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Monday, August 14, 2006

Motel Sex (TMI post)

I hadn't seen him in a month...but I had kids with me. What could I do?

I NEEDED sex, intimacy, naked time in bed with the man I love.

Of course, I thought about getting a second motel room--but the kids are under age. I could do it anyway, and make it clear that I was not to be bothered with petty pizza orders, and tell them to go to sleep early? They are 17 and 14--like that could happen on the best day, right?

But it was uncool enough for them to know we were gonna "do something" let alone have them in the next room.

I DID rent the room next door, but they begged a night at someone else's house so they didn't have to be close to "the action."

Is there anything that feels as good as the silky feel of skin against skin when some of that skin is someone else's?

The slide of ice down your throat and over your nipples on a hot night?
A cool wash cloth over your special places on a sweltering day?
Ice cream and hot fudge over your tongue--any time?

Mm. Those are good but skin on skin, a man's arm around your body while you sleep, cupping your breast, rubbing up against your back side, sighing in his, that is heaven.

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Holy crap. Gotta go find my husband now.

By Blogger Rinda Elliott, at 8:37 AM  

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