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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I wanted to be more uplifting in my blog posts for awhile. Working on sending and receiving positive energy and all that.

You know, talk about things I'm grateful for. Of course, I'm grateful for my husband and children, and that one of my daughters is happily married. (Only three more to go!)

Anyhow, I've been contemplating this "how to uplift without being sappy" concept. And, of course, I've got a creative mind so it went off in lots of little tangents. (All those voices in my head saying do it this way, no this way, no, look at this idea!)

I have this new, and totally silly, plan. I received an email that challenged me to speak my gratitude and my wants aloud more often. So, instead of mumbling everywhere I go, I thought, how can I do this without looking entirely crazy?

Because I have a small bladder and IBS, and frequent the bathroom about as much as any other place on the planet, and it's a place I'm generally alone :) I thought...hey, that's the place to throw up those little happy thoughts!

I challenge you, too, to consider that as a perfect place to say "I'm grateful for...and I want to be, or have." I suppose you can call it a prayer, and do it that way if you want. Or you can consider it a meditation. I consider it a halfway point, sending the positives up. You can address deity, or angels, or the universe. And you can close with an amen, or not. It's your deal, do it your way.

I think that doing this will help us to be happier in our lives, and it works on the law of attraction which will bring more of these things you want and appreciate into your life. Take the challenge, see if it works for you.

I titled this post 300 because I went to see that amazing film last night. AMAZING. Have you seen it? It is AMAZING. Can I say that enough?

There was a brilliant use of ripped abs (and a few tittys, so be fairly warned.) THe director had moments of phenomenal talent showing so many times that I mostly sat back with a WOW on my lips.

It's a great story about Spartans. There's heroism galore, and some sacrifice, and romance (epic), and deceit, betrayal, and crazy cool graphic integration.

I think that's a film to own, personally. I love the "Christ" touch of martyrdom at the end. Get me straight on this, though--there was no talk of Christ. But there is a death scene at the end where the Spartans are downed with a million arrows. It looks like it should be painted on the ceiling of a cathedral when they do a panoramic view of it, and in the center is...well, see the picture. It's just amazingly well done. (Can I say AMAZING enough?)

So, let me add that I am grateful for amazing writers, and gifted directors, and talented actors, and brilliant cinematographers and phenomenal graphic artists--because they produce AMAZING entertainment for us. Ya gotta cheer the talent that goes into epic films.

May I soon write a bunch of epics (books and screenplays) that become AMAZING films and national and international best sellers.

Wouldn't that be cool? Because, if I had that much money rolling in, I'd buy a cruise out and put my faithful fans and friends on it for FREE.

So wish me that sort of luck and ability so that we can cruise, babies! And you can mark this day down, so you can remind me if ever I forget. (I don't think I will.)

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