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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Planes, thought trains and automobiles

I put my daughter on a plane and cried. She laughed because it's only gonna be two weeks before I see her again. I don't care. I miss her already.

She arrived safely in Denver, hopped another plane to Boise...and when I spoke to her on the phone to assure myself of that, she chewed me out for not answering my cell. It never rang. Not once. I took it to the store and traded it off ASAP. What if something had happened and she hadn't been able to contact me? I've had this sort of problem with that phone repeatedly.

Anyhow, new phone now--with plastic still on the screen. Might leave that for a bit. Am I the only one that does that sort of thing? Just wanna keep the new look for a few days. That's all.

While traveling from Kansas City International Airport to home in my AUTOMOBILE, I formulated four confession stories, one for Cup of Comfort, and the possible beginning to another werewolf series. How's that for a runaway train?

Now, if I could just get those stories onto a WORD document, I'd be all right, eh?

Did I mention that I have a cover story in the June issue of True Confessions? Some of you know that, but maybe not all. Deploy to War. (They bought all rights.) And I just received an offer for a second story. So, I may just become a confessions queen before it's all said and done. Who knows?

Tell me all your crazy stories and I'll write them up. (Or not, your choice.) Or you could write some and tell us when to pick up the issue. ;)

So, I'm thinking that this second story...when it runs (probably six months from now or so)--I will have a contest. I'll tell you which issue and those who can guess WHICH story is mine will get Amazon or Barnes and Nobles gift certificates. (Like $10 each or something.)

That is not to say you have to go buy the issue. Just thumb through it somewhere, or search online to see what the titles of the stories are and see if you can guess. That will be fun. So, be thinking about what you know of the stuff I write, and see if you can get familiar enough with my style to figure it out. You could all be winners!

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