elevation where the sun won't sizzle my skin to death. Anybody know of a nice little town in AZ that would possibly fit my needs? Land today, build a house tomorrow. The nicest thing about dream money is that it keeps on coming and you can have anything you want with it.

What would you do with that much money?

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Good Morning,
I hope that all is well with everyone. Cloudy here and cool, I am so ready for spring.
I feel so sorry about bashing my borther in law, Steve about Easter.
He needs everyone's prayers. He has had a very large "belly" for several years, but it was hard not soft like mine. Finally his Doctors decided to check it out. He has a large mass on or in his colon. My daughter, Becki got him into some doctors which her Doctor knows in St louis on Friday. They are doing lots of scans on Friday. His doctors were talking removing a large part of his colon and lymph nodes (sp). so we will see on Friday what the "good" doctors say.Becki is going to the Dr with Steve. He doesn't have anyone close to him except Becki. I thank God for such a good daughter. She is such a take charge person and such an organize person. It might be the reason she is having problems with her husband. She does it all. She arranged everything with the doctors so he would get it all done in one day and have the resolves too. Of course it pays to have connections from her Doctor.

About my money, I am still paying for our North Brush Creek Ranch in Wy. Might need to give a little to Steve for Medical bills.

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Rain rain go away!!!!!!

Be sure and keep me informed about your new book, is it an ebook or printed book? I think Becki might like this for her family Tree stuff..

Working on computers and babysitting today.

About my dream money, I am going to give it to the American Idol Give back Fund. They give the money to kids in the Us and Africa...

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:16 AM  

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