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Friday, March 31, 2006

Werewolves IN PRINT

This morning, I am working on werewolves. Gotta love those nasty boys--and bitchy women.

I'm going through the final galley on the print anthology that will be available in a few weeks--what that means is...the first four ebooks in the Wanton Werewolf series will be in a paperback form. I hope you'll want a copy of that. Of course, there are plans to put the whole series in print.

This one is supposed to be available for purchase when I'm in Oklahoma City at the Embassy Suites hotel the first weekend of May, and at the Romantic Times Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida May 16-22. I sure hope you come and chat with me! I'd love to sign these books personally for you.

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Love the werewolf books!

By Blogger Estella, at 7:33 PM  

How exciting for you that the books are going to print. Hope the signing goes great.

By Blogger snowflake, at 8:12 PM  

It is exciting.

What I am constantly amazed at is how much I enjoy reading my stories over. And that's not to sound egotistical. I DO enjoy them. But then--that's my first goal of writing--to entertain myself.

I figure, if an author's stories bore the author--you know it's bad. And that's one of my rule of thumbs on a piece or scene. If I get where I lose interest, I go back and rewrite what came before.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 12:50 PM  

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