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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Crazy Snow

So, I was traveling along in my automobile (yes, there is a song running through my head--anybody know the title and vocalist who did that one?) And yes, I am planning on doing something for those who have rung the bell

And I had the Impala up to speed on I-80 this last weekend and what to my eyes did appear?

A whole heckuva lotta ice.

I went through Green River, Wyoming. You might have heard about this:

And then I narrowly missed:

But, I turned south on 789 to Colorado 13 and cut through above Vail. When I hit Steamboat Springs--anybody been there? Beautiful, clear. Mountain was gorgeous. No warning of a bad storm rising.

A half hour later, while slipping (literally) over Rabbit Ears Pass toward Kremmling--which is the shortcut to Denver--I really got to sliding around. The blizzard overtook the mountain and we couldn't see more than five feet ahead of the car--and that was only when the wind gusted the flurries off. Have you ever done that? Scarrrrreeeeeey.

I'm the crybaby in the car ahead of you repeating, "Oh, God. Oh, God. Please keep my kids safe." You know, in mantra/rote form.

We did the snail's pace bumper to bumper with five other cars, saw cars off the road in hood deep ditches and took our turn at skidding off the road, hitting the side of the hill (damn big mountain) and over-correcting. We followed the car ahead of us all the way, over-corrected in just the same way, but survived it miraculously unscathed.

Which leads me to ponder. Would you say that meant me and the two kids traveling with me were destined to do something great? Saved by fate?

This is my same daughter that survived a near fatal accident last fall--with hundreds of thousands of medical bills to show for it--and she has healed (yes, miraculously). Is she my lucky charm? (I think she's an angel, personally.)

Do you believe in miracles? Lucky charms or talismans? A pre-ordained fate/destiny to accomplish certain things while on this planet/in this life?

Before you post your answer--understand that I love responses, but not preaching. (There are plenty of other blogs that do that. Go there if you wanna.)

PLEASE share your spiritual message with gentle testimony. If it contains an affirmation of God, Christ, or any higher power, I am fine with it. Your opinion of your experience is your own. Please, no bashing of other comments. Those get deleted by my fine and fast delete finger. (as soon as I read it anyway)

Let me start the ball rolling by admitting...I believe in a higher power. I call it God. And I believe in Jesus Christ. And, yes, I also believe in listening to spirit.

Spirit tells me now to get up and kiss my cupcake husband. He flew in from Alaska as a big surprise to me. Wow. That man is too cool to me. Gotta love a guy like that. *smooch* -Carys

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