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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Statement from my editor

Much discussion has been made about the events at RT and my subsequent release from my position. There is some confusion about what my position was, perpetuated by several factions.

Until last Wednesday, I was the Executive Editor-in-Chief of eXtasy Books, and one of four partners in eXtasy/Zumaya. Though the position was both granted to me and publically announced, no paperwork was ever filed on my behalf, despite my requests, and eXtasy/ Zumaya was never incorperated. That is why my position was so easily and trivially dissolved.

I have spoken privately about the events leading up to and after that dissolution, and will not discuss them publically. I have always attempted to conduct myself as a professional, as those who attended RT can attest. It's unfortunate that due to the need to gossip, I was forced to make any statements at all in defense of my own reputation. I had hoped that professionalism would prevail.

I have no battle with eXtasy Books as a company, nor the authors that remain within. They are not to blame for the actions of staff, and should not be persecuted for same. They are a very talented and wonderful group, and well worth notice.

I would like to officially announce my availability. I am skilled in several areas of the publishing business, having edited both mainstream and erotica for more than ten years. My role at eXtasy included not only editing, but maintaining the editorial staff, copyediting, completion and formatting of manuscripts, and conversion. In addition, I was responsible for the majority of promotional and contact efforts not handled most efficiently by Millenium Promotions, and taking care of the authors as well. My creativity and originality has been the driving force behind eXtasy's success.

I am honored that several publishers have stepped forward already and approached me with offers. Thanks to all of you who showed me that respect.

If you would like to discuss a possible connection between myself and your company or have any questions, contact me at . I will consider all offers and render my decision shortly.

Thank you for your time. I hope this will help calm some of the issues, and allow eXtasy's authors to get back into their rhythm again.


Stefani V. Kelsey
The editor formerly known as the EEE.

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