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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Just in from Amarillo

Just got in from Amarillo. Leaving for Boise and that wedding in the a.m.--
I finaled in four categories at Frontiers in Writing, and took home a second place check in the poetry division. So, that was good.

More important, Hilary Sares, a totally cool editor from Kensington, said she'd take a look at some of my stuff. So, wish me luck on that. Wouldn't it be awesome to see my werewolves and vampires and other sexy characters in the big stores?

Just as cool, my friend Becky Cline was asked to send some of her stuff, too. Wish Beck luck? The idea of going to a big house publishing company at the same time as a friend seems like the best of it, don't you agree?

Of course, having an editor look at your work doesn't make any guarantees. She may not care for the type of things I write. (But I think she will, she was kewl--you know, quick thinker, fun to listen and talk to--a good speaker, too.)

Now, if I can just figure out how to get the printer to work. Am I the only one that has ongoing problems with finicky printers? I keep buying new ones, and they keep flunking out on me. I am cursed!

I got to see a drunk take a run or two or three at a flag colored horse statue, and fall on his butt, roll backward head over heels and land on his feet. As he and his cohorts came in, one of his buddies said seriously to the other, "I knew he couldn't do it." Mount the horse. Yeah. That's the sort of entertainment that filled my weekend.

We had some classy moments but who wants to talk about that? That stuff is boring.

In FUN news, Jay Lake, a science fiction writer from Portland was there. And he rode in my car--just gave him a ride home from the steak house we all went to--but before he said adieu to Becky and me, he was on his knees, bowing to her (no lie!) and kissing her feet. (I swear to God.) If the pics come out, I'll get them posted.

(Yeah. Right after those RT pics get up in the family album.) We're looking at the end of the month for that--after I get back from my next trip and get the things into the photo shop.

Now, in last news of the night, my 14 year old son is racing our riding lawn mower around our ten acres--at the highest speed the thing can go. Oh, yeah, it's nine o'clock at night and it IS dark here. But he's having a great time. Stops on occasion to ask me if I want to come out and watch. LOL Not like I can't see the headlight zipping back and forth outside the window. Is that too funny? He guesstimates the speed of it to be 25 mph. I think that's a bit high, but I hate to disillusion him, he's having so much fun.

So, on that note, I'm gonna smile my way to bed--with my phone in hand, hoping my husband--long lost and incommunicado--will call me. I'm having withdrawals. Not only did I have to watch others being friendly this weekend, but I didn't even get my phone (uh, hm) fix from my lover.

Okay, know I'm a voyeur but I did not actually watch anybody doing anything nasty, dammit. ;)

Love you all,

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