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Monday, May 01, 2006

Birthday Tease

Today is my husband's birthday. To honor it--as a present to him from far away--remember? He's in Alaska, I'm in Missouri--I've written this little tease--what I WOULD have done to him if he were here...

She waited for the clock to tick over to midnight. Beside her, her husband's even breathing told her he was asleep. As the seconds ticked by, she thought about what she could do for him, to wake him up on his birthday--for a midnight sex romp.

She thought about kissing him on his back and moving downward, and over his hip...

She considered rolling over him hard, pinning him, and agressively waking him with a kiss to end all kisses.

She considered sneakily handcuffing him to the bed, real slow like.

She thought about trussing his nether parts up with gentle caressing movements, in panty hose--then maybe a rope or a belt--her mind went wild with things she'd heard other women had done.

So many things went through her mind while he slept on. The slow tick of the clock drove her crazy. She finally got up, went to the bathroom, stripped down.

He always slept naked. He would be easy to seduce, or molest, or whatever.

She peeked around the corner at him. The blanket was off. He was laid flat out, taking over most of the bed--as usual. His manhood was semi-hard in his sleep.

Smiling, she went back to him, and looked down. She considered giving him a massage. She had oil; she could warm it up. Or how about a candle? She'd heard that some people thought that was cool--to spill wax...but he was a hairy Italian. She wrinkled her nose. That might not be half as fun in actuality. No.

Straddling him?

Climbing up between his legs, giving him a birthday treat--the kind he liked the best? Something with some serious lip service?

She thought of it all. What to do? What to do? What to do?

Wanna know what she did? (scroll down)

(scroll down some more)

(scroll down some more)

She blinked the fantasy out of her head--since he wasn't really in her bed. She couldn't wait for him to get off the plane, she still had another week to plot and plan what she'd do for him for his birthday. Better late than never. Would it be worth waiting for? Hm. I wonder!

Yeah, I know. I'm wicked. That's why he likes me--I think.

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