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Thursday, April 27, 2006

For the birds

Birds are singing outside my door.
The sun is shining.
I've stopped my whining.

I'm bound and determined to "get my head into a book" today.

But, I have one question...
Do you like romances (or any book) to start with something shocking/cataclysmic, or, if you've picked up a romance, are you happy for the hero and heroine to meet, say, in a mundane place, the way most people would meet a new guy. Like, say, at a bar, or somehow through the work place...?

I go back and forth on this, so you never can tell how my opening is gonna go until you pop the cover open. But, I wondered what readers thought about that sort of thing.

Personally, I struggle with the "one man saves the world" concept, so I don't do much of that. (Doesn't mean I won't write a Terminator type story down the road.)

I just...have trouble suspending disbelief on that one. How about you? Do you like to slip off into the ultimate unreality like that, or prefer a romance that sounds like it could actually happen?

(Werewolves, vampires, and fairies aside, of course!)

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