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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sex toy poll

No one needs confess what they own, you think most adults have sex toys?

And what do you think is most popular?

Does KY jelly, and the like, qualify as a sex toy? How about those heated or flavored booby drops? Or Kama Sutra's prolonging cream? Anything you can recommend?

Do you have, say, a friend who highly recommends something in particular? ;)

I know someone who has this amazing massager bought from a chiropractor. Big square thing. More powerful than the little ones sold at department stores. Guaranteed orgasm, she says.

I have a brother-in-law that is a road scavenger, and years ago he picked up a leather thing that amused us quite a bit. A ball gag with a strap to go around the wearer's head.

Personally, I can't believe he picked it up. Heaven knows where it's been, ya know?

He set it up on my sister's kitchen counter. She refused to touch it, so it stayed there for ages...and we laughed and conjectured over the type of people who used it.

I mean, this is just me, but...who would want to be gagged where they couldn't at least cry out a safe word that stops the action? Is it just me or is that...insane?

Would you willingly give up to submissiveness like that?
There's some serious trust, don't you think?

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I liked this post.I think that the adults who want to refresh their sexual life use sex toys.

By Blogger zaximcka, at 6:21 AM  

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