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Monday, April 24, 2006

Tease 4

Here's an excerpt from the new story I started last week--the one I call Alana's Ache (working title)--see what's making her ache. Tell me what you think!

“Shh.” His lips brushed her temple—once, twice—then slid a butterfly’s breath along her cheek to her ear. The way he did it calmed her, surrounded her, blocked out the whole world and all her fears—made her think of nothing but him again.
She thought…he’s…a Valentino at tease.
He demonstrated that when his lips found hers again. He deepened the kiss. She opened her mouth and let him in. Alana leaned forward on tiptoe, giving him more tongue, returning everything he gave her with all she had—trying to prove that it was all good between them.
She sighed.
A Michaelangelo at mouth to mouth, at plummeting the depths, at making her feel more alive and energized than any fantasy she could have created—at reaching inside, and squeezing her heart.
Again, his lips broke free and wandered, this time to the other side of her throat. He groaned, “I love the way you smell.”
She chuckled—since she had on a perfume he’d bought her. “My boyfriend has good taste.”
“Mm. Yes he does.”
Vance started sucking, and she knew she’d have a hickey, but she liked the idea of a public mark. Alana tipped her head so he could get better access. He wasn’t noisy, or slurping, or sloppy, and the suction caused a reaction that went through the center of her being like a streak of lightning.
“Oh,” she whispered, her knees weakening as her panties went wet.
A Cistine at exhibiting what he could do. God help her if she ever got him inside.
She moaned.
Her mind put every great name to his lip service that she could think of. It was fabulous. Marvelous. Amazing.
Alana’s arms slipped around his neck. Her fingertips toyed at his nape. She encouraged him by arching into him.
Her breasts rose to the occasion, titillated within her lacy bra, her nipples standing erect, sensitized.

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