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Thursday, August 12, 2010


I've been working on poetry all summer long. It's something I can do anywhere I go, or wherever I sit. Are you into poetry? I like to write poetry that resonates with "regular people." Occasionally, I try my hand at high brow stuff, but I prefer poetry that you can pick up and identify with.

Of course, I have the poetry book Caresses Well Done which is fantasy and sexy poetry (which goes to vulgar). I wrote several pieces in that collection about movie stars I find attractive. If you're interested in poetry you can read with your significant other as a turn on, you might check that out at

This week, I've been critiquing/editing a friend's poetry collection before it goes to print. I think she will be self-publishing, so I won't mention her name, since you won't be able to get it unless you're in my area.

I want to encourage you poets to write your poetry down and make a collection. Poetry tells the stories of our lives, and how we see things going on around us. It can also help you work through issues, and who doesn't need to work through a few of those?

Here's a piece from my Caresses Well Done:


Every woman wants whispers of desire
Tantalizing touches that set her on fire
The teases that make her panties wet
As many practiced kisses as she can get
In her dreams, a lover
Lives to please her
Loves with raves about
The sweet taste of her
Nectared lips, giving
Attention with tiny nips
And chest rumbles of desire
unleashed, devouring
Her greedily with succulent savoring
Telling her how he craves her flavoring
How it haunts him when
they’re apart, how he thirsts and hungers
after her every attention and in his
whispered amour, he mentions how her lips
wrap around him
driving his fantasies

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