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Monday, July 17, 2006

Johnny Depp and kids laughing at me

My kids and many adult friends have blogs and websites at So, I thought...hey...I'll see about setting one up.

I went. I read. (Okay, I skimmed.) I tried to fill in the blanks.
Again. And again. And again.

I'm sorry, you're rejected.

I tried all sorts of things.

My kids got laughing at me...because I may be a writer, and I may read a lot, but when it comes to contractual things, I'm lazy. I speed read. I skim. I barely squint over anything but fine print.

And, apparently, I miss important things like...oh...the box at the bottom that you have to check if you really want a spot.

I gave up. The kids said, "Where's your myspace, Mom? You were on there a long time."

They were snickering. They KNEW without asking. They sat behind me, pretending to watch t.v. but really ...just laughing at me.

Because, they are their mother's children. They had done the same thing.

I'll let ya know if I set one up. I gotta get back in the mood.

Meanwhile, another author said to me that she is only accepting famous people, like Johnny Depp, cover models and big authors as her friends there.

So, I had to go look at Johnny Depp's deal. Some very cool graphics being posted by his fans. Guys post and they say, "You rock. I'm not gay. But I had to rock."

I thought that was funny.

I love Johnny Depp's movies, and think he's sexy as hell--but I hate his politics. (He's raising his "kiddies" (his word) in France, for God's sake. That's unamerican!)

I mentioned this whole "other author only taking famous people on her blog" to a third author who said...does she really think Johnny's checking the site himself? And not paying promo people to post?

He has over 4000 "friends" on myspace. People post all the time. I don't know how he could do anything but go through those, if he did them all himself. I'm sure he has other fan mail, too. Or maybe I'm just guessing. Maybe he only has 4000+ fans worldwide. Forget handling business, time out for acting, raising some kids, and shagging his girlfriend. Nah. I'm sure he doesn't waste time on THAT.


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