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Monday, June 18, 2007


So, um, I have two trojans I've been playing with for, oh, a couple weeks now--and I'm not talking condoms. That's why I haven't been posting. Most of the time, my pc is fighting (me) back. The dumb mouse just up and decides not to move sideways sometimes. (Most of the time.) I've restarted the system, oh, easily 6-8 times this morning, scandisking, etc. Finally, the mouse works! YAY!

Let's hope that it stays functional. If you have any clue on how to check/shut down auto starting programs besides what comes up with an alt+tab+delete, let me know. The culprit programs are not showing in that.

Anyhow, that's why I haven't been blogging or sent out my newsletter or anything this month. What a pain the world is sometimes.

AND, as if that wasn't enough trauma for a writer--to be unable to do much on her computer, therefore writing has been minimal to non-existent...

But worse, I had the worst bad hair day in the history of my world in years. The day before I was supposed to be in Oklahoma City, I got a perm. It was supposed to be one of those things where it just held a slight under curl. You know, enhancing the cut so I wouldn't have to curling iron it every day. Turned into a serious nightmare where it (I kid you not) began to frizz up and fall out in HANDFULS.

This is the night before I was speaking at a national poetry convention (doing readings and representing my state) and the SoonerCON science ficiton convention--doing several panel discussions, signing and reading.

Yeah. That means I did not have time to figure out how to save my hair. The hairdresser said, given a few weeks of repeated reconstructor, we could maybe save the length.

But you know I go too much to do that, to hide for weeks while I work on that. And it was seriously coming out in globbing handfuls. Every brush through was FULL. Talk about horrifying.

So, now my hair is at chin length. I am fully traumatized.
I know I sound like a drama queen. Sorry, that's what I am.

It's one thing to cut your hair short because you want to. It's another thing to HAVE to get it chopped/lopped off so dramatically.

Anyhow, there's a heads up on what my latest drama is. (yeah, pun intended.)
I'm taking all sympathies. And you can say "stop your whining" if you want to. Top my story if you can.

Beyond bad is the fact that there is just enough of the perm in what's left to make the one side curl out and the other curl in. How crappy is that? (It's just stupid, imo.)

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You have my full sympathy and I'd even help you go shave the head of the hairdresser who did that to you, BUT, having seen your new hair in the flesh, the one consolation is that it's damn cute!

By Blogger Glenna, at 6:18 PM  

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