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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

DJ blues

I'm spending this morning...looking for a DJ for my daughter's wedding. If you know one in Idaho that isn't busy on June 17th, by all means, send them my way!

Here's a heads up...don't plan a wedding in June at the last minute--which is anything under six months advance notice. You have to pay twice as much and move your time up or down to accommodate the better caterers and photographers.

And DJ's? They are almost impossible to get, period, in June. At least, that's what I am told.

So, of course, since I want my daughter's wedding to be the one of the century, I'm frustrated.

And what do frustrated women do? Get a man to help them work out their stress? (Or do men give us more frustration?) Doesn't matter. My man is in Alaska, as you already know.

I'm a bbw with health issues (bad back, flat feet)--so doing the gym "kill yourself" thing isn't gonna help me work off my tension.

I'm having steak and sauted mushrooms for breakfast to make myself feel better for being a failure at finding a DJ.

What do you do to get over your frustrations, or to make yourself feel better? I may have to splurge on Godiva later if I don't have any success.

Did you see that I did a Godiva contest last month? My promo girl loves Godiva chocolates and says I should offer them more often because women don't splurge enough on themselves. Do you agree?

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I either eat plain potato chips and dill pickle dip or chocolate to get over my frustrations and to feel better. Also, I snuggle with puppy wuppy in the recliner and listen to 'nature' music, close my eyes and try to relax.
Women should treat themselves more, I agree. I don't do it very often.

By Blogger robynl, at 11:33 AM  

Tell us the recipe for this dill pickle dip. I have had dill dip, but not dill pickle dip.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:17 PM  

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