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Monday, July 10, 2006

I've been a slacker

I'm gonna seriously apply myself to writing something good today. I've been traipsing all over the country for so long, and sitting with my kids watching t.v. and going to ball games...and it's time I got busy writing.

So, I thought if I posted it on my blogger, I'd feel obligated to follow through with the idea. Sort of like weight watchers or tops. You report in and you're less apt to cheat.

Email steals me away from writing, but sometimes it is a necessary diversion.

But I'm hoping for a day where I can do nothing but let my fingers fly fast on a story.

The big factor that is my usual problem is my buns and backside. I would like to design a computer chair. I know what I want. One that has a blow up cushion that you can push a button and change the firmness--that has a center to it, that doesn't put pressure on the spine.

Anybody know where I can go to get that idea patented? Or where one is made? Or if you could just pass the idea on to someone who can make one, I'd be fine with that.

Anyhow, I'm planning on getting something fruitful done. Making a goal here...which I think is fairly small...twenty pages of a new novel.

I have an agent that's asked me to write something tame. Like, an old fashioned romance. It will be a challenge to go that route since my usual stuff is edgy and there are gonna be no paranormal elements in this one.

But, I wrote Three in Their Cups, that's a contemporary with a fairly small amount of language, and no one that grew fangs. Did any of you read that one?

I need to write the sequel to it. Hm. Well, that'll have to come later. After this other one.
Looking at names you've suggested before. Taking more, all the time. Got any new ones?

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