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Sunday, March 12, 2006


I am sitting at a library, typing this blog entry. I've had a system meltdown at home. We had an electrical storm and it's knocked out my brand new DSL modem. It was installed on Thursday evening. Meltdown Saturday. See how my luck works? (Sigh)

So, in lieu of the public usage agreement, I have to be careful of what I write here. I have no access to my manuscripts and posting excerpts. Makes ya wonder what I'll do to entertain you, huh? (Me, too!)

Let's see...

I have a project going that I think you might like. It's called Confessions of a Cover Model. I'm thinking about doing a whole series. The first book in that is about a male model named Derek. Picture a half naked hotty--like The Rock. Poor guy has a problem meeting women that suit his taste. Isn't that a sad story with some big possibilities?

He's looking for a girl that is okay with her body, even if it's got some dimples, extra pounds or whatever. The too perfect girls he shoots covers with are a little messed up in the head--anorexic, bulemic, etc.

What Derek wants to know there any girl out there that is okay with her bod? Luckily, he has another model friend, Mia, to help him find true love. While their relationship is a little too friendly--friends with benefits--and very teasing--it also a good mix for caring, posturing and some lip and tongue action. Anybody like the premise enough to say...put that on the list of projects to finish soon?

Got another idea you'd like me to write a novel on? Now, careful, remember, if you type an idea here, it is fair game. You cannot sue me later for using the concept. K?

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I like it. I say go for it.

By Blogger glenna day, at 5:39 PM  

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