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Sunday, March 15, 2009

250 ways to kill hiccups?

While looking up some info on prescription medication I'm taking, I came across an interesting site...with things I had never heard before. I thought you might be interested in 250 ways to stop hiccups.

I don't usually mind if someone has them. I mean, I'd rather no one did, but it happens. So, who cares?

The answer is simple: Men like my husband. That's who. I dunno why, but hiccups drive him crazy. I'm hoping this website's information may bring peace to us for years to come.

Go ahead. Check it ouf it hiccups sometimes plague you or your kids or your husband or best friend or whatever.

I hope you're having a great day. *hugs* ~Carys

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I found your facebook page and waiting for you to accept me as a friend. I got Kay on Facebook too.
I am hooked on the farmtown on Facebook..I have to plant and harvest my crops..
We are Camp hosts at Lincoln Park campground, in the Medicine Bow National forest west of Laramie, Wy. There is only 12 campsites. Thats why he like it so much.. You can stay in the campground or you can camp free in the forest..We would love for you to visit us. It is so beautiful there.. We feel so close to God there.
We will miss you at RT this year, it won't be the same without you. So many of the authors won't be there at the least the ones we know..
It was always a big joke at work about us going and being on the Jerry Springer show. A lot on my family could be on there.
Steve is going well.He finished his chemo. But he is taking so many meds, he gets them from the VA..We told the Doctor and he is checking to see why he feels he needs so many of them.. He has back pain.We are worried one day he might take too many and not wake up...I guess you know about back pain....
Anyway need to go and shower and get ready to go to the Tax lady.. Not a pretty thing to do.
Rob, Becca and the kids are doig great...I wonder if you knew this and didn't tell me????????? Because I remember telling you any one but Becca. But was told several times to stay out of Rob's love life. I am... So Hard.. They seem so happy and that make me happy.. Later
Love ya.

By Blogger Brenda, at 7:48 AM  

Well Steve was doing well... He stopped in to see Becki she works for a Dr at the same Hospital Steve's Dr is in.. Anyway,, his cancer level counts are up so he is getting tested again.. It means something is going on..What do you Think? It's just funny that you ask how he was doing...
I was to get my taxes done today but check and I can't find some of my files. I have to call and get some stuff and find the other files. I sure I put them in a wrong file, I just can't find them. I have had everything ready for a month.. Where did I put the stuff.. GRRRRR!!! Later.

By Blogger Brenda, at 8:01 PM  

My husband solved his hiccups with acupuncture
JWIsley AT

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:42 AM  

Hi Jennifer, loved the blogs!
Could you get in touch with OWFI or Dusty? They are wondering about the contest you were judging and can't seem to get in touch with you.
Keep up the good work!

By Blogger Gina, at 9:36 PM  

Are you still kicking??? I have missed you. Kay and I thought of you often in Orlando at RT. We missed you being there.. Things are still going well with Rob and Becca and we are getting ready for your 5 months in the mountains.. It will be nice to be together all summer...
Take care and God bless you.

By Blogger Brenda, at 7:38 AM  

I AM still kicking. Sorry to be so bad at communicating the last few months. I had more trouble with my health, which I won't go into in detail, but long story short--my bulging disks are impinging on my spinal chord now and I have fingers and toes going numb. So, surgery looks inevitable. I'm going to a neuro-surgeon as soon as they can get me an appointment. I won't do surgery until I absolutely can't wait any more.

As for the contests I judged, I got them all in, but late and feel terrible about that. I've never been late on a deadline for something like judging before. I got a lot of positive feedback from those I judged. I gave a lot of comments. So, I think most were pleased.

As for Steve, yeah, I knew something was coming. I don't think my initial reading about him was wrong. I just think it might have been a far-sight reading applying to this situation he's dealing with now.

And, for Rob, I knew he'd get that restarted. I just didn't know when.

As for RT, I'm seriously gonna try for next year. It just wasn't in the cards for me this year, although I tried a thousand ways to figure out how to get there. My doctor didn't want me going anywhere. Still doesn't.

Just sitting on my sofa causes me problems these days. My blood pressure is still crazy high, like 197/98. The lowest it's been in the last year is 145/96. And I'm officially diabetic...but I honestly think both of those things will get fixed if I can drop some weight. Which means I need to figure out how to fix my back long enough to exercise a little. If I stand or walk for more than a minute or two, I'm in soaking sweats with the stupid combo of BP/back pain/weight.

I miss emailing everybody and seeing comments on here. So, I'm going to try and be better about posting to this blog.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:14 PM  

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Crying over a movie, losing weight, and other crap

This morning, I watched Reign Over Me, the Adam Sandler movie about a man who lost his wife and three daughters on 9/11. Have you seen it?

It's not an action movie, or a romance. And knowing just the little bit I've mentioned about the plotline, I had to wait until I was in the mood to watch it.

It's not a fast paced flick, and I think a lot of people would turn it off. I stuck with it, though, and found it to be a serious tear jerker at the a good way. It was sooo sweet, the way the man missed and loved his family.

I've been having trouble focusing on working/writing. I figure reading or watching a movie is, at the very least, helping me to think about other stories and characters and how things are plotted. Hopefully, I can incorporate some of those things into my future writings.

I moved on from the movie, and multi-tasking with laundry and ebay and other stuff, to watch that damned You Are What You Eat. I don't like that show. The nutritionist annoys the hell out of me. She's rude and insulting to the overweight people she helps. She knows her stuff, though, because they all lose weight. But some of the stuff she suggests they eat just make me ill. Bean curd tea for breakfast? Who the hell wants to eat that? Or, er, drink it?

Does anybody that reads this blog actually consume bean curd puree or soup or tea or whatever for breakfast or any other meal?

The narrator on the show says, "Here's a whopper of a shopper she's about to confront. She's wearing an enormous size..." It gets worse from there. I think he said something next about her "craving for grazing" and "the girl's extra weight is the equivalent of carrying a bridesmaid up the aisle."

The host asks, "Has it come into your head just how big you really are?"

I'm here to say to the entire world...I don't know one overweight person who wouldn't be thin, if they knew how to make it happen. No one wants to be obese.

Of course, I took offense for every overweight person in the world. Talking to fat people like that, or about them, isn't acceptable. Considering more of the world IS overweight, I wonder why we allow that BS. Do you think it's because we're being attacked and so we don't

And the host waltz's into the bridal shop where the girl is trying to find a wedding dress and makes the insult, "You know, you're the widest bride I've ever seen." Then she goes on to say the girl doesn't deserve to have a body.

It just breaks my heart. Why is it okay for people to be rude to the overweight?

I learned something. The host says our poo should NOT smell, and should look like big fat sausage. I figured you would want a second opinion on that, so I went surfing the internet for websites on poo, and found a site that is quite adamant about it being "the original" and that you should not go elsewhere for info on defecation.

If you're remarkably bored, but oddly fascinated enough to go and see this site, you can find it here:

It even has a link to the poop photo gallery. I just gotta say, Geez, what is this world coming to?

Worse, if you read down the page, the author adresses the concept of eating poo. Yeah. I'm scarred at the thought.

I followed a few other sites and was annoyed that one author suggested that autistics often eat their feces. There's even a name for eating it. (Yeah. I'm about to throw up just thinking about it.)

So, why talk about it here?

Because...I've had IBS symptoms for nearly 18 years. The one thing I've learned is that an increasing number of people DO have IBS or Crohn's or some other digestive problem.

I've tried all sorts of things to cure myself. I've eaten rice for months, almost exclusively. That helps, believe it or not. And it generally reduces the painful spasms that often accompany bowel issues.

I've also tried a variety of vitamins and digestive enzymes. I tried those after I realized I wasn't losing weight with the rice diet.

The enzymes help the situation, but aren't as good as the rice at keeping things flowing smoothly, regularly.

I've tried everything from fiber pills to fiber in beverages to...well, just about everythiing anyone, including a ton of doctors and pharmacists, have suggested. I still have those "gotta go NOW" moments.

I know, many people will say "too much info!" But, honestly, the longer I suffer with this problem, the more I realize I am not alone, and the majority of people I know have some sort of digestion issues. So, it's a topic to tackle, and revisit whenever we get some news that might help someone.

So, now's your turn. What do you know about this? Can you make any helpful suggestions?

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I can't eat a lot of greasy foods or I have problems.. Our two grandchildren had big problems but now It is only once in a while. I am so glad.. I'm glad I don't have the problems like you and a lot of other people have.
We spend the day with my mother in law... What was only going to a couple of hours turned into a all day affair.. I am tired..
We had all of the grandchildren and Becki this weekend so later I am really tired..

By Blogger Brenda, at 8:12 PM  

A mother in law, alone, would be taxing. Power to you for making it through the day!

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:15 PM  

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Favorite books and authors and red heads...?

I have always been attracted to red headed women on books, and sometimes I really like the dark auburn on a rugged hero. But, I took a beginning to a romantic novel to one of my workshops and they voted the red hair down, hands down. I found it interesting, too, because I also searched out most popular names for years and found Jonathan and Patricia to be in the top ten almost continuously. So, I named these characters to suit the research...although I called the girl Tricia. Anyhow, the other writers didn't like the combo of names and hair color.

I love books set in the highlands, Ireland, Scotland, Old England, Wales, etc. I love tales like William Wallace (Brave Heart). One of my favorite covers of all time was a book called Devil in a Kilt. See it here:

It made me a Sue Ellen Welfonder fan. If you're a fan of highlander tales, you might want to check out her whole back list on Amazon. Let me point you to one in particular, Bride of the Beast. If you read the Publisher's Weekly review, it says the lack of period detail will frustrate readers. I didn't find that to be true. I did suffer from a few other things. The hero's name is Marmaduke, and he's scarred terribly. I preferred to put those thoughts out of mind while reading the tale. I was particularly skewered and drawn again and again to a certain passage where he gives the heroine oral favors. I thought the scene remarkable in the way it was worded, and thought you might be intrigued enough to seek out a copy and report your thoughts on it.

What do you love? Any books that you can totally recommend? Also in the back of my memory is a book with a heroine Philippa/Pippa. An Amazon search pulled up a bevy of books that might be pleasing to my reading palate, both with characters named Philippa/Pippa, or written by someone of the same moniker.

Interesting how things happen to pull you into another writer's snare. Don't you think?

What is your preferred description of a hero, and a heroine?

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I have read the books you mention, I like them a lot.. I love Braveheart, It is one of my all time movies. I also like the Highland, scotland and Old England settings.
About red hair, at one time my daughter and I both had red hair. But thru the years it got darker and darker and My is only red if I color it.. David loves red hair, most of his favorite actresses are red headed.. I remember hating the freckles which came with red hair and being call Woody Woodpecker as a child. Bertrice Small had a book which had a Philippa. The bride by Julie Garwood and Amazing Grace also by her are two of my all time favorite books and and both are set in the highlands.. Both are funny. The bride wore a black dress to her wedding, Amazing Grace the lady was thanking God that her husband was dead.
I love a strong hero and strong heroine and love the fighting between them..Things can't go smoothly all the time.

By Blogger Brenda, at 7:41 AM  

I HAVE read the book by Bertrice Small. I know she's one of your all time favorite authors. After meeting her last year, I think she is wonderful. SO gracious. It's obvious she cares about her readers.

I'm going to have to check out the Julie Garwood books. I can't get enough highlands, OR humor. Thanks for the suggestions.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 10:27 AM  

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