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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sex (TMI post)

My little warped mind clicked on Create a Post for this blog and I an erotica writer, I haven't said much that was sexy this last week or so.

You know that has to be remedied. So, if you're offended by graphic sexual conversation, skip this and go re-read the posts about the unfair volleyball practices at my daughter's school. Oh, update on that> My daughter had practice last night. For two hours, they did a serving drill. She was the ONLY one who made every single serve. They have this stupid thing where they have to go through the line of 26 jv and v players, and they can't move on to running the bleachers until they get a clean "everybody served a good one." Anyhow, that's right, the only one that did it right every time was my daughter. You think the coach noticed? We have a game tonight, so we'll see.

Anyhow, I wanted to talk about sex!

Actually, I was thinking about how books generally don't address the messier issues of intimate relations between a woman and a man. Sometimes, you'll read that they got up and took a shower afterward. Sometimes, I put people in the shower--like Chaos and Tee, or Jack and Fera. I, personally, like shower sex. (I know, tmi.) But, you can clean up right away. You don't have to wash the sheets asap, or lay in a wet spot.

Is that sort of talk too personal? If so, go to the children's writers blog. Sorry, this ain't the place for you.

I hate lying in the wet spot. Don't you?
But then again, sometimes I'll do it because I'm too lethargic to move.

Here's my question to a reader, do you think it's gross to read specifics like that? Or a natural follow-through?

I have a scene in HOOD where Gisele gets on her knees to service him but stops right before he explodes. She wants him to beg, but he refuses. (It's like...the greatest scene in the book practically, imo.) Anyhow, he squeezes himself off because he won't lower his pride to ask her to finish things. It's a power play scene.

So, he releases onto the floor in front of her, then he walks away. Part of her has an urge to clean up the mess, but the stronger portion of her brain argues against it. He can leave the evidence of what he did, so, so can she.

Does it bug you to read about the body fluids? Does it seem more natural if the girl gets a rag to put between her legs. (or cloth?) Or if she gets up to shower?

Do you shower every single time, right away? You can answer this in the third person, like you think people should. Or, just use a cloth? Or say, "Hey, it's lubed up now, let's go again!"

I, for one, like to say, "Don't stop. Don't stop." (I don't care if he's done. I just wanna see if he'll do it again.) Yeah, I know. Too much information.

But, I can't be the only one playing that game, can I? Or maybe you didn't know it works.

I love to say, "Stop. Stop." too. I mean, if he's close, let's drag it out. I like to torture a man sometimes. Isn't being on the edge, and building up to the anticipation what it's all about?

No. Wait. I've got that wrong. It's the orgasm. That's what it's all about. (Duh. LOL)

While my mind is in this mood, I guess I should get writing, huh?
So, gimme your opinions. Do you like sloppy sex? Do you lounge around afterward, savoring the scent of mingled fluids, the smell of sex in the air, or do you slap your partner's ass and say, "Get the hell up. I'm changing sheets."

Or, do you maneuver yourself onto HIS side of the bed so that the wet spot is where he's gonna sleep? I try that every now and then. He's caught on, though, and sometimes chuckles and says, "I know what you're doing," as he rolls off onto my side of the bed...while I'm playing dumb, "Wha--?" No. I wouldn't do that on purpose.

(I have no secrets you know, because he reads my blog more avidly than anyone else on the list. He's a lurker type. Never posts a comment, but gives me plenty of feedback in person.)

Alas, I have rambled again on one of my most consuming subjects. I wish I had cool movie clips to show you or something, but I'm afraid that would be simply porn to illustrate this point...and we simply cannot have that. Can we?

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I can't really comment on anything except the last bit. The fact that he comments in person is worlds and above better than commenting here, doncha think? :)

By Blogger Jen, at 8:28 AM  

~laugh~ Oh I'M SURE.

One of us has to have some class. And since I'm the erotica writer, I guess that elevates him to a new height, huh?

But don't let that fool ya. I write it to turn him on.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 8:32 AM  

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