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Friday, April 21, 2006

Things that suck

I must confess...

I had planned to get busy on a novella this week. I wrote eight pages one morning and haven't written a lick since. I've pulled it up every day, edited it some, but then...ebay caught me.

That is one time-consuming little snare. That and google. Steals your minutes by the hour. Takes your hours by the day. The world becomes a blur. And those of us who are a bit obsessive can not be a bit o.c.--you're either o.c or not...rewind, revise...those of us who are o.c. can get sucked in big time.

Which brings me to sucky terms. I am wicked. I get sexual connotations running around my brain every time I hear the word suck. So, my kids aren't allowed to say "That sucked." They say, "That Hoovered." (You know, really good vacuum?) Or "That vigorously inhaled."

What do you like to have sucked most? Incredibly, some people in studies say THEIR BIG TOE. And, of course, I'm sure some men will say that's just a euphemism for another appendage.

I, personally, used to be a wannabe vampire, I guess, because sucking on a guy's neck was a turn on for me. And I like my own nipples attended to. Should I keep that sort of info off the board here? I just like to be honest. Is that a crime?

Do PDA (public displays of affection and/or public discussions of affection) offend you?

Turn you on?

Make you tired?

Make you wanna throw up?

I get all those reactions depending on what is being done or discussed and who is doing it--sometimes that makes a difference.

My "bottom line take" on PDA--more often than not, seeing stuff turns me on. Part of me is a voyeur--which my readers may have noticed because my werewolf series is full of voyeurism. Just trying to feed the needs of other degenerates like me. In theory, it sounds fun to watch. In reality, I wouldn't cross the line and do it. Ya know?

That's what I love about books. You can go places you can't really afford to. You can "do" things, witness stuff, that you wouldn't do in real life.

Which makes me wonder...should we worry about people who read mysteries only? Especially those who only read the mysteries with dead bodies in them? Are they secretly wishing they could pull off a kill? LOL

Are vampire fans half wishing they could become immortal and powerful?
I'm not even gonna disect werewolf fans. ;)

But you can tell me what you think. Be fun. Say what you think, not what you think someone wants to hear.

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I'm not O.C. but I might have a mild form of A.D.D. I tend to get distracted easily, jump from one thing to another. Sometimes my mind is a whirl of thoughts.

lol I have to say that having my big toe, or any toe for that matter, sucked does nothing for me. I love having my nipples sucked, as well as my neck and the back of my knees.

I like how open you are. I don't think telling us what you like sexually is TMI. Then again I'm a perv. *giggles* I'm a voyuer too and have a bit of an exhibitionist in me. I don't know if I'd intentionally go further than PDA but I'd watch for sure.


By Blogger Maria, at 11:02 AM  

I too love having my nipples sucked, especially when its done in a variety of ways, gentle to pulling. I too love having a full body massage, but you didn't ask about that, hehe.

By Blogger Caffey, at 9:02 PM  

I have this sudden urge to create a fan circle called TNC. The Nip Club. Only those who read this blog would have a clue. ;)

Women who like attention up top, and men who like to give it could all sign up. I could issue TNC cards and maybe we could do small conventions down the road--once a year--called the TNC convention.

They have sex conventions. I know this because there is one in Kansas City where people go and hang out in the jacuzzi. My husband and I were invited last year at CONquest--a science fiction convention in KC.

So, why not a nipple club? LOL I probably won't do it, but the idea makes me grin.

We need more things to laugh about, don't we?

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 9:28 PM  

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