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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas (Recipes and deals)

Merry Christmas everybody!

We've opened presents. My kids were most happy with their 4gb mp3 players. I bought them on ebay for about $40-45, and they are an off brand, but they are equivalent to the $250 ones at Circuit City. And they play real well. I just thought I'd tell you about those in case you're looking to get something like that. I bought these from a seller named Blown-z.

Anyhow, it's good to get a great deal and to have a nice Christmas on a low budget. Ya know?

We'll be going to my married daughter's house, like we did for Thanksgiving. Of course, I think I bought most of the food that will be there, but she'll fix a lot of it, and clean up afterwards--so that works for me.

I made two pumpkin pies, two cheesecake (pies), an apple crumb pie and a chocolate cream pie. And I made some Parker House Roll dough and sent that up to her house last night--hoping she'd roll them out and bake them. But I may have to do that when I get there.

Do you make homemade rolls or pies?

We're doing a ham. We sprinkle it with knox plain gelatin, brown sugar and ground cloves, then pour honey over it--or maybe the honey comes first. Anyhow, it makes a very tasty glazy outside.

Makes my tongue water just thinking about that spiral sliced ham.
And my daughters are insisting on that green bean casserole thing again.
My husband keeps asking, "Why the hell can't we have some regular green beans--fried in butter with salt and pepper?"

Answer: Because we do that all year round. I only give in to the casserole thing on the holidays.

I know, some of you like that. I don't mind it. But...

Anyhow, gotta get going. Merry Christmas.
Tell me if you get anything good.

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Merry Christmas! :)

Oh yeah, got good. :)

An off-brand iHome-like radio, gift cards, and software. :)

(Gee, do I have smiley-itis today or what? lol)

By Blogger Jen, at 3:09 PM  

We tried to have fondue for Christmas dinner. There were so many appetizers around that we were all full before the meal even got started.

By Blogger ikkinlala, at 10:59 AM  

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