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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The spice of life is made up of variety, right?

So, here goes.
Yesterday, I settled on working on a sequel to Candy's Kisses and Levi's Jeans. You may remember a month or so ago I had an urge to write something that I called One Dumb Night (or weekend or something like that.) I had that up to 22 pages before I messed with it yesterday. I edited through all that, and got it up to 39 pages, tying it into the other book better by mentioning some of the people which previously did not exist in the manuscript's beginning.

I won't have time to write much, if at all, today. I gotta go see about getting my taxes done, and have appointments in more than one place. Meeting a friend for lunch at 11:30. I usually do late lunches--sometimes after 1 and later because mornings are my best time to write. But this gal is a writing friend who has been saying, "Let's get together" for 2 years. LOL So, when she set a day and time, I said, I'll be there.

I really need to finish one of my screenplays. She knows Timothy Bottoms. Used to rent from him or something in Cali. He's told her if she ever wants him to shop something around, he'd do it in a heartbeat for her, or fund the project herself. So, she's offered to hand him my work, if I'd ever finish a SP. I have a couple really good ones half done. I need to settle in, stop going places and playing with my family, and having lunch with friends, etc, and go down the list of unfinished projects and finish them one by one.

Ah. But that would take discipline.

Which brings me to my next subject. Going off my diet again for Valentine's day. The idea came when we watched UNWRAPPED. You ever catch that show? They go to factories and show how various foods are made and it's a really bad thing to watch when you're on a diet. I watch the cake wars, food challengs and stuff like that, too...hoping to pretend those treats are in my mouth, melting while I savor the flavor.

I'm into chocolate and steak mostly. But Unwrapped had me wanting chocolate covered cherries and jelly hearts, sweet gummy candy. The Werthers commercial makes me pine for chewy caramels.

Yesterday, my family had soup. Soup with way too high a carb count for me. AND DIPPED BREAD into the juices and I watched like some starving bum, trying to swallow. Coming to the conclusion that I needed to take a day off or something. I'm really trying to talk myself in or out of it again, as I did at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think that you have to go off a diet every now and then to reset your body. Else you stay at the plateau (like I've been on for weeks.) It's my theory and I'm sticking to it because it backs up the idea of getting off the diet. hehehe

Turning that idea of self help, and not helping self really, I want to point you to a website that a friend of mine runs. Ronda Del Boccio is legally blind but can see, and writes. She's a (quote from her website/emails) "Best Selling Author, Edu-tainer, Mentor Awakened, LLC.

She sent me this quote yesterday:

"What If All The Great Heroes And Wise People Of The Ages Could Guide You And Help You Live Your Dream Starting NOW? They do! Claim your Storyation audio today and win powerful additional gifts!"

Here's her website:

She puts value on the things she offers, but at this time, I think, most everything is a gift to those who check her site out. What she offers appears to be a follow up of the movie THE SECRET which I mentioned a month or so ago, and encouraged you all to go and get, or rent, and take to heart.

I want us all to be happy, healthy, wealthy, successful. The wealthier we all are, the more chance we can get together, say, oh, on cruises and in Vegas, and other cool spots.

I try to picture us doing things together. That makes me feel more successful, to imagine friends/fans at large tables, having a great time. (Not because I want groupies hanging on my every word, but because I want to have fun. Ya know?)

If you want me to picture you at the table, say, on that cruise, and you haven't met me, feel free to email me your picture, or post on this blog.

I'd like to ask you to do something. Please picture holding a book, written by moi, choose any of the titles from my Carys Weldon website (or each in succession) and those I've mentioned on the blog. See my name on it, and look at the book, picture Kensington on the label to all my werewolf books and the other titles that I had at Extasy. While you're picturing this, imagine how excited you are that the whole series is back in print, including all the titles that didn't get out when I was with the other company. And if you want to envision some of the novellas expanded, post that in the comment section. I'll see what I can do on that end.

This doesn't have to take a long time, but as many times as you could do it, would be great. I'm trying to work some manifest destiny. We'll see if you can help me with this. And, if you do it, post here that you gave it a shot. And post it every time you think of it. Mostly, remember to imagine the excitement of knowing you wanted this to happen, and it did, and you are part of making it come true.

Also, picture books with the Jennifer DiCamillo name on it. Titles like Murder on Grah, The High King Wars, Grand Canyon Dragons, Dragon Kin, and The Pyr Worlds with the TOR label. Those are all science fiction titles that I have started but not finished that I'd like to see with the NY big publishers.

What else could I get you to picture? Olga the Silly Goose, and Mickey: a Border Collie, Freda Frog, and Mrs. Boopy's Got Bugs (children's books) and Dragon's Rising, Taylor's Trouble, and The Kid, the Candlestick, and the Cave (middle grade novel/series).

I know that sounds like a lot. But some of you will do them all. Some will pick one or two or whatever. Or maybe you'll pick one today, and another tomorrow.

I have to tell you, when I hear that my writing friends have a book by a certain title they are working on, I take a minute to picture them with it in print and in hand.

When I hear that you have problems, as my friends, I take a minute to visualize things smoothed out. For example, Brenda's son got burned last year. I envisioned him healed. Jen said she wanted to go to Dairy Hollow Writer's Colony, so I pictured her there, writing away. I've also pictured her with Philip's Curse completed, in print, and at a book signing beside me.

Vickey mentioned a book she's working on. I took a minute to picture her with that finished and at a book signing. Rinda, too.

I picture myself seeing Brenda and Kay at RT again. And my friend Becky at book signings with her own books. And one thing I always do is see us smiling, SO HAPPY that we are there together, happy, healthy, wealthy.

In my mind, I am grateful to the universe (and God, spirit, angels) that all these things are ours. We are there already.

Can you believe that it is already ours, too?

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3 months and 3 weeks until Dairy Hollow. :)

I was so tickled to see you mention Phillip's Curse. :) I'm at 18,750 words. I'm still pretty excited over this one. :)

I've got to get them to unforward the phones at the office so I can take a shower and do transcription so I can then write more on it.

Oh crap. I forgot I haven't finished the website review to send to Wayne for the OWFI Report yet. Need to do that first, I guess.

By Blogger Jen, at 7:04 AM  

Hey - Storyate your reality with passion and call your success to you. You can make it happen!

thanks for mentioning my website. I like your visioning that you have in the post.

I deal some with the Law of Attraction (The Secret). You DO attract things into your reality, for good or ill, but when you are creating something - like success as an author etc. - not only do you create a powerful image/vision of what you want to be yours, but you then use the power of the back end of that word -- attrACTION -- to make it happen.

Storyation draws on the power of the Hero's Journey (Joseph Campbell) because anyone creating something big for your life -- you -- chooses the hero's path.

But there's much more to Storyation...Storyation is impassioned reality re-creation.

The Storyation journey is a process I developed after years of studying the power of the mind, world legends and spiritual paths, and more.

I invite everyone to a free Storyation Teleseminar Thursday night @ 8 Eastern/5 Pacific. Details are on my site.

Oh...and there's a contest...

Live your dream!

By Anonymous Ronda Del Boccio, at 7:30 AM  

JUst wanted to wish you Happy Valentine's Day!

By Blogger Debby, at 4:00 AM  

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