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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Official Email

Yesterday, I received an email from Gerda (Tina) Haveman--owner of Extasy Books. She is releasing all my contracts--per my request. Books will be removed from Extasy's site and other outlets asap.

So, if you wanted to read a title and haven't purchased it yet, better go get it.

I have spoken to other publishers, and have been assured that my werewolf series will be swept up. No official offers are on the table--as all are awaiting the formal release. But, I don't want my fans (YOU) to think they're gonna get cheated out of the end of the series. I've written two more that aren't out already, and have a third in the works.

What might happen is a lengthening of the shorter werewolf ebooks--so they'll be full novels when they go to print. That might be fun--to get to see more of, say, Chaos's story. Or Leers. Holy heaven, we could have some fun if we went a little DEEPER with those men, don't you think?

And, in other news, I committed to something else that I think you might be interested in. Stefani Kelsey (that editor I love so much) showed me a book cover she purchased from an artist--for a werewolf story--and I drooled and said, "Oh! I wanna write about that man!"

I dropped the story I started two days ago...which none of you bothered to comment on, btw. So, I can only assume you thought the start was needing work or something. I WILL go back and finish that one later.

And, I have leaped into what I think will be another very cool werewolf book featuring a couple of cool guys: Kieran and Trevyn. It might turn out to be a series. The ideas went racing though, the minute I saw the cover. So, I know you'll like the hotty hero.

So, I may alternate between those stories--but that's what I'm working on today. And I'm gonna get busy.

Now, remember what I said first. IF YOU WANT MY BOOKS AT EXTASY, you have very limited days to get them. To the end of the month at most. But they may be removed today.

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I'm glad you wound up resolving things with Extasy.

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 4:59 PM  

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