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Saturday, July 15, 2006

You, Me, and Dupree

I went to the movie yesterday, with my youngest daughter. We saw You, Me, and Dupree. I've always been a Matt Dillon fan--but I'm not really sure why. Upon closer inspection, his smile is odd.

But, I like the dark hair and eyes and the broad shoulder thing. And Owen Wilson? He is too funny.

Have you seen the movie? Or the commercials for it?

In the commercials, there is a scene where he's laying face down on the sofa, buns up--in a leopard print g-string thing.

In the movie, as the camera pans to the sofa--you think--this is the scene in the commercial. But shock of shocks--his buns are completely exposed. And the line that comes is something about him getting some clothes on, and never being like that on the sofa again. He's sleeping, oblivious.

So, Matt Dillon's character (Carl) says, "Yeah. I'll tell him."

And he does. He says, "Get some pajamas on or something if you're gonna sleep in my living room." (paraphrased)

So, Owen Wilson's character (Dupree) is a free spirit and interprets everything funny. It's easy to think, NEXT TIME he'll be in that g-string. And, invariably, they set you up for them seeing him sleeping on the couch again...but he's in full pajamas.

My daughter and I, when we were walking out, talked about that...and how we were somewhat disappointed that they didn't pan to the g-string. Like, the commercial lied to us.

That, of course, led to a debate (a very short one) on whether or not that was Owen Wilson's real ass, or someone else's. I think it was somebody else's.

Here's your assignment. Watch the movie. Google if you need to. But tell that his booty or someone else's? And it's okay if you wait until it comes out on video. I paid way too much to go see it at the expensive theater in town. (I usually support the cheap theater; two of my daughters worked there.)

If no one comments on this challenge after going to look, I'll know you were just...well...too busy thinking about Owen Wilson's backside to jot a comment. It's okay. I, myself, am getting flashbacks to the scene--which make me blink.

And that makes me think of that Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn movie, Bird on a Wire. Mel doesn't show his buns. He gets butt doubles. And I remember that movie had his backside featured--or his stunt double's. I wonder, do they just pick anybody to do those, or do they say, drop your pants, we'll find a set of buns that are quite similar. Anybody know?

(Just makes me laugh to think of it. Sorry.)

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