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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Skippin' out

Gonna start on family and work myself up to something sexual. I AM a twisted woman.

My (youngest) daughter and I left the house AS IF WE WERE GONNA GO to the turkey shoot--but we didn't. We did a day. We had lunch with two of my friends--Becky (the aspiring writer) and Linda (the tarot reader who reads as Maiden of Mystery at

We went to Logan's Roadhouse. The food was good, company was great...but my daughter and I vote the chairs to be the worst out there. Of course, we both have major back issues.

I had my nails down, and she got a a vibrating chair--it included a foot and leg massage. I kept glancing over there--asking the Malaysian man doing my nails, "Uh, is that a vibrating chair?" and "Hey. What are they doing to her now?"

I've never had a pedicure, ever, but I think that's the place to get one. Three of my four daughters have foot fetish things, shoes, and whatever you can do to their feet--prettiest feet competitions. Of course, they have pretty feet like their dad. The other one has my feet and we know enough not to get into those kinds of competitions. (We have these weird little baby toes. Mine has the smallest toe nail ever. Yeah, like I said, it ain't pretty.)

They work though, so I guess we shouldn't complain.

I watched a movie recently...damn, I can't remember the name of it...I may have to come back and post it. I started laughing so hard...because the guy started kissing the girl, then dropped down and sucked her toe.

I have an ongoing joke or two with my husband and friend about toe whores...which I won't elaborate on at the moment. So, with that set of jokes already in my head, when the movie went to toe sucking--and no it wasn't porn--they would have been sucking something else in that, thank you very much--I got laughing out loud. Toe Whore. Toe Whore.

But, you can't be a whore if you don't get paid, right? So, would the appropriate term be TOE SLUT? And which one would be the slut? The sucking man, or the woman who lets him?

Which all brings me back to thinking about that romantic times convention I went to in May...where some other erotic authors and I got into a discussion of interesting sexual turn-ons. I guess I am too toe ticklish. The idea of having my toes sucked as foreplay... (or, God forbid doing it for someone else, even the man that I love...ick. Sorry, it isn't my thing.)

BUT this stupid idea keeps being presented to me, it seems, everywhere I go for over six months now. So, I have to ask you you think toe sucking is sexy or just funny?

Stefani Kelsey (that favorite editor of mine) told me that it could be very erotic. I have friends who admit they are not averse to it. And others that shiver at the thought.

You see how messed up I am? I am taking a toe whore poll! LOL
Mostly, I wanna know if it is widespreadly enjoyed so much that I should include it in a book someday. If I go with my own thoughts on it, I'm sure there will be laughter involved in the scene. I can just see it now:

Heidi's laying on the bed and Mr. Wonderful is kissing her all over. He works his way down to her ankle. She, of course, is thinking, "God, I can't wait til he starts coming back up."

But no, he gets entranced with her foot, kissing the arch, massaging it--and that feels good until suddenly he begins to suck--her big toe--and she realizes he's doing a good imitation of head on her toe.

She props herself up on her elbows and watches for the space of several minutes, then glances downward and realizes just how turned on he is by doing this and...

accuses, "You are NOT pretending my toe is a dick, are you?"

(Sorry. I'm bad. Couldn't resist.)

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"You are NOT pretending my toe is a dick, are you?"


OK, to the toe sucking question... My feet are very ticklish so I highly doubt this is something I would like.

I welcome the chance for someone to prove me wrong though. ;)

('Course, has to be the right type. lol)

By Blogger Jen, at 4:27 PM  

I love my feet for their practical uses, but they are neither pretty nor sexy. And I bet my little toenail is smaller than yours.

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 8:22 AM  

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