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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lousy internet service

Cascade Access stinks. It takes advantage of old people. They owe my mother an apology. How's that for an opening?

I'm typing at my mom's. She gets 26kbps hook up. It's a nightmare. It took ten minutes to load this page to write in. So, I got mad before it even loaded.

I called her tech support and the snot nosed little 22 yr old bastard named Sam told me it wasn't worth fixing since she only had dial up service. He said that it would only, maybe, bump up the kbps by 20. Now, do the math...that's almost twice the bandwidth meaning half the loading time. And he thinks that isn't worth it?

My mom lives two blocks off of main street in Mesquite, Nevada between the casinos. You know they have good phone service in this area and the little ass wipe tried to convince me (by patronizing me)that 26k is all they can get in the area. I hate smart ass 22 yr olds who talk down to people because they think they are authorities and can get away with it. How much can he possibly know? (NO offense to young readers--I know lots of smart twenty-something foolks-- but this guy was a total ignoramous.)

At one point, he handed the phone over to his best phone buddy Justin, who also talks down to customers. LOSERS. Sorry, my maturity level went out the window when I had to try to communicate with the cerebrally challenged tech support community. (Yes, I am ranting.)

So, he says he'll have his boss call in a half hour to talk to my mom. So, we have to wait, and then the guy wants to talk to the old lady they've been taking advantage of for 2 years...not me, the person that can talk through the settings and system check.

Needless to say, I'm cranky as hell about the whole thing. We tried to download 398 emails repeatedly in the last couple days but the service kept bumping off and we'd have to start again. TOTALLY lousy service. Heads up, if you have a choice between them and, oh, morse code, morse code IS FASTER.

Quick. Somebody tell me a happy internet story or something.

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There are happy internet stories???? Ummm... check out my blog for pictures of a hunky 22 year old I work with wearing the apron I got him for his birthday...and nothing else. That's happy!

By Blogger Glenna, at 7:55 PM  

Way late on this one. *s* The only happy internet story I have is when we finally switched to DSL. :)

Completely unrelated: I had to change Phillip's name. It wasn't a period Irish name. So it's now Kiernan, which I like loads better. :) I didn't count last night because it was late, but I think I'm up to 33k.

By Blogger Jen, at 7:19 AM  

I can totally appreciate your frustration with tech support. I've been there. The funny thing is I often know MORE technical information than the tech support folks I'm calling. Unfortunately for you, dial-up accounts will NEVER be faster or slower due to anything you do at your machine (short of getting ISDN or ASDL service). Regular 56k modem dialup is just what it is... slow. ... and often, slower than 56k, like you've already mentioned. :S

If "Sam" told you that he could increase your speed by 20k, Sam was either mistaken or perhaps you misunderstood him.

Sorry for your frustration though.
Switch your mom over to DSL or Cable modem. :)

- C

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:12 PM  

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