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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Amarillo, here I come!

(No pun intended on that title up there. Celibate until next week, you know.)

This weekend, I'll be in Amarillo at the Frontiers in Writing Conference at the Ambassador Hotel. Sliding in there Friday night. Taking my good friend Becky Cline, who is an up and coming aspiring writer, and lots of fun. She's a little man magnet, let me tell ya. She even draws men with oxygen tanks--if that isn't the funniest thing you ever heard. She called a guy an asshole once, and he thought it was foreplay--still won't leave her alone. (Some men!)

So, I know the company will good. Why don't ya come on down? (no pun intended there either!) Unless, of course, you' mind.

Why do you suppose that sometimes our minds work toward the gutter more than others? Think it has to do with...sleeping too long on one side, which caused blood to seep from one side of the brain and pool in the other? Or what? (That's my theory.)

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