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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

False accusations and heroes

So, hey...

I lied.

Remember yesterday when I told you that I suspected my son of stripping out the shower handle? Not guilty!

When the truth came out, my amazon daughter admitted that it was her.

And my son turned out to be the hero in the situation, finding a wrench...

Never let it be said that I don't admit when I'm wrong. And though my son doesn't read this blog, I hereby publicly apologize for defaming him.

But, he IS stronger than he knows. Takes after his daddy...who is my true hero.

The guy has "packed me" for 25 years now. (And there is a double entendre there).

Carried me. Filled my needs. (Yep, another pun).

Man, when the brain works like that...I need to write or...get something to release the sexual energy. Is that tmi again?

How do you release pent up energy?

When your mind goes wicked, do you dwell on it, and enjoy the moment? Or shut it down as fast as you can? And why would you shut it down? Because you're in an inappropriate place? Or because it gets out of control?

Warning: I may use your motivations as motivations for a character one day. You never know. But, if I do, I'll dedicate the book to you. I won't say...this ones for so and so because she's JUST LIKE my heroine. But, it'll be for you, and you'll know why--because you helped me to understand why women do things they do.

I hope you can my books, I try to make the characters have real insecurities, so you can identify with them. Do you identify with any of my characters?

I think a ton of women will identify with Tee from Chaos. She starts out depressed and suicidal. Is it just me, or don't most women deal with that sort of thing at one time or another?

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