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Friday, March 17, 2006

Response to your questions

I was in NY twice last year, and I went to Oregon a couple times, too. Did booksignings in NYC and then on the other end--in Eugene and Portland. And I traveled through most of the states in-between Missouri and both coasts. I went to Florida once. Vegas a few times. (I have family there).

Since I drive if I can, I can see more places. I'll try and post where I'm heading, in case anybody wants to meet up. Mapquest says I-80 is the quickest route. Anybody up that way wanna give me a heads up on the roads? If it's snowy, oh darn, I'll have to take the Vegas route...again. LOL You know that'll be a hardship for me. My mom puts me up in a suite at the Casablanca Hotel in Mesquite, usually, and buys me prime rib as much as I can stand--or whatever.

She's a dealer at the Eureka Hotel in Mesquite and would love for anyone to come by and say you're a fan. And my brother, Jason, is a craps dealer at the Monte Carlo in Vegas. So, if you get out that way, be SURE and stop in and say hello. They'll think it's awesome.

I do need to say this...I am leaving in the morning for Boise, Idaho where one of my daughters' live. I dunno how well this new laptop is gonna work, or if I'll be able to figure out how to connect to wifi--or whatever. So, if I'm incommunicado, don't think I'm ignoring you. I have scheduled remote daily posting, so something will appear (hopefully) even if I can't monitor it myself all day long.

And I'll chat with ya when I get back.
Have a great week!

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It's great to hear you come to Oregon---not many authors do. If they come it is only to Portland.
It would be great if you would post appearances.

By Blogger Estella, at 7:59 PM  

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