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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Buy my books FAST

Hey, I just wanna give you a heads up...
my books may not be available from Extasy Books for much longer.
So, if you want 'em, you might wanna make a run for 'em.
And I'm not saying that just to trick you into buying, or to up this week's sales or something.

Vampirubus is up for sale at the Extasy website now, and so are all the other titles that have been released.

But...things there are shaky. I was technically released from my contracts with them on June 9th by Extasy part owner, Diana Kemp-Jones, and had to wait through a ninety day clause--which is over now. My books are supposed to be removed, and all rights reverted to me. (As you can see, they are still up and I have not been paid all my royalties...but I have faith in both things happening soon.)

Never fear...that does not mean that I don't have other prospects or that you'll never see my books again. A couple of publishers have asked for my manuscripts/books for republishing those that are out now, and those that were slated to come out. It's just a matter of deciding where I want to put them. But, that could take some months to process.

For my fans, though, I'll feed you here--I promise. If you need more werewolves or vampires or whatever from me...just say so. I know some of you are shy about posting to the public forum, but okay with emailing me privately. I'm cool with it either way.

I do want to remind you that my newsletter is coming out soon and I'll be doing two drawings again for gift certificates. One will be drawn from the names of those who've posted to this blog, and the other is from the drawing noted in my last newsletter.

Winners will be announced here and in the next newsletter. Did I say that already? I feel repetitious.

Keyed up and stressed here at 1:40 a.m. (Missouri time).

I should go to bed...but will I sleep? I don't think so.

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