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Monday, May 29, 2006

Getting Serious (NOT!)

Okay. I need to buckle down and get to writing or editing.

Why is it that when ya need to do something--to get serious and disciplined--is the time you least wanna do it? Is it the fact that I'm a rebellious soul, do you think?

I am bored with everything I've got started--which means I have to go back and look at the last scene in each of them and rewrite it--because any time I get bored, I know you'll get bored if I just plug away and don't fix what made me lose interest. So, sometimes writing becomes tedious re-writing and editing.

I can't face it! Not today!
I have a pinched sciatica--which I blame fully on the four friggin' hours of sports banquet I sat in one place the night before I left for RT. Been to the ER twice. Fifth lumbar is out, pinching on the nerves, shooting pains down my left leg. Vicodin ISN'T working. So, what will result is a bitchy heroine, I guess, if I write something fresh. But then, you werewolf fans would like that, eh?

What to name her? And the guy who might, just, be in danger of getting his head bit off? (Pun inserted purposely)


Or should I try a second vicodin and see if that gives me a happy little feel good story?
It may give me a much needed nap. Yeah. Yeah. I know. This post is being written before 8 a.m. and I'm talking about needing a nap. So, I don't sleep much at night. Sue me. I'm a tosser, turner, but not a bra burner.

Sorry, poet in me slipped out.
Yeah, I know. She's not at her best in the morning either. I should keep her locked up.

Did I mention that I believe I've got split personality disorder? Self diagnosed. On one hand, I am Carys Weldon, woman who writes everything with a pun or tongue in cheek. There's a poet inside, which I keep duct taped to a chair a lot. And then there's another ego that writes cleaner prose. Stuff that fits on children's book shelves, and on sf fan's bedside tables...and nonfiction. She often writes anonymously. If you find TRUE CONFESSIONS, June 2006 issue, and read DEPLOY TO WAR, that's something I wrote. Of course, I don't get a byline in that mag.

Usually, when I can't write wicked, I write "that other sort of stuff." But (she whines) I wanna write sexy stuff today!

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