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Friday, October 06, 2006

I know a Shaman

Just to give you a little more info about moi--and the story I'm currently writing...(exerpt posted yesterday):

I have injun friends. One (Navajo) lives on the Indian reservation in New Mexico. Okay, only six months of the year, so he can keep his rights, get the free medical and whatever. His two kids (adults now) don't live on the res at all. The girl is like a sister to me--which is probably why I haven't spoken to her in ages. Both of my sisters were her bridesmaids and two of my daughters were in her wedding, and I sewed about seven dresses for the event. We actually call her SQUAW. I won't tell ya what she calls my husband. ;)

The point? I know some navajos pretty dang well. So, the story you saw an excerpt of yesterday has some real authenticity to it. (Werewolf notwithstanding)

On top of that, I have a good acquaintance (friend) who is an actual Shaman and goes around the country teaching ceremonies to indians. It is through him that I learned, and experienced a night of the singing vessels. They are little clay jars that have faces and are actually whistles used to call spirits with.

You can see an example of them here:

I also know a couple more injuns. Most of them are connected to tribes up north--in the Dakotas. But last year, when I went to Alaska, I met some Athabaskans--which I had previously known nothing about. I thought all the indians in Alaska were eskimos. But big surprise, I was wrong (again). So, a large part of this new story is based on them.

Here's an interesting know how you see indians with beaded moccasins and sashes and stuff like that? Well, an old athabaskan indian woman was making something of that nature when I met her and she explained that it was what she called "The traditionals, what we give to people in honor of them carrying or serving the dead."

So, a guy that is decked out in a bunch of beaded stuff is considered very special because he has carried the loved ones to the place where their spirits...well, you get the picture.

What does this have to do with sexy romance though?
As you know, I can twist any subject toward a sexual slant. I just want to send you back to re-read yesterday's excerpt and think about the female character...doing that lovemaking in a circle of light, surrounded by crystals, naked in the snow beside a beautiful lake beneath a glacier range that has "crying" waterfalls everywhere.

And picture another very handsome man watching her erotic arching, getting turned on...and snagging her after it's over.

Because that's where the story goes next.

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