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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve! Contest!

It's nearly 1 p.m. here in the Ozarks. I have no idea what I'm gonna do for the ticking down of the year tonight. I'm afraid I'm remarkably predictable on the "falling asleep early" thing.

My husband and I talked at his break and he asked me what I had planned for tonight. I let out one of those gasping laughs. I mean, really...I'd like to have something whiz-bang up my sleeve, but invariably, it will be the one night I fall asleep early without a sleeping pill. I have no control over that...unless I'm out listening to a live band or something.

But the night life in our area, uh, kinda sucks. We live next to Branson. It's a town famed for its g-rated entertainment. Wayne whatshisface (Newton) came from Vegas, started a show, and they sent him packing. Told him to cover his show girls or take it back to the strip...which he did pretty quickly.

So, what's offered here? We got us a Baldknobbers show. It's out by 10. There's a band called Big Smith, not too bad, if you like jazz and horns. (I do. I like everything but mariachi and screaming guitars.)

I really want the warped tour to do a show here on New Years. I could stay up for that.

What sort of music do you like best? (Remember, responding by posting just about anything on this blog gets you entered into the next drawing or two.)

For years, I would fall asleep listening to Dick Clark's countdown at Time Square, and wake up to my husband's sweet lips kissing me, like Prince Charming leaning over Sleeping Beauty. It was very romantic, and dreamy (from my viewpoint, anyway.)

I remember when I was a little girl, my mom went to bed early and my dad stayed up with us older kids. He taught us the silliest thing ever, I think. He convinced us that it was an old American tradition to take a spoon and beat a metal pan out the door, so others in your neighborhood knew you were ringing in the new year.

Year after year, my older brother and I carried on this stupid tradition. One year, right before midnight, we were ready and set with pans and spoons in hand and I said, "You ever think about the fact that Dad was raised on a farm and never had neighbors close enough to hear him beating on pans?"

He chuckled and said, "Yeah. And notice no one EVER beats on pans besides us?"

We felt pretty ridiculous, knowing we'd been had. Not once or twice, but several years in a row. It was just about that time that Dick Clark (always Dick Clark!) did the countdown and, while we were standing there staring at each other over the whole thing, lo and behold, some other poor sucker beat a pot with a spoon as hard as they could, yelling "Happy New Year!" as we had done for the last few years.

With glee and giggling, we started hitting our pans with gusto, yelling louder than ever before.

Dad, who was getting too old to stay up, I guess, was sent to hush us up. By mom, obviously.

He came out of the bedroom and said, "I thought you kids would have figured out my joke by now."

But the funniest thing was his expression when we stopped beating the pans and he could hear our neighbor really "ringing it up."

We all laughed.

The next school day, I mentioned to my brother that I'd told people all over school that it was a HOOSIER tradition and that we were probably the only ones still doing it. Just us and one other person in our whole neighborhood had true hoosier spirit. (I was born and raised in Indiana.)

The next year, I swear, there were a lot more than two or three of us ringing in the new year poor boy style.

Now, I have carried the tradition on with my kids but they came to a point where they, too, realized I was putting them on. And that it was a bad joke straight from their silly grandpa. He's a total "Inspector Clusoe type of humor" guy.

His idea of a joke is..."You hear about the serial killer? They caught him." (pause) "He was easy to recognize. Had a Cheerios box on his head and a spoon in his hand."

Yeah. That's what I grew up with.
So, when my daughter Cheyenne told me the joke, "What's brown and sticky?"
The answer being "A stick. DUH."
I laughed and laughed.
I was warped by my dad. What can I say?

Anyhow, I think I'm thinking about him because his birthday's coming up, January 2nd. And he actually called me for Christmas to tell me he loved me. And before he hung up, he mentioned that he figured he had to get going so he could call the rest of the kids. Which means he called me first.

It's silly to let that cheer me up, and make me smiley, but hey...we get what we can out of whatever is offered. Right?

Okay, so back to the other story. My dad taught me the pan beating thing. Some things you're taught never seem to slip out of your memory. I'll probably be senile and alzheimered out one day, but remember I should be beating on a pan with a spoon in the middle of the night...for some reason that will elude me completely.

Anyhow, as you know, I have four girls. They set me straight one year when I tried to get them to sit like roosting hens in a neat little row, ready by the door with their pots and spoons.

"Uh uh," the oldest (smart aleckiest one) said. "The real tradition is kissing someone when it turns midnight. Dad does it all the time. This pot and spoon business is just your way to keep us from going out on New Year's or watching the action...which we think is almost creepy when you two do it, by the way."

I had my defense.

"It's a scary night to be out. Crazy drunks are everywhere. You're lucky this is all we do."

I still believe it's better to beat a pot and pan and look silly out your back door than be out in the melee.

I once spent New Year's Eve on Fremont Street in Las Vegas before they put the Fremont Experience overhead light deal up. I remember standing under the canopy of the Gold Nugget with the rest of the crowd surging forward to watch fireworks overhead.

Some dumb nut brainless wonder threw his damned beer bottle over us. Just slung the thing. It flew in slow motion, spewing shook up beer in a shower, and I came down with a clunk and a bunch of us squealing versions of "Look out!"

A woman was hit in the head. Next, blood spewed everywhere. Nothing bleeds like a head wound, except a main artery.

We decided to get out of the crowd and head to our car. My husband always chooses to beat the crowd to the cars or sit them out and be the last one to leave the parking lot. On this night, he was hiking fast. Traffic had been blocked off for several city blocks and we went hot footing it to the car--in time to see a couple guys taking swings at each other. Drunken, loud mouth taunting was silly foolish. Swaggering like John Waynes, throwing out "I'm gonna kill yous," before it was a felony anger management charge.

Cops were circling but not interfering, since they had those scary beer bottles in hand. New Year's in Vegas used to allow booze carrying down the street WITHOUT a bag. I dunno what you can get away with there now. Anybody know?

Now, I'm not saying people shouldn't enjoy a New Year's night out, or have a bit of bubbly (or another favorite beverage) to help the evening seem a little rosier. BUT, I say watch out for yourself. Be responsible. Get a designated driver, if you're under the influence and need to get from one point to another. Call a taxi. Call a church. Pull out your cell and dial a non drinker. A lot of places do the "free ride home" thing for the inebriated on holidays like this.

Just don't put your own life, or someone else's in danger. I don't have enough fans, friends, family, or flyby readers to lose one of you for something like dui.

Did I mention that 90% of all fatalities in Missouri come from people crossing the center line? THIS is not the night for people in Missouri to press their luck.

And no. I haven't taken up preaching, what with the political rants of this last week and this DUI discussion, I'm sure you're wondering. I'll get over all of it when the holidays pass. Seriously, I only handle a couple of options during the holidays--get depressed and think about alternatives to living, or bother the people I care about over issues they don't really want to hear me talk on. Sorry. It's this or talking about depression, shelters for abused women, separation, divorce, and the damned four letter word we all hate-- DIET.

I'm more interested in you being around to enjoy the gift certificate I'm going to pull this evening, or the one I'm going to draw tomorrow.

Just chip in a HI, or a "Hey, what's up?" Or a real comment to something I've rambled about here. Anything will get you into the drawing. Feel free to email me with your choice of where you'd like your gift certificate to be from. Must be something that is online and easy for me to send you an e-gift certificate, so you can order from the convenience of your home. I'm not making anybody go out for this win!

And one last question, if you had to pick the perfect song besides Auld Lang Syne to ring the New Year in with, what would it be? And if you were gonna be kissing somebody, who would it be?

I'm going traditional. I'd pick my husband, Tony, and play our song (which he picked after years of me saying, "Can't you think of one song that is perfect for us?)...which is Alison Krauss's When You Say Nothing At All.

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I love the oldies from the 50's,60's and 70's. But I found a new group, I guess they aren't new. IL Divo, they are 4 men from 4 different countries. They are opera singes. Here is a link to a utube video. They are singing Amazing Grace.And it is amazing. Makes you want to cry..
I like Michael Bolton, Barry Manilow, Kenny G and Air Supply.
I know Kay loves the Eagles.
I can't think of any song for New Year's Eve.
An old neighbor used to bang pans at New Year's Eve and we hated it.. We were asleep. So you and your family are in the same league with her. We didn't like her so much. She was a very nosy lady..UPS delivered one of our packages to her by mistake..She opened it, It was some french condoms and other sex toys from Adam and Eve's.. I hope she got her eyes full. She also would go out and start scooping snow as soon as it starting falling.. We had gotten several inches and David went out to clean the driveway. She came out and said it is about time. DAvid put down the shovel and never cleaned the driveway again.
Have a good night and I will be kissing my husband. He is the very BEST.

By Blogger Brenda, at 3:54 PM  

Carys, it's great that you have traditions for the New year no matter how crazy your daughters think they are now. Because at least your girls will remember them and have stories to tell later in life. Our family had no traditions and I have no memory of New Years as a child.

Good luck keeping the girls in on New Year's Eve, it sounds like you're in for a fight with each passing year. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year's Eve celebration!

P.S. I'll sent you an e-mail so you know where to send the GC to me. Thanks again!

By Blogger Sue A., at 7:07 PM  

I love the Eagles. Always have.

I won an Il Divo cd in a basket at RT a couple of years ago. I had never heard of them until then.

As for your neighbor, I had to laugh. I'm assuming she brought your sex toys over after she got done making mental notes?

Dare I ask...was your New Year's Eve kiss...great?

I always say, "Survived another year. Hope the next one will be better." Always doing the neverending resolutions, you know.

And, IS good to have traditions and memories that make you laugh, or roll your eyes and wince, maybe. Since I was raised with two sisters and two brothers, I had way too many of the latter. Do you have brothers and sisters?

Brenda? Kay? Vickie? Regina? Do you have sisters or brothers?

Did the rest of you get great NYE kisses?

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 8:24 AM  

The Kiss was great, they always are. It's hard to believe it will be 39 years this May. It seems like yesterday.

I have 2 1/2 brothers and one sister.. Yes, I know 1/2 brother, my mother was married before my Dad married her.. And the 1/2 brother and his three sons could be on the Jerry Springer Show..

Yes, my neighbor returned the package and everything was there.. We got her back..When we sold our house to move to where we are now, we used a different real estate person than her husband.. He had his sign in front of his house and we had a different real estate sign.. He removed it soon after we had our sign put up. He was a very nice man. I know we are terrible.. But I am a change person now. HAHA!!!!!

We are still babysitting the grandkids. David is ready to past the torch.The kids will be back in school next week.. Hurray!!! I love them but 12 hours a day for 3 full days.Need a break. I am trying to work on computers also.
Well back to work.

The title of your new books sounds great, "smooch".
Oh, I found your book, plan on reading it this weekend. It wasn't in the trailer but in my bookcase of to be read books in the basement. Thanks to Kay and Rt I have a to be read bookcase full of books. Never had that problem before Kay came into my life.. She is such a good friend. I thank God for the good friends I have in my life now.

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:05 AM  

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Post on this blog and WIN a gift certificate! Contest winners announced

I pulled a name on Christmas Eve, as I promised. Sue A. won that. I pulled a second name on Christmas Day, and Brenda won that. So, girls, tell me where you'd like your gift certificate. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, at one of my publisher houses? Any place I can purchase online, so you can be sent an e-gift certificate. That makes the giving and using easier for all of us.

I probably won't send them until after I pull the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day names, too.

So, anyone who wants to be in THOSE drawings, please make a comment on this blog between now and the end of New Year's Day. I will be doing another drawing on February 14th (Valentine's Day!!!)

I see from the lack of responses that politics don't really stir the readers into commenting a lot. Thanks to those who did, though.

What's your favorite tv show and why?

I really enjoy NCIS. I've always been a Mark Harmon fan.

I also love Chuck.

I hate it when the seasons end.

One thing that never seems to end are the wedding shows. Bridezilla enthralls me for some ugly reason. I just can't imagine people putting up with so much crap. I mean, some of them, I can see why the brides are hard to deal with. But most of the time, I on earth can a woman get away with treating people like they are all peons?

I think we should show respect to all individuals, even if we think they are doing some job we would never personally want to do.

Every time I go to a gas station at 5 a.m., I walk out and send up a prayer of thanks for the person who works behind the counter when most of us don't even want to be out of bed. There are so many people who do jobs that are hard, or that some would consider demeaning, that just need to be appreciated more.

Think about the janitor at a hospital or school. Any janitor. I hate to clean the toilet and bathroom at my own house, let alone after a never ending stream of people. I am continually horrified by the things people do in public bathrooms.

Nothing ticks me off more than walking into a stall and finding out that somebody peed on the toilet seat and didn't have the decency to wipe it off. I mean, geez, you don't want to sit on it, obviously---but making it even worse for the next person? I send up curses on the women who do that. How hard is it to glance at the seat and wipe off something you've put on it?


Or, for men, to put the seat down? Fall in a toilet with the seat up ONCE in the middle of the night and you'll get anal about it.

The word anal brings me to a billboard (hoax picture probably) that I recently saw. It was an ad for KY jelly that said "We can't think of another use for it either." I saw it days ago and I'm still grinning when I think about it.

What uses can you think of for KY jelly? ANYTHING besides sexual lubrication?

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Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 8:10 AM :: 6 Comments:

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I hope that your Christmas was Merry..It was a very nice Christmas here.
MY favorite Tv shows are Clean House and CSI. It is hard to decide which one is my favorite.
Clean house is a program where the show goes to a really terrible messy house..You would not believe these houses and you wonder how these people could live like this.. But My mother is one of those people. She keeps buying stuff and never throwing anything away.She stills has my baby clothes and my brothers and sister's, I am 57..Anyway these people have to give up things and they have a huge garage sale and they are given $1000 also.It is amazing to watch what most people don't want to give up.Dumb stuff. But they must.. The show comes in cleans and buys some new furniture, paints.It is wonderful to see the results and the faces on the people. Most are crying they are so happy. They had one show the messiest house of the year. That was really bad not only cluttered but dirty also. They went back to this house in a yeat and they were already starting to mess it up again..
CSI the orginal one is the best. DAvid and I love to try and figure out who is the killer. I will miss Gil, the main man is leaving soon.

About KY Jelly, I can't think of any other uses.
About the poor people who do jobs I wouldn't like to do. I do respect them and the jobs they do. I agree about the cleaning toilets, I hate doing that except when we were cleaning them this summer in the campground.It was fun then..Go figure.....
I would like an amazon gift certificate. I don't post to win only to be able to talk to you thru the blog. We love you so much. And you have really changed my life for the better. I don't think you realize how much you have done for me as well as my family. Because if I have a better outlook and feel better about my life and self then they feel that also.. So Thanks again for your help.

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:39 AM  

I could talk about politics forever, but WTF! LOL It's the holidays, forgive and forget for a while. Like you I love, love, love Mark Harmon and have since Summer School and his ratty old dog, LOL! And my husband who hates anything with commercials says the only things I watch are cop shows where they are killing someone, finding out who killed someone or something like that! ; ))Anything with CSI in it as well as the new show Life. And I do miss Saving Grace, she was bad to the bone and didn't care and Supernatural, those guys are Hawt!!! Good thing I have DVR and I still don't have time to watch them all unless I stay up half the night, cuts into my reading time, LMAO

By Anonymous Regina, at 10:56 AM  

Carys thank you so much! And congratulations to Brenda too (well deserved)!

I"m not sure if you wanted me to post my pick here or not, but here goes.

I choose: AMAZON.COM

Wishing you and yours a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year!

By Blogger Sue A., at 1:54 AM  

I have a lot of old favorite TV shows like LOST, CSI, HOUSE, NCIS ...
But I also have a new favorite in FRINGE!

I googled the KY jelly and found this.

1. Make Fake Glowing, Green Blood
1987 sci-fi movie titled "Predator", the Predator "bleed" glowing, green blood - the liquid from a Glow Stick was mixed together with K-Y Jelly

2. Remove Tight or Stuck-On Rings
Use to remove tight or stuck-on rings from your fingers.

3. Lubricate Sticky Zippers
Dab onto sticky zipper on an article of clothing, on a sleeping bag, or even on your purse?.

4. Loosen Sticky Price Tags and Product Labels
Cover the tag or label with a light layer of the lubricant and let it set for a few minutes. Then, peel it right off!

5. Untangle Knotted Jewelry Chains
Dab on to loosens up knot and you can pull the knot apart.

6. Lubricate a Fishing Rod Reel
Applying a light oil like K-Y Jelly to the working inner parts. K-Y Jelly won't damage plastic or nylon gears, and other parts too.

7. Shine Your Patent Leather
If you need a shine in a hurry, K-Y Jelly can come to your rescue. A dab of K-Y Jelly and a soft cloth can clean and shine your shoes, bags and belts, et cetera, in no time at all!

Okay I won't ever be using tip 1, but tip 3 & 4 would come in handy for me.

By Blogger Sue A., at 1:59 AM  

I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We will be babysitting tonight.
We both went to the Dr yesterday for a check up.. The Dr is changing my choesteral sp medicine.. She also wants me to exercise. Right. Really I am going to try to ride my bike in the new year. I lost 3.6 pounds, for the past 2 weeks. So I have lost 9.4. in 3 weeks. I know that from now on they will be smaller losses. I do feel better, I hope that I remember this feeling.I might have lost more if Becki hadn't brought sugar cookies and David's mom hadn't brought homemade candy. I love sugar cookies and Pepsi's. And I haven't had a Pepsi in 3 weeks.
Enjoy the night, I will be asleep before midnight.......

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:06 AM  

For those who won in the Christmas Eve and Christmas day drawings, email me with the email address I can send the gift certificate to, so I am sure to have your most current address. You can email to I'm not sure if the is clogged up again or not.

Special thanks to Sue for posting those alternative uses for KY. LOL They all make sense, but I never would've thought of 'em. Thanks.

And, Regina and Brenda, I like all the shows you've mentioned. I learn some good cleaning tips on the clean house shows, and I'm constantly amazed at the houses people let them show on tv. Even if they're giving you a free cleaning job, and gifts, I dunno if I could air my dirty house on television.

It's sort of like the Jerry Springer thing. Even if I did have cousins that frog gigged, and cross dressed, and dated transexuals, and slept with other relatives (which I don't think any applies in my family thank God), I don't think I'd tell it on tv.

Kinda funny since I pretty much tell all here. I guess it's another thing to get your face on television.

Oh, yeah, Brenda...I know that you post because you enjoy the blog and interacting. I LOVE that, and you and everyone that participates and lets me know I'm not talking to the wall. So, no worries. The drawings aren't rigged. They are honest name pulls from those in the hat. I'm gonna wait to send the certificates because who knows, you girls may win in the next two drawings. After New Year's Day drawing, I will dump the deal and start fresh for the Valentine's drawing.

Honestly, I type fast. I don't realize how LONG my posts are until after I post and go to view the blog. SORRY I'm so wordy folks.

Going to work on my sf novel now. *Smooch*

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 11:58 AM  

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

(Ranting!) Someone please shoot the dick who did this...

I swear, there is serious business afoot, and there are sexual innuendoes, and you need to hear them all! (And I'm not talking bad about our president elect or any other politician specifically. So, have no fears in that regard. You can venture forth. I've even got some pro-Obama economic plan links below.)

But that doesn't mean I won't be treading in waters you don't want to examine. Most of us try to ignore the aggravation of thinking about bills and loan companies and the like during our Christmas shopping season. We pretend they don't exist, at least for a few weeks, and figure we'll deal with it when the bills come in next month.

And then we groan with "Oh, joy. What a helluva way to start the new year. DAMN. What was I thinking?!?!"

Because, if hindsight were foresight, we'd know that buying those extra things for our loved ones didn't really make them seem all the more loving and grateful to you.

Or maybe you live in a world where people actually seem to appreciate all you do, and I'm just the one feeling depressed and unappreciated.

But I'm not blogging today to cry about that. I took my anxiety and depression pills, and a muscle relaxer. I'm, out, in, out.

The television's on. Oh, Gawd. They want me to get up off my couch and go down to their store, but there's nothing advertised that seems like a great deal.

But they still insist we shop til you drop, the holiday season is in full swing. Or so the advertisements hope to entice us...while the news gives us mixed reports about shopping being up or down, or up AND down. And how we need to "not live in fear" and just enjoy the season while it's all upon us.

However, if they ARE down, I wouldn't be surprised. Are you seeing incredible deals? I'm not.

I'm not impressed with the sales this year at all. I'm not seeing enough of a mark down. Twenty percent is barely noticeable. It makes the $53 set of shampoo and conditioner (that I would never buy for myself) barely discounted, and still over $40 bucks.

I slide through the clearance sections looking for things that are a decent price. Returning again and again, hoping something new has been put on the racks and shelves.

And, I think, I get angrier every year when I get up earlier and earlier the day after Thanksgiving to go stand in line and find I am five people to far back in the row to get the special deal because they didn't have that many of the precious items in stock.

One time, I went to Bass Pro to buy a rifle. It was a great sale. I was excited because I was actually only second in line when the doors opened. But guess what? They only had one and weren't giving out rain checks.

That particular phallix symbol went to the man who sprinted faster than me to the gun department. Like he needed another.

It's this sort of thing that makes people go "postal." They put a mandate a few years back. Stores are supposed to have at least five of their big lead sales items. Before, they could get away with only one.

But I've talked to store managers. They just "SAY" they have more, and that you missed it. But the peons, the people who really ake up America's working mass, that stock the actual shelves, that find the things you can't find on your own, they will tell the truth, that they only saw one in the back. Or, if five came in, they actually let store employees snag the purchase tags of all but one.

Really, if you work a store, shouldn't you get the best deals? And an employee discount on top of that?

If the masses of America rise up and start shooting the people in charge, the movers and shakers will have no one but themselves to blame. I ask you, who was responsible for the deaths and injuries when the NY Walmart store customers trampled someone to death? The people being pushed by the crowd behind? The people in front who didn't run faster? The guy for being in the way? Or the management that didn't have enough of those special items to assure everyone they would get one, so no one felt a need to mob, and trample? All of the above?

We, the American people, are being screwed again. I feel like it's literally gang rape after gang rape. Not enough of us are complaining in public places.

I know, no one likes a whiner. But geez, the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease.

And this time, we're taking it in the ass. (Please forgive the crudeness of this analogy.) The problem is, we're not all gay men with a prostate to be massaged from the inside out, therefore, most of us are not going to enjoy this latest back door rape.

Oh yes, that IS one of the reasons anal sex appeals to men. Why so many bend over. And the other end of the stick (hehehe) is that the guy on top gets to hold the other man down while he fucks him over.

The answer is yes, I DID get up on the wrong side of the bed. I am cranky about something. But it isn't about gay men. God love them. They, at least, are sensitive to a woman's feelings. And they understand why a woman wants to cry at "the drop of a hat." (Even when we, ourselves, aren't sure why we're crying.)

Men in general, maybe, are the butt end of this tirade. I'm sure the big world decisions that bother me regularly have everything to do with decisions men make that cause my little world to hit bumps in its rotation.

But maybe I'm blaming men wrongly. Tell me, do you know of any women who own the big financial institutions and credit companies of this world?

Yesterday, in my mail, I received a tri-folded little flyer from the company that holds my one and only credit card. It looked like the flyer that comes with every credit card or checking account bill. You know, the one that states the terms of the card in very small print and never looks like it's any different from the last ten or twenty you actually glanced at...?

Only on second glance did I see it had the terms of "How we're going to screw you royally, and just in time for the New Year and Valentine's Day!"

It was incredibly hard to swallow, I swear!
And I know I never got down on my knees and begged for THIS to be shoved down my throat.

I never said, "Oooh, do this to me one more time." I hear the Captain and Tennille singing. ( )

I'm angry over the stupid changes made to a Circuit City card I got about 25 years ago. An inane little card that I don't even have to flash when I go in the store. I just say my name, or my social security number, and they pull it up on the screen and add my latest purchases to it. How could something so simple, so OLD, make me feel like a "nigger at a hanging"...?

No offense to anyone (except the people who made the flyer I received.) But perhaps the offensive term will wake the world up, and make you realize how bad we should all be sweating, and fearing, what is going on now.

I knew that variable rates were going to become a nightmare when I first saw them. It is part of the problem we are now facing as a nation. They talk us into a low rate that is supposed to only be able to go up once every six months, and they reassure us that it can't go up too much, and we will be eased along the path to a higher rate. But loan officers assure us that there are no current plans to raise it.

Which, of course, was not true when the housing market and lenders jumped the interest rates. Some people ended up paying twice their original house payment, and the rising rates only took 6 months to a year.

But back to my analogy...
Just like days of old, when people of certain race, skin tone, or religious affiliations, were rounded up and hung, or shot, or massacred or enslaved, without being allowed to defend know, like the Mormons, or the slaves, or even the Puritans that escaped England, or the folks they victimized once they got over here.

Yeah, I'm effectively referring to every saint, sinner, and indian that ever walked this great continent. We are all being oppressed in one way or another. We know "they're gunning for us." But we're not exactly sure who it is that IS coming for us.

They are the nameless faces hidden in big boardrooms. They are the ones who make the decisions that rule our lives financially.

We can feel them coming, stealing our air, and our room to run, cornering us on reservations. Locking us in the bedroom. Chaining us in the back yard, like junk yard dogs.

(Are you with me? Or are all the rants over your head?)

Have you ever really thought about WHO makes you do the things you do? Is it your spouse? Do you walk on eggshells to keep them happy?

Or your kids? Are you afraid they'll stop talking to you, or withhold your grandkids from you?

Or your doctor? Are you afraid, if you say the wrong thing, he'll stop giving you the pain medicine you really, really need just to get through the day?

Or your parents? Doesn't matter how old you get, you struggle with trying to please them. Or ignore them.

If it's not your own parents controlling your decision making processes, or your spouse, or your kids, or the church you attend, it is definitely the govt that rules us all.

They pinch off a bleed in your femoral artery and turn around and amputate your toe, and let the blood flow from the less noticeable spot. Rivers of blood run with the injustices being put upon us. Financially, we cannot take much more.

Read my lips. NO NEW TAXES.
And let's repeal a few we already have in place.

When the autoworkers sat down to negotiate with the big car makers, they screamed that the real problem was the high taxes on gasoline the govt charges. The manufacturers wanted the workers to take cuts in wages.

But it't the big bastards and their exorbitantly high salaries that took advantage of the income, and marked up car prices. I heard one guy said he'd take only a dollar a year until some things were better under control. I ask, "What was the raping salary he took prior, so that he has enough in the bank that he can get by on only a dollar a year?"

I agree with the autoworkers, though. Some of the problem IS the high taxes. We pay almost forty cents a gallon in taxes.

And look at the price of gas right now. It, obviously, was inflated by more than twice as much in the last couple years. What sort of bullshit is that?

The same b.s. that allows lawmakers to not have to pay taxes, and serve only one term in office to earn a $60k or better retirement plan from that year forward?

We will eventually have to revolt. We are frogs put in cold water, but the water temperature is rising. We are cooking and not smart enough to jump out of the pot.

Taxation and finance charges of one kind or another, and persecution (religious or otherwise) are the reasons people have used since the beginning of time to overthrow their govt. Not that I'm trying to incite a riot. I believe that's already begun. But maybe I'm saying, think about what's coming, and be "man enough" to step up and join the rebels when the time comes.

Did you know this?...for the first time in the history of America, there IS a militia in every state in our union that is not run by the govt, that is a group of rebel soldiers (if you will allow me to call them that). They began organizing during the Clinton's first administration, and took up serious arms when he sold the piggy back missiles to China, and the states that were behind (with no organized militia) stepped up when he brought United Nations forces onto U.S. soil for the first time.

That was scary. It should strike fear into the hearts of all of us. Peace keeping troops are brought in from elsewhere to control the masses, because your own soldiers are less likely to shoot to kill if the need arises.

But I digress. I ramble. I run off on tangents. Let me, like the marauders in the woods, and on Capitol Hill, circle back through the trees so I can point out the yellow bellied backs of the people who are shivving us in the gut while serving us happy pills and champagne.

You were expecting a new change with the new administration? We're getting it. But it ain't gonna be what you were hoping for. It's more financial skimming for the fat jacks, and us little jills and hillbillies are gonna get, like depression families, thinner and thinner.

Remember my initial rave?...the flyer in my credit card bill? Sorry, but this particular rave doesn't come with E, the ecstasy drug that is so popular in dancing halls across America.

We can't even pretend to be blind, or passed out, for this date rape. We didn't even get a free dinner before it started...unless you went to your local Victory Mission or Salvation Army kitchen for Thanksgiving.

Surprised to find no bill in with the little do-dad flyer in an enveloped I recognized from my usual credit card bill, I actually perused the damn thing and was shocked to find that my rate was going up from an already high 22.9 to 26.9 in February, and I have until then to write a letter saying I am no longer using this card and thereby cutting it up or write the letter to say I am accepting the terms. If I am lazy and don't write the letter, the fees are going up on all future purchases.

THEY do this all the time. In tiny print, they state they are changing the rules and we have to do something if we want to stop it. Whatever happened to "this is what I agreed to and signed up for when I signed for my account and so this must be honored forever?" When, exactly, did the financial institutions get cleared to "change rates or terms with their whims"...?

Picture me staring blankly at the damn thing, muttering "What the hell?"

I mean, in a time when we're facing recession and a third of the American public are out of work and more are expected to lose their jobs (never mind the fact that my only job is writing fantasies!)...they are raising the rates even more? It seems inconceivable.

I feel like the poor young naive girl who got raped on her first date, and again and again every time she finally gave in and consented to go somewhere else with a boy.

Every damn single time I let one hold my hand. Go read this:

It talks about the bailouts and buyouts.

That card is owned by Chase, one of the many companies that's been on the list for handouts from our government. One that was going to go under, or needed to be bought out. I just gotta ask...wasn't the baleout supposed to keep the small folk from being cheated and skewered financially even further?

I got online this morning and the first thing I saw was the headline about interest rates being adjusted and how the changes in financial interests were supposed to be a help to us. See the article here:

It does explain what's going on. My point in talking about it is to say "HEADS UP, read that fine print that comes with any of your financial institution or credit card bills." The terms are changing. Even the institutions that were on solid ground are taking advantage of the new regulations--and us!

Here's a sad but true story:

Years ago, my husband and I opened five accounts with Bank of America, one for each of our children. When we signed up for our checking and savings accounts, and those kids' accounts, it was all free forever. Even the checks were supposed to be free forever. That was the first perk they got rid of.

Back then, I didn't read fine print. I assumed that whatever rules you signed up under were "grandfathered in to protect you."

But no, not so. After we began to pay for our checks, we were told that we should be able to understand that BoA realized the free checks forever hadn't been a great idea and they weren't making enough money, so they had to change that. The argument that "But this is what we agreed to when we signed up for this account" held no water, because it was one voice complaining at a time.

I'm a firm believer that united we stand, divided we fall. God bless Norma Rae, Erin Brokovich, and others like them who fought long enough and hard enough and loud enough to gain the attention of the world and see the changes for the good put into place for all who would walk in their footsteps.

Honestly, I need Jesus to carry me here. I'm weak. I'm wandering like Moses and the tribes of Israel, trying to see my way out of the mess I've gotten into. And I didn't even leave my house!

You gotta ask, "Where is God in all this?"
Our country's financial ruin is surely the work of the devil. Isn't it?
Or his minions, which, at this point, are wearing suits and look way too much like our elected representatives to the house and congress. Democrats and Republicans alike.

So, BoA screwed me out of free checks (you're thinking). So what?
The what part is...when a thief is robbing you, he's never happy to take "just your watch." He wants your wallet, your wife's jewelry, and your daughter's virginity, too.

Our savings account was the second place we noticed the BoA change in account status and fees. Some savings accounts have minimum balance requirements. We moved our money to BoA because they didn't, and kids under 18 were supposed to not incur a single account charge. We were poor folks with lots of kids. WE BELIEVED THE BILLBOARDS AND COMMERCIALS AND THE HANGING POSTER OUTSIDE THE BANK.

But BoA changed that little tidbit of account handling and unbeknownst to us (because I hadn't read the fine print in the flyer on the monthly statements), we suddenly found ourselves with BoA saying our savings account was in the negative and we owed them. I believe, at the time, they had suddenly started taking money for every withdrawal.

Now, you might be wondering, "Were you using an atm not at your own bank? Because they charge for that."

No. We were going to the drive up window to get the withdrawal. We lived in BFE Nevada. There was one bank in town, and no atms anywhere but on the bank property.

There was nothing on our receipts that said "By the way, we've robbed you blind again. With this wd, we took another five dollars." FIVE dollars per withdrawal. You're allowed, oh, three for free in a quarter and then it was in a billing period (30 days), and then it jumps to ARMED highway robbery. And it ain't no water gun, folks.

Of course, we threw a fit, and the bank manager waived the excessive fees, as she was explaining that all the accounts had been changed and we should always read the fine print flyers because those would outline the differences as they were being implemented. I think, at the time, you had 15 days notice. Someone fought that, and we got 30 days notice. But that didn't help the bank account that was in the red, solely for bank fees assessed per withdrawal.

Good news on one score, they NOW have to send those changes to you 45 days in advance of when they take place. And they now have to give you 21 days "late leeway" before charging you higher interest.

Back to my Bank of America story...the savings account had us checking our other accounts. Our free checking forever had been charged for those free checks we ordered, and for each one that came through-at fifty cents PER check. That was back in the day when I wrote a lot of checks. Like, say, literally a hundred or more a month. (I was a shopaholic and my husband made good money. So sue me!) But, I swear, it was mostly at dollar stores and places like Big Lots and Swap Meets.

Anyhow, am I boring you? There really is a point or two to all this.

The same week, I caught the CEO of BoA on a talk show. He was being interviewed because BoA was the fastest growing financial institution in the world. He laughingly admitted the reason was because of the fees they charged their customers. (That hasn't changed.)

I was horrified to see him admit it so readily. But maybe more so because I knew, in my heart and soul, that it was true.

We went to close all our accounts and found out that all of our kids' accounts, which had their birthday money and prize winnings from their Junior Rodeo year end awards, had all been confiscated by BoA. The free kids accounts had somewhere taken on exorbitant financial fees, monthly service charges that ate all their money up in just a few months. They tried to say we owed money for those, too. So, yes, I'm saying BoA ROBBED OUR KIDS.

Fit throwing in public has become one of my specialties when it comes to unfair thievery like this. You can rob me blind and I'll complain, and mutter, but go home without a huge fuss-- but get into the piddly little "life savings" my children have accumulated at our encouragement "for college" and I become the screaming banshee from hell, crying, ranting, wailing with a lot of gnashing of teeth and "How could you? Have you no conscience?"

I even dragged my kids in to look soulfully at the bank manager and ask, one by one, "Did you steal my money too?"

You might be saying, "Oh, no you didn't."
But yes, I did.

You might be saying, "You traumatized your kids like that?"
And I would say, "I taught them not to let someone get away with that sort of thing without making them, at the very least, look you in the eye." I also taught them to speak up and say, "This is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself," when things like this happen to them.

And to read the fine print, and not assume the best of a bank, just because it looks like a respectable business--because a business is just that, a place looking to make a buck off of every customer or client that comes through the door.

But the bank manager had a job to keep and she looked them in the eye and said, "Well, honey, your account changed. We had to." To my oldest daughter, she had the nerve to add, "I would lose my job if I didn't do what my boss told me to."

My daughter replied, "So, you are okay with taking the twenty dollars my grandma and grandpa gave me for Christmas? Remember when we came in to get our accounts, and you smiled and said it was all free and you would take care of my money for me so I could go to college one day?"

That woman needed to be ashamed. She was the equivalent of the axeman at a beheading. The henchman doing the dirty work. And that kid never got to go to college because we, honestly, couldn't afford to send her after banks like BoA took our money.

I don't know how much more a bank branch manager makes over the tellers, but she was getting paid well to do that job. I hope she remembers that moment forever. But I think she felt justified, and it didn't really bother her.

I guess my point in relaying it is to say we should all "call people out" when they are "only doing as they were told."

Do you know that people spend more time in prison for stealing someone's money than for murder these days?

Long story short, we don't do business with that bank any more. We try to encourage people toward any bank but that one. When someone who banks there gives me a check, I go to their bank and cash it at the counter. I know a lot of people who've been robbed blind by them.

I ask the teller, "Can you check to see if this person has the funds in the account to cover this BEFORE I sign it and hand it over?" It's the only way I can do my part to keep my friends from being raped worse by that bank. Of course, a teller can't tell you their balance, and who wants to know it anyway? But sometimes, you can save a person a finance fee by calling them and saying "The bank said it wouldn't go through, let me trade you cash for this check and save you and me both the bounced check charges."

I dunno about you, but I don't have the cash to cover bad checks. That becomes a bounce-back nightmare. And, honestly, people who don't have enough money to cover the original check usually can't afford the bounced fees on top of it.

And, it seems, the financial bailout is just raping US more. My husband commented that someone had done the math and that multi billion dollar bailout could've been split up to give each American 4 million dollars. I think I noted this before the bailout.

I had to go look that up. Guess it was 3.5 mil each. See here:

I honestly think they should have done that. Imagine what we would have done to our economy if they'd done it that way.

Many people would have started businesses. We all would have been spending more. The majority would have brought all their loans current, or paid them off. It would have bailed out the financial institutions in a way that would have made us all happy.

But no. We didn't do it that way.

And, to be honest, none of us expected it to happen in the way fairytale dreams are made of. We knew it would just be another nightmare unfolding.

But you and I both know the US govt has always been in the business of acquiring small pinches from our wallets at a time so they can put away another big sum for future emergencies and bailouts.

I just wonder if there is an end to the hands being held out? I don't think so. And I think the bailout was inevitable, but a bad precedent to start.

The big three (car industry) were smart to jump in first, crying for help, insisting that they are the hub of so many jobs that will be lost in ripple effect if they aren't taken care of.

I say...they shouldn't have taken the majority of their manufacturing to Mexico. Or wherever. I feel the same about Heinz pickling elsewhere, and a lot of our computer makers outsourcing everything from small parts to customer service. I dunno about you, but I really hate calling a helpline and getting someone I can't understand because english isn't their first language. Ah, I digress to yet another peeve.

But then, I also say our congress shouldn't tax and regulate OUR companies to death. We should impose higher import taxes on the competitive brands being brought in from other countries, and even if the companies are American owned, but outsource, there should be an import tax.

I am constantly aggravated to know that it is cheaper for, say, Japanese honey to be bottled and shipped across the ocean, brought in and put on our shelves--than it is for our own honey farmers to bottle and put theirs on the shelf next to the Jap. brand. That IS ridiculous.

Ditto with the fact that every cow in America is inspected. (Not against that!) But only one truck in TEN bringing beef in from Canada is inspected.

On the same token, my husband used to love Rocky boots. The minute those puppies were outsourced to another country, and the Ohio plant shut down, he can't find a pair of their boots to fit him properly. You'd think they'd be made with the same templates and machinery, but something is different. AND the prices to consumers didn't go down.

Which phrase always makes struggle at swallowing. (pun intended, folks)

Tell me how they can build a new plant in another country, and move all the machinery down there, and import/ship the end product back into America, and it be cheaper for them? I mean, it was no surprise it didn't get cheaper for us, the American consumers.

But I think that boils down to them getting write-offs for expenses out, and being able to pay cheaper wages and shipping costs and not have to have their items inspected as thoroughly because they are from another country now. Our free trade agreements just screw us and help other countries.

I say COMPLAIN EVERYWHERE YOU CAN when you're being cheated, overtaxed, or railroaded into something you never initially signed up for.


While I am happy to hear that many Americans are getting their houses financed at better rates, I am terribly annoyed at the fact that those who managed to pay their loans on time and not get behind are unable to take advantage of the lower interest rates and special refinancing allowed by our govt bailout.

That wouldn't be me, btw.

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I hope that you are feeling better today...Sometimes it helps to just get it all out, and I think you did yesterday. We were listening to you.. I agree with some of what you said.. But I have taken a positive lookout the past few months and I try not to think about the negative stuff anymore. I feel better about myself and others. I am even praying for the mother of my grandchildren. And she has been better to us, I still don't trust her but I try to understand her and the problems she has.
The kids are out of school again today but Rob is home. I didn't get up until 10 today.. It felt good.
I still haven't wrapped my Christmas presents.I have been babysitting and reading Christmas books. No time to wrap presents. I can't find your book Angel Bet that I bought at RT.. It must be in the trailer some place. I need to look again. I took it to read in the mountains and I didn't do much reading there. I went to your web site and was reading about up coming books Dark Lord series. When are they coming out???
I need to get dressed and do something today. Later.

By Blogger Brenda, at 9:07 AM  

Merry Christmas ALL..
I hope you have a good one. It is going to be a quiet one for us which is nice for a change.
We are about to float away today.. We are having a prime rib roast, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, brocci and cheese, corn, salad, homemade rolls, and date pudding.I didn''t go to WW because of the bad weather but I know a lost some pounds. Will have to wait until next Tuesday to see how much I have lost. I am feeling better, I need to remember that I feel better when I eat right. No PEPSI for several weeks, I still miss them, I can't stay diet pepsi.
Again Merry Christmas.
Oh, I am having a postive outlook not lookout. I need to proof read my posts.

By Blogger Brenda, at 10:10 AM  

I do have to say you have a point. I agree with everything except I try to stay away fromstores on that Friday

By Blogger Debby, at 6:04 PM  

Debby, you won my New Year's Eve contest/drawing for a gift certificate. Please select an online vendor like one of my publishers, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ebay, etc...a place that's easy for me to purchase and send it to you via e-certificate, therefore easy for you to use online, as well. Congratulations! Email me at Put CONTEST WINNER in the subject line. Thanks!

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 8:29 AM  

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A question of ethics, honesty, and integrity

More on the Obama thing?

I think the point that he is a lawyer and should understand the laws of evidenciary is a big thing. Also, it appears he is staying silent so as not to incriminate himself. I just gotta ask...if it's all legal and honest and above board, why the hell isn't he whipping the puppy out? One measly birth certificate. What the hell! How did he get it "sealed" so people can't look at it. You and I can't get ours hidden from public scrutiny, can we? And how did he go about getting his sealed?

I've got five kids, myself and my husband, and I've been to the place in their birth states to request copies of their birth certificates and didn't have any one say no. By paying the fee, they're happy to give you a certified copy.

What is this all about? To get more publicity?

Or because he's trying to build even more minority support and sympathy...? Is his dream to "rook" the entire American population into allowing people not born here to rule our nation? (It seems so.)

I just want to scream "Show us your real Birth Certificate, Obama!What on earth would make you NOT show it?"

And this is not a matter of "not appreciating his charisma or seeing his personal appeal to the people of America." He's good at charming folks. Nothing wrong with that.

However, I NEED the constitution to be upheld. It protects us all.

Some might say, "But he was just a baby. Any forgery on the present Birth Certificate is someone else's doing. I voted for the man and I'm still behind him."

Well, to those, I say...Really? Really!!?? You voted for the man who can't answer a simple question and show an honest birth certificate, who is a U.S. lawyer and therefore well aware of the laws of this land, yet blatantly being uncooperative in a very simple investigation?

I just feel like the American people have been duped again. You can like Obama's personality. You can like the dream of having "a new deal" in the White House--but he's not really dealing us a new hand. He's putting in a bunch of has-beens that didn't do a great shot the first time around the cabinet. That's not the "new change."

And I take offense to the media repeatedly calling him the Messiah. How can he live up to that?

But here's the question for the politics stir your blood? Do you get excited, angry, or some other emotion when someone brings politics up? Do you have friends who disagree with you politically?

Writing on the blog becomes a challenge, so I'm obviously trying to stir up some conversation.

If you support Obama, do you think it doesn't matter if he breaks the law of citizenship and becomes president anyway?

Do you somehow think that voting for him was a way to get more handouts from the government, or a bigger refund at least?

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I think he should produce his birth records and settle this business. I didn't vote for him. I think he is a great speaker when he has notes but he really isn't when he had to measure his every word or think of what to say.. I don't agree with a lot of his picks to help him.. He promised change and 95% cut in taxes for most of us but he is the soon to be president and I hope he does a great job. And I worry about a "skinhead" trying to do away with him.We can't talk to David's family in the Chicago area, they hated Bush and most don't believe in God. They are so left wing in their polical thinking.They don't watch Foxnews..If you don't like Foxnews there is something wrong with you in my view.
The kids are out of school again today because of the ice..David made snow icecream for the kids and they love it. We made a tent of blankets and chairs.. The kids don't need expense toys.. Pepsi cans, boxes,blankets, and chairs..
Lexi took a 2 hours nap in her blanket house yesterday.
I still haven't wrapped any presents, I need to get busy..
I need to check on the kids. Later.

By Blogger Brenda, at 6:50 AM  

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obama's Birth Certificate from KENYA

The best thing I can do on today's subject is point you to sites with other links and documentation. You go and read, and look at all the evidence and then come back and explain your point of view if you don't agree that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the US (and therefore not a legal citizen, therefore not legal to run for the position of president.)

This one actually shows detail after detail, explaining why and how they can prove the Obama birth certificate that's been produced is obviously a forgery. Check it out:

THis next site is priceless, imo. A politician in KENYA announced (recorded!) that Obama's birthsite in Kenya was getting a lot of traffic.

This next site has a link to the actual conversation where the Kenya Ambassador admits the thing about Obama's birthplace being in Kenya.

Again, the comments are perhaps the most fun on these sites. One person cries innocent and points a finger in another direction. The next slams all that.

I like this next one because it gives phone numbers for you to contact YOUR representatives, so you can express your opinion on the matter, whether you want to skewer the liars (we may all differ on who those are), or you just want your rep to know whether to support (or not) the fight to see the real "vaulted" document Obama keeps not producing.

I say...if it's honest and all good and above board, why didn't he pop that puppy out proudly? By not producing it at first query, it becomes a cover-up for SOME reason. Was he just trying to build suspense?

I'm guessing those who voted for Obama are saying "What does it matter? He won. Give it to him."

But anybody who understands the ramifications of letting a non US born person run and win the election of President for our great country...and what allowing an illegal alien (forgerer, and someone who, as a lawyer, knows the law and the ramifications of committing a felony, or protecting someone else who has committed the felon...)

I just want to scream...lay the damn real birth certificate on the table. By withholding it, you're rallying the masses to get angrier and angrier by the moment. I hate being duped. I hate lawyers and politicians skirting our law, or flagrantly disregarding it. That was my problem with the Clintons. They commit every felony on the books and dancing as they laugh their way to the bank.

And everybody likes them, or identifies with them some way...some folks smoke pot, some cheat on their spouse, some cheat on their taxes, some dupe the government out of cash in various schemes...all reasons they forgive ol Bill when he gets caught in another mistake.

I'm sure some folks will look at the Obama birth certificate issue and say, "So what? He won."

I say...he wasn't even supposed to be in the race. What GOOD American citizen did he cheat out of the job?

Smacks a little of the "illegal mexicans are taking jobs from good Americans," huh?

It's tiring to read the stupid news. It gets dumber and dumber. No wonder Obama is all about saying "Come on in, no slap on the hands, you illegals." I'm surprised he hasn't thrown a gala party to give them handouts. We know that the minority vote helped him in the elections.

I ramble, and I'm tired. I do not mean to offend. I mean to say "WAKE UP AND READ THE CONFLICTING STORIES." There ARE conflicting stories.

Until Obama produces a legitimate birth certificate that can't be picked apart as an obvious forgery, I will withhold support from him. I'm not proud that our next president is not up and up on something as simple as where he was born. His own grandma says he was born in Kenya, and that's how he got his Kenya citizenship.

Just read the links--and the pages listed above--all the way through. Then, if you have some links to post that can point us to an honest birth certificate, bring it to us. I, and my readers, would love to see the evidence FOR Obama.

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Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 9:09 PM :: 2 Comments:

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i saw this website and it looks good. You can this to your links.

It has basic questions and answers

By Blogger ObamaBirth, at 10:09 PM  

This is the first I've heard of this! If it was true it would mean a cover up of massive proportions. I don't know what to believe!

By Blogger Sue A., at 12:43 AM  

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Contest reminder! Air Heads and other Retro Movies

Odds are very good that Brenda is going to win something in my ongoing contest. Let me remind everyone else...every single post to this blog will get your name in the pot for four drawings. All of them are for gift certificates and you can choose where yours is from: Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble...any place I can do an online e-gift so you can get it right away. So, my comments and posts are meant to stir up some sort of comment, even if you disagree. Please state your opinions! And explain why you have them.

In other news, my oldest daughter has come to visit me! Lalalalala! I love having her home.

She's introduced me to Netflix. I'm not an adventurous sort with all the new "order something here" programs. I didn't know that you can get into your Netflix account through xbox 360 online, and watch movies on your tv in an instant that way. How convenient! Especially right now when we have snow and I'm too lazy to go outside, up town, 9 miles to the closest movie rental store.

We are watching AIR HEADS this morning. An older (1994) flick staring Brenden Frazier, Adam Sandler, and Steve Buscemi. Too funny.

I forgot the line where Adam Sandler says something about a guy being tased until he went bald. That always makes me laugh out loud.

Hanging with Casi is a fun mix of blasting into the past and learning what's new and cool now and recognizing I need to catch up!

Anyhow, the movie's on, gotta go watch it. What retro movie do you keep revisiting? Any faves? I gotta admit, Raising Arizona is one of my all time favorites. I loved Nicolas Cage before he was "famous".

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Posted by CarysWeldonblog :: 8:19 AM :: 2 Comments:

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MY favorite movie from the past is Dirty Dancing, I saw it 3 times in the movie threatre.. Once they had 24 hours of the movie on TV and I watch it 3 full times..
Yes, I think your daughter and my daughter would hit it off and she buys all of the Dvd's of Strawberry Shortcake. They are of course for her 3 daughters.. Right... Rob was a big He-man person, he had all of the figures including She-ra. When I call David a wimp he replies no I am He-Man. I also took Rob to see the Movie,, it was Bad..I think I might see if I can get the movie from Netflix. I love Netflix, you will learn to time sending your movies back so you can get the new releases on Tuesday.
I lost 5.8 pounds this week at WW. And I even rode on the bike 3 times for 15 minutes sach time..That was the most exerise for me in years.

By Blogger Brenda, at 11:08 AM  

I'm enjoying all the old Christmas movies, especially the black and white ones. I can't imagine wanting to watch any movie every year except for these holiday movies. I think it isn't really about the movie but about marking the passage of time and bring up memories of times from the past when our family gathered together to watch them.

By Blogger Sue A., at 12:51 AM  

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Monday, December 15, 2008

A prick? in the rosy future...?

I'm sure you're all up on politics much more than I am. Or maybe not. I know some of you are happy to think that Obama is the "president elect" and some are still hoping the recounts and electoral college will overturn that.

It might not even come to that, though. Did you know...?

There are lawsuits popping up all over the place--insisting Barrack Obama PROVE he is not an illegal alien. While there is a birth certificate listed on his website registering him as a live birth, there are more details to the situation than the "glossed over" Obama team is addressing.

His paternal grandmother has come out with admitting that he was, indeed, born in Kenya, and she was in the delivery room when it happened. You can read the story here:

That website and the first objection to Obama's illegal citizen status and falsified birth records was brought forward by a DEMOCRAT.

But, to add injury to the situation, a dink judge tried to cover it up and throw out the first lawsuit by saying the American people had "insufficient interest" in the issue.

Whether there is a lot of interest or not, a lawsuit with proof is brought before a judge, and that damned judge needs to do his job and RULE on the proof, and allow all proof and denial to be put on the table. He just dismissed it out of hand. Which, of course, smacks of coverup. You can read about it here:

You can also sign a petition to demand the issue be examined more closely, and the documents which have been "sealed" be made public. My birth certificate (in Indiana) is not sealed. My five children's birth certificates are not "sealed" from public examination. I'll bet none of yours are, either.

I say, whatever way YOU voted, you have to understand the biggest points to the dilemma of legal citizenship for Obama. It is illegal and unconstitutional for someone who is not a legal citizen of the US to be president of our country. That is a protection for our citizens put in place by our constitutional fathers.

But, if you don't "get that", check out this page:

I think everyone should go to the link (above) because it lists reasons why every American should insist this issue be proven, one way or another. It's a bigger issue than how much a liar Obama, and his team, are or aren't. It's about our constitutional rights to question things, and how those are handled in court.

I read through the comments and really think the third one, in gray, is a fair assessment of what every citizen should be thinking over this issue. But then, you all have your opinions and the freedom to express them--which circles us right back to our fantastic constitutional rights and how we must preserve them, and uphold the constitution and bill of rights at all costs--especially against those who would peel away those rights layer by layer, piece by piece.

So, to conclude this political blah, blah, blah...the rosy future some thought Obama would ring in has only opened up yet another can of deceitful worms.

If the man has nothing to hide, then let the documents requested be brought forth for scrutiny. But if they prove to be forged, or not legitimate evidence of true and legal citizenship, then prosecute him for the fraud he knowingly purpetrated against the american public. The man is a lawyer, he can't possibly cry "he didn't know the law."

I know some of you are his fans. I say, if he is honest, then the truth will prove it through. But if he isn't, then let Americans wake up to see the treachery.

His questionable birthrigh and upraising, I think, are exposed on the websites I've pointed to above.

Now, lest you think I'm just being a racist, please don't. I would have voted for Collin Powell in a heartbeat. Condoleeza Rice? I'm behind that on-the-ball chick's bandwagon right now. This is not about race. It is about what's right, and fair, and honest, and constitutional RIGHT.

I know that many people will say that a writer should keep their political commentary to themselves. I feel like I can complain about this issue because I am a citizen of the USA. I have the right to freedom of speech. So do you.

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I agree with you completely about Obama..I wonder if he is connected to our Illinois Gov..I think everyone in the Democratic party is connected to the Chicago team in Illinois.. Obama bought his house from The Gov's wife who bought it from Rezco who is in prison. Just think about the people he is "friends" with in Illinois.. Bad people.
I voted on the site to try and get Obama's birth records.. What would happened if he isn't US Born????

Are you ready for christmas. I just need to wrap the presents.. Becki already got her main present. Tickets to see New Kids on the Block.. She loved the concert, She was only 16 when she saw them in St Louis and now she is 38..

By Blogger Brenda, at 3:49 PM  

I'm sure Obama and the Ill. Gov are in bed together. (hehehe--love that silly term that has nothing to do with actual bedroom stuff, but may have a lot to do with the intercourse they have!) is too funny. We will have to get her, and my daughter, Savannah, together. The minute Savannah heard there were NKIB dolls out again, she called me, excited. She would LOVE to go to their concert. She is 24, and very much still a Strawberry Shortcake girl.

My oldest daughter, Casandra, is still a She-Ra fan true and true, too. I recently bought her a little She-Ra doll on ebay and mailed it to her. She called me the minute it arrived and asked, "Guess who's sitting with me right now?...She-Ra!!!!" (Imagine a shrill singing of She-Ra's name.)

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 8:17 AM  

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Let's not dick around. hehehe CONTEST REMINDER

I see what type of posts rally the masses now. And they say women shy away from penis talk.

IMO, we talk about pricks all the time. Every Tom (cat), DICK, and HAIRY, one of them.

You'll be happy to know men everywhere are stepping up for testing, volunteering their services in the name of science. Check it out here:

The comments are the best part of blog postings like this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, folks.

I have asked this before, I think, because my editor, Stef, and I have talked about this often. She says "If you use the word penis, I will substitute dick, cock, or prick."

So, I ask you, which do you prefer of all the terms used?

Flashback to Austin Power movies (and badly haired monkey chests) are coming to my mind now. Remember how they used every term possible, from sausage and schlong to Johnson and shaft?

If you were to rate the terms (and add your own please!) Which terms are the most offensive, and least crude to you?

I like the word cock better, but my husband, for example, uses the term dick more often.

When I hear words like schlong, peter, Johnson, I almost always laugh. Schlong? Because it's just a silly word (to me). Peter? Because there are many poor men named that fine name, and I also think of something I was told over 20 years ago--Gin makes my peter limp. I was a total virgin back then. Ditto with every person with a last name Johnson. Soooo sad. (giggling like a school girl here. So sad.) I'd have my name changed.

Okay, doing the math, I may have been popped by then but the cherry was still in my head. I was soooo naive. I had to have an explanation. Hadn't heard the term peter used that way before. Yeah, I know--that's super naive. But sometimes I think a sheltered life for a girl is okay. She shouldn't have to know what men will expect until the guy's already got her finger wrapped in gold and she's in his bed, eating his food. (Not the super food referred to at the beginning of this post.)

It's funny. I grew up in northern Indiana and never heard anyone talk about sex except the teacher during sex ed class and that was mostly a "girls have periods" talk.

But, as an adult in Nevada, and now Missouri, I don't have conversations very often that aren't referring back to the male organ.

Okay, I have plenty at church, but outside of that? Nada.

Every woman I know is dealing with the man/men in their life and what having a dick in their life actually means. Usually, trying to please Peter, or keep Johnson at bay. (puns intended)

Can you ever please one of these enough? Do you think having sex until he's rubbed raw is the way to go? Or would you get to that state before him?

I had a friend a long time ago whose husband could, apparently, never be satisfied. They would sometimes go 4 rounds, one right after another. She felt horrible because he wasn't satisfied with one good session and always wanted more from her. Plus, he made a point of saying SHE needed to do more.

My advice was for her to meet him at the door, say she wanted it, insist on getting it NOW because SHE is the one that wanted it.

And then, the minute he's done, insist he go again, and again, and explain that her need to get an orgasm through HIS efforts is the problem.

You know, put the shoe on the other foot. Instead of her playing catch up all the time, by meeting him at the door and asking for more and more, he was put in the position of being the failure, and couldn't put that upon her.

She found that he became more easily satisfied personally.

Of course, this all happened after she found out he had cheated on her. She was desperate to please him. I realized that was a control factor he used on her. Shitty, but true.

I had a non-sexual experience of the same nature with my father in law. I would walk into a room and he would notably say hello and welcome everyone but me, so I was feeling left out. It didn't take long for me to realize it was a total power play and he was winning.

My response was to enter a room and go out of my way to say hello to everyone in a notable fashion, by name (as he had done), except leaving him out. It put him on the other side of things, and he could never catch up because it became obvious he had ceased to exist in my eyes.

I've had to use this more than once with other people who have hurt me deeply. We tend to defend ourselves by begging someone to like us, or hiding in a room where they can't touch us.

How do you feel about this sort of thing? Do you see it happening to you? Or to people around you? Have you tried one way or the other of dealing with someone?

It's not very nice to leave someone out, and that isn't really in my nature. I'm the girl that invites people to have a big, whole table conversation as opposed to two people whispering here and there.

But I think everyone needs to protect their selves from time to time. When it comes to dealing with people, eye to eye contact when you talk to someone lets them know that you are really listening.

I think we all want that from our significant others. Here's where I circle back to the original topic and round up the posse to go after this topic. Do you think men bring up the silly comments about eating nuts and absorbing protein by suction on their get a woman to look him in the eye and get a response that he knows is completely totally directed at him?

I dunno. What do you think?

Remember, every time you post comments on this blog or email a comment to me this month, you'll get your name put in the hat for the free holiday drawings for gift certificates. I'm giving out four. Your name will go in EVERY time you make a comment. So, with each comment, your chances of winning are increased quite a bit. And all the names will be pulled from the same hat (or bowl, in this case.) Good luck!

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I think that your choice of a word for penis depends on the sitution.. I personally like COCK.
My husband hates the word penis.. So when Becki, my daughter and I want to pissed him off we keep saying penis penis penis..It works everytime.
I went to that web site.. It was amazing how many were willing to help. I sent the site to DAvid and I haven't heard from him yet.
I am still dealing with a messed up nose.. I finished my antibodies. sp
I also started Weight Watchers on Tuesday. I really need to do something with my weight and no exerise. I was surprised, I wasn't at my all time high. Our hairdresser has lost over 80 pounds and a Good friend has lost almost 40 using WW. Leanna called me on Friday and I think it was a sign from God to start losing my weight.. I decided not to wait until the first on the year. David said if it is so important do it now and don't wait. Man, I love that guy. So say a little prayer to help me. They started a whole new program on this week.

By Blogger Brenda, at 8:43 AM  

I haven't tried that method of dealing with people, and I haven't noticed that people have tried it on me, but I'll have to remember it in case it ever becomes necessary.

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 9:04 AM  

Personally, I like the term cock best, but penis is good, too. Dick or prick are okay, but a little more crass. Just so long as it's not called the purple-helmeted soldier of love!

By Blogger Cynthya, at 9:12 PM  

I forgot another favorite name for penis.. Lovehandle, manroot....
I am finally feeling better..
I hope you folks don't get this nasty bug.. My mother in law is finally feeling better, she has had this for a month now.

By Blogger Brenda, at 8:28 AM  

I prefer cock or penis. I don't like the other terms such as dick or prick because they're often used in as a negative term, as an insult.

By Blogger Sue A., at 12:59 AM  

Cynthya, you won my New Year's Day contest/drawing for a gift certificate. Please select an online vendor like one of my publishers, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ebay, etc...a place that's easy for me to purchase and send it to you via e-certificate, therefore easy for you to use online, as well. Congratulations! Email me at Put CONTEST WINNER in the subject line. Thanks!

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 8:31 AM  

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Eating Penis, Christmas Contest, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

I had a whole post written here and, believe it or not, my dog did not eat it. She erased it, though!

A week ago, I got a 2 1/2 lb yorkie. We call her Pixie. She is tiny. Her paw barely covers my escape key. Her weight is just enough to trigger it, I guess. (No. Not kidding.)

So, I'll try this again.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving week/weekend/holiday. What were you thankful for? I was grateful that two of my kids were with me, and sad that the other three chose to be elsewhere. But c'est la vie. That's life once kids grow up. Right?

I did a Rachel Ray take, and got some boneless skin-on turkey breasts from my butcher. They cooked in an hour. We had no carcass to pick apart afterwards. So, that was good.

I also tried the Stove Top cranberry turkey stuffing. I also made the regular, which is always good. However, if you ate that AFTER the stuff with cranberry in it, it seemed blah. Who knew a few cranberries could perk up the palate so well?

I'm sure you're more interested in the EATING PENIS topic than a holiday dinner prep.

I have been searching ebay for Christmas gifts that are affordable. When you have five kids, you always need to seek bargains, and I'm not really up to a lot of on-foot walking.

Anyhow, I came across some chinese herbals. Always interested in that sort of thing, and lookin in particular for weight loss help, I read the fine print, and try to discern what ingredients are really supposed to do. I always cross research and double check.

For example, I think I already mentioned that the diabetic (and weight loss help!) drug Metformin is derived from Goat's Rue. And that can be gotten in pure form.

So, I'm reading CODPAWN's items for sale. CODPAWN is a seller on ebay. He has a wide variety of chinese herbal products from an acupuncture store going out of business.

I emailed to ask what each of his items were for. The reply? Mostly weight loss.

I, of course, know the one called alopecia is for hair loss.

The most intriguing of all, I suppose, is a listing that includes BULL OF PENIS. To see it for yourself, just go to ebay and type in: 13 BOTTLES BA ZHEN WAN CHINESE HERABL DIETARY PILLS Item number: 390013489054

This item drove me to my ever faithful search engine. I typed in Bull of penis chinese medicine is good for...

It took me to this site:

Where, apparently, the penis emporium (a restaurant in China) is reviewed. Go ahead, check it out. Be wary. Picture of penis/penises/peni? are displayed. The entire topic is penis. So, if that offends you, don't go. And why are you reading this now?

To my utter surprise, Penis of russian dog is on the menu. So is Tiger penis. And we all know that is illegal. Tigers are endangered everywhere, aren't they?

The reviewer mentions that to the server, who, at the emporium of penises, is referred to as a nutritionist because they are well able to explain the purpose of eating EACH type of penis.

The server, er, nutrionist waiting on the reviewer smiles weakly (I suppose) as she mentions that they, of course, do not hunt the animals and that most of their penis served is from old and already dying livestock.

Yeah, that's a comfort, huh?

I hear women (and a few gay guys) everywhere yelling "Goddammit! We want our penises young and strong and virile and potent!"

After all, what's the point of eating penis if it isn't healthy?

Which is a commentary that all MEN should want to comment on. I say, go ahead. (I know this could degrade quickly. So, should I apologize before it does? Nah?)

Women, I dare you to put this to the men in your life. Take them to the website I've listed. Read aloud the story. Then read this column and ask them to defend the need to eat penis, even if it isn't young and virile and still potent. I'm sure every man out there will have an answer.

Like...semen is all protein, and good for your hair, nails, and skin...whether you rub it on or swallow it. (How many times have I heard that?)

But where is the scientific study on that? Anybody got a website to point us to? One that is NOT a porn site?

I'm all for talking about sex and willing to point you to other websites that do, but not really into aiming you at out and out porn sites.

Anyhow, I obviously need to get to writing while THIS IRON is hot.

I've wasted a lot of time today. I watched the movie version of The Ideal Husband, which is based on an Oscar Wilde play. I've seen it before, but like the ins and outs of his work. Always a good turnabout.

I have a raging headache. Perhaps brought on buy thinking too hard about eating penis so early in the morning.

No. Wait. That probably isn't the cause. ;)

In any case, I shall try to revive this blog with more drivel of the same ilk. I hope you'll tune in, and comment. As this is the beginning of the month we celebrate Christmas, and some celebrate Hannukah and whatever else goes on this time of year, I now open my Christmas Contest. Every comment here, or even via private email to me, will get your name put in the hat. I'll draw one on Christmas Eve, another on Christmas, another on New Year's Eve, and yet another on New Year's Day. FOUR gift certificates will be given out.

Now, say something!

(And have a great day. I swear, share the penis commentary with your romantic interest and you WILL start something that will make the world know, if you were to talk about it.)

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Hi Carys,
Funny you should bring up penises. I saw a special on the Food Network where they served this. I believe it was also in China. It was a smorgaasbord at $500 a plate!
Anyhoo, here in Florida we have Boiled Peanuts. When my mother was telling her sister about these, it sounded like she was saying "oiled penis"! We all cracked right up over this.

By Blogger cherio1, at 10:31 AM  

That's one restaurant I wouldn't want to go to!

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 6:28 PM  

Eating penis,, I couldn’t believe it.. I have heard it all now…I couldn’t do it. I have eaten bull fries.. And they were good.. After you take the first bite and get past the thought of eating bull balls its not so bad.. So I guess eating a penis isn’t much difference???

I have been battling a sore throat, fever, messed up nose and just a I don’t feel good feeling.. I still don’t feel real good yet..

I was ok on Thankgiving and started feeling a little bad on Friday.. Thanksgiving went ok..We had lots of fun with the kids.. The food was food was good. I made it all but dessert. David’s brother Steve didn’t come until late afternoon and we entertained his two families. His daughter came late and when she left she wanted to take some home with her.. What can you say, but I didn’t get unset until later.. When everyone was leaving Steve said when are we having Christmas??? We need to know.. David and I looked at each other and said we don’t know. Rob doesn’t have the kids and Becki is spending the day with her family only this year. Steve said I think we shouldn’t have to adjust our plans for every one… What is the hell is he talking about.. It is our family, house and food , we will do what is best for our family not his…I feel sorry for him but he has been thru 5 wives and sorry his is alone but still he shouldn’t make plans for our house and meal.. I am not mad just a little put out.. I think we are going to have a small meal with Rob, David, me and his mother on Christmas We don’t want to have David’s Mother alone on Christmas. David is going to tell Steve is invited but not his whole family. We would like a nice quiet meal without kids. We will have our Christmas on Friday with our two kids and son in law and 5 grandchildren on the day after Christmas. If he wants to have a family get together with his family he can do it on his own..

I hope you get to go to Rt in Orlando… Remember you can always room with Kay and I. We would love to see you. The convention is in Columbus, Oh in 2010.. Kay said she could drive it from here in Illinois.. I don’t drive much, no one wants me to drive either. I only side wiped the house, backed into a dumpster in the driveway, hit a couple of cars and a light post. So what is the problem, I ask. HAHA!

I will have to tell you about a new game we played with the grandkids on Friday ( no parents)
Throwing empty pepsi cans at each other...

Later, Brenda

By Blogger Brenda, at 6:44 PM  

That man my children call daddy, that's his Indian name, says that semen is a natural antibiotic. So every time I'm sick he shoves that dried up old penis in my face.

That's not fair. It may be getting older but it's still just as pretty as it ever was, and it's like an all day sucker, it last as long as you're willing to lick it.

But that's another story.

I just read an article about pine nuts being a great appetite suppressor. Now I've got pine trees in my front yard and they produce pine cones. But how and when do I harvest the nuts? Exactly what do pine nuts look like?

Coz you know what the nuts I see dangling in front of my face, every time I have a cold, look like. So it's hard for me to distinguish one nut from another these days. (cough, cough)

Any who. Love the old penis jokes and glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving even if the whole brood wasn't around. I had to work. But Ian lazed around on the couch all day and Myriah came down from
Grove to spend the holiday with her future in-laws, which means she spent most of the time at my house.

Did I tell you I'm gonna be a Grannie? I am. Don't know if I'm ready.

Miss ya, love ya, can't wait to hug ya. Are you coming to OWFI this year? Are you coming anywhere around us between now and then?

Say hi to the Tonys and the girls.


By Anonymous vickey malone kennedy, at 8:52 PM  

Why do Men want sex when we are sick and down???? My husband, David always said you need some of Dr. David's "root injection" to make you feel better..Right!! I never felt better but he did..

By Blogger Brenda, at 11:19 AM  

I don't beleive I will be taking
any of those chinese herbs or eating penis. I don't even eat mountain oysters. Just can't get
past the thought if you know what
I mean. LOL.

By Anonymous Earlene, at 1:53 PM  

You know they say you learn something new every day. I had no idea! lol From "old and already dying livestock", yuk! I think that's something I can live without ever trying.

By Blogger Kammie, at 4:00 PM  

Boiled peanuts and when to eat pine nuts. Too funny, girls!

I actually know about pine nuts because we ate them out in Nevada. We'd go up in winter and pick them. Now, in Missouri, we can buy them at the health food store, but they don't taste as good as the ones you gather yourself. (I dunno why that is.)

Here's a good site for anyone that wants to find, eat, or buy pine nuts:

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:30 AM  

I never wanted to eat penis. What woman says she did?

I had a girlfriend in high school whose father ran a sheep ranch and she talked about Rocky Mountain Oysters (sheep balls deep fried), I'm guessing those are like those bull fries Brenda's brought up.

I just gotta say...I think women would have died of starvation before she ate these things. She might have served them up to her family, but...I think a man was curious first and said, "Yeah, that'll probably give me more man power. I'll eat that bull's balls." Or whatever. That IS the traditional thinking over in China.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe some women are just jonesing to try all that.

(giggle) Maybe they all look up from their knees at their beloved "Dr. Husbands" waiting for their root injections, or whatever it's called, and happily except the thing as a gift.

I, personally, think of a woman's efforts from her knees is a gift to the man she "bows before."

I think the problem we have, mostly, is that men don't necessarily appreciate it as such. But what do I know?

And, really, who can keep a man happy?

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:38 AM  

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