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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The day after

Smoke has cleared and...

No, really. My daughter dropped the beautiful peach pie in the oven as she was taking it out. Damn thing took a nose dive like it was climbing out of her hands on purpose. I watched the whole thing in slow motion.

We scooped it up and put it back in its pan. But no one wanted any. Go figure.

See, in my oven, my house, no one would have suggested we scoop it up and see if someone wanted any. My oven never gets cleaned.

Which is why it is SO great Miranda has a house.

She was the only one that cleaned my oven for years--because she's the sort of daughter that hated manual labor...and when she got in trouble, that was her chore to get out of grounding. Fridge and oven, she was the queen.

My oldest said, "Spank me now but don't take away my phone." Which meant, of course, no phone for her.

My second daughter said, "I'll clean the bathroom." And I couldn't fault her logic--so she actually got out pretty light.

And the two kids at home learned from the others. They almost never do anything bad. So, they have to clean the fridge or floor or do laundry to buy their way out of the house.

Since the son never cares to go anywhere...we have four baskets of laundry waiting. I'm sure my daughter will want to go somewhere today or tomorrow. (God please let her make a plan! LOL)

We had ham for Christmas. Ham. Ham. Ham. I don't do a lot of ham during the year. Deli meat sandwiches sometimes.

I'm rambling with nothing great to report, so I guess I'll go and write.

Oh, wait. You'll love this (or wanna cry for me.) I didn't have the money to do a $90 dye job on my hair so I went and bought some bottles for home. Only the gray streak on the top of my head turned into a red streak--not the desired brown that would have blended nicely with the growing out professional color I had.

So, I spent all day Christmas day sad over my stupid hair. My girls were sweet. Said they didn't notice. HAHAHA. I guess they could tell I wanted to cry over it. They hugged me and said "It was just family around anyway."

At MIDNIGHT we went to Walgreen's to buy hair dye--and it's on my head now. I'm afraid my hair will look splotchy because I have SO much hair now.

So, if you go the cheap route on your hair--Carys Weldon does too. If you've ever had a stripe on the top of your hair, I feel for you. And if you ever had splotchy hair dye job, I'm with ya babe.

The question much does this hair matter? It's ruined my holiday and this morning too.
What do you do to get over bad hair days?

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Eat something chocolate. Preferably dark chocolate. I can't be mad or in any kind of bad mood with the bite/sharpness/whatever that dark chocolate has in it. It's like an immediate "Mmmmm"-temporary melting moment. lol.

It doesn't always carry over, of course, but it does help temporarily. :)

By Blogger Jen, at 7:25 AM  

I just wear a hat and forget about it.

I got a new toque for Christmas from my brother and his girlfriend (her sister made it), so I'm all set for any bad hair days in the near future.

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 10:55 AM  

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