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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sex below

**Warning Will Robinson there is sex below.

Sex talk, anyway.
Why do puns slip so easily from my tongue and fingertips?
(Nobody knows except I'm a gutter head.)

Sex below.
What does that make you think of?

Service! Service to your fellow man?
Or...a gift to you?

I wake up thinking about stuff like this all the time. I dunno why.
Because DOWN DEEP I am always...well, you know.

Carys whispers, "Thinking about sex."

You'd swear I was depraved or deprived or something but (most of the time) I'm not.

Let me show you how my leaping brain works...

This is actually what I woke up thinking about FIRST, right after...I gotta go to the bathroom...and I don't wanna get up but...since I gotta know.

Anyhow, at the writer's conference this last weekend, my husband had a woman sit on his lap--and it's a friend of mine who is built real cute, (amazing legs) and she's got a great sense of humor--which is always a BIG plus in attraction.

Somebody asked if that bothered me. (And she apologized for joking like that--later in email.) It was actually funny. She walked past him and then, since there were no readily available seats, sat on his knee.

It was actually a "carefully on the edge of his knee thing." He was shocked, I think, that she did it. And then she almost fell. He offered immediately to give her his seat or go find her another. (Which was a good move on his part!)

Now...some people asked me...was she scamming on him? I said, nope.
They asked if I was worried that he might be thinking about her on his lap more.
I said, nope.

Leap some more...

And I dunno how many times VCK--who posts here--had my hubby run her to her motel room--with my permission. The first time they left, someone turned to me the MINUTE they were out the door and said, "Did you just let your husband take HER to her ROOM?"

(Because anybody that knows VCK knows she likes sex.) Read this part fast because VCK may insist I remove this part of today's post. ;)

Okay...this is the point where those who have met me in person will probably laugh. (Because you've seen my attitude up close.) I pursed and licked my lips and said, "I took care of him at the motel earlier. There is no way in hell the man is UP for anything this soon."

It got a laugh.
But really, that IS my philosophy and I'd like to give it as a word to the wise. If you have a man in your life, and you keep him satisfied--so much that he goes to work just for rest time--you don't have to worry about him cheating on you.

And I will say that just because I licked my lips doesn't really mean that I gave oral sex. Doesn't mean I didn't, either. (But really, who wants to know who DID that? Or when? That really, really is too much information, isn't it?)

Or should I do a contest for those who post how many times they got sex in a week, or month? Hm. I'll have to think about that.

Truth is, I think more people are getting less and less sex than they want. I know, bottom line, I do. But then, my mind thinks about it all the time. Probably because I write THOSE types of stories that I do.

And my husband is currently hanging out around the house--distracting me all day long. He gets up hours after I do, comes in the hall (spelling tells you what I mean. Come on, get out of the gutter.) And I greet him with stuff like, "Morning, nudey man!"

And then I laugh and he grins. (We are SO weird, I think.)

Anyhow, I got off
track, that is.

I think this is one of the problems women get into, though--and men--we need sexual conversation about attraction, and sexual contact to make us feel loved and desired. Maybe, as we grow older and our hormones get out of whack, we need less actual sex.

But...copping feels of his package is a good way to make a man know you're thinking of being intimate. And if you want to keep a man feeling good--hold him (you know, down there) as you go to sleep. Or slide your hand over his hip if his back is to you.

Okay, that sort of stuff actually usually results in a little more. But, try it. i'm sure he'll like it, and when he's happy, he'll treat you better. I swear it.

We should not be afraid to be sensual women.
I had a friend years ago that complained because her hubby was a rutting pig. Like the Everyready bunny, he just kept going over and over again. She felt bad because she just couldn't seem to satisfy him even though he was getting orgasm after orgasm.

Dr. Ruth here (moi) said, "Okay. I came up with a plan. Taking a football concept--the best defense is a good offense--I time, when he walks in the door, you gotta be the actress whore of all time. Meet him at the door, with a full frontal sexual assault. All night long, no matter how much he performs, ask for him to do it one more time. Insist. Beg. Do whatever it takes to get him up to the action. And when he honestly can do no more, complain that you aren't...well...satisfied."

She did it. And guess what...she had to do it again a couple times in a row, but then the guy got over his apparent "I can't get fulfilled" phase. And things got onto a more normal, healthy playing field...although she realized the power she had over him, emotionally, by insisting he perform one more time than what he was really up to.

No offense guys.

There is a power in insisting your partner (male or female) go one more time over their limit...because it changes their feeling of adequacy, or superiority if you're turned the tables on them.

Sometimes I just do that attitude for fun. And my husband plays it on me. How many times can you reach climax today--any method is fair, as long as it doesn't involve animals or children.

I shouldn't have to clarify that, but I will. I KNOW my readers are into good healthy sex. Or would like to be, anyway.

Notice I said anything goes...which makes me think about public places--ah, but that's a post for another day. ;)

For those of you who are single--for whatever reason--take notes, remember them later. I swear that this is a good way to keep a partner thinking about you--if nothing else, what aphrodisiac did you take that worked?

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