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Friday, July 14, 2006

Your comments! A Cruise?

Just so you know how this blogger works...every time you post a comment, I get an email that tells me what was said. I ALWAYS read them. A lot of the time, if you look, I make comments in reply.

Please...everybody...especially the quiet lurkers...comment more. I love the interaction. And I don't mind criticism. Be a real friend here, tell me what you like and don't like.

Just to see who is reading...I'm thinking of doing a Carys Weldon Cruise Getaway or something. Not this year--but planning ahead. You know, if five, ten, or a hundred fans wanted to have an excuse to go on a cruise...we could find an affordable one and go. And every day of the cruise, I'd give out some sort of prize. (Probably gift certificates? Those are easy to pack home.)

It's just a thought. If you think you'd like to do something like that...if it were planned a year in advance or so, so that the cost of the cruise could be paid in smaller chunks...let me know. Who would consider going? Anybody?

And don't think I'd "force you to hang out with me." It would be your vacation, your time would be up to you, but maybe we could do meals together--and more if the interest was there. And I wouldn't care if you brought your family, or not. Mine would probably be on board.

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