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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pace Yourself

There are a lot of things in life where we have to pace our selves. Eating (heh-heh), exercising, sex. (I was going to say my top three but my preferred form of exercise IS sex.)

Have you ever been "almost there" and said, "Wait. Wait. Hold up." ...because ya want it to last, you like the suspense? Oh yeah. That's what I'm talkin' about. Gotta love the suspense.

Let's see...what else do we pace ourselves on? Drinking. (Let's be responsible!) Thinking? (The queen of runaway trains says...whoa, Nelly!) How about writing. Oh yeah, that's what I was getting to.

So, I'm at page 385 on that manuscript I started two weeks ago tomorrow. I didn't work on it all last week--or I would have posted it here. I needed to back off of it and get some perspective for the ending...

When I returned to work on it yesterday, I found SO MANY places where I COULD put sex in it. You know, turn up the heat and sell it to you guys. (gals, whatever)

And I might still do that. It's run long. And now I'm worried...I'm seeing that pacing is an issue with this story. I mean, in my werewolf books (anything erotic, actually)--I can read and say, oh, here's a spot that needs bumped up with sex or sexual tension. I add it and I know that the pacing is on track. But in a g-rated work, the world is different. The characters talk even more--dancing around the issues, pretending to ignore them--and they let other things get to them as much as the love interest, taking them away from the thing they are consumed with.

It's a study on real people, I think. We let others control our time so we can't go off on a thinking tangent on something that we can't fix at the moment. Correct me if you think I'm wrong.

I have both the characters, at this point, admitting to themselves that they are in love. They've agreed to get married--for other reasons. So, the final suspense is...when are they gonna come clean? Before or after the marriage?

And big news to him, she's saying she's holding out on sex until after he marries her.

My mama always said, "They won't buy the cow if they can get the milk for free." I repeat that to my girls, too. (Way too often to my wayward daughter.)

Do you believe that?
And (LOL) Does it offend you that we are referred to as cows?
And shouldn't the adage actually read CREAM?

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