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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Yesterday, I started the sequel to Raven's Mischief--I think I said that yesterday. It's coming along and will feel a little like my Pack City and Jack: In the Pack stories where you will get a whole different angle on the story.

You guys are so gonna like Maya and Trevyn--who are the key players in this new story. You'll fall in love with them in RM and then simply have to see what happens next...and in the meantime you'll be falling in love with Laney and Kieran who are gonna be the stars of the third book.

Oh, hey...I already got an acceptance/contract for RM from Mojocastle. So, that should be coming out in ebook this year. WOOHOO! And the contract says that if I sell 200 copies in e-format that it will be considered for print. I SO want to see my things in hard copy.

They emailed me the contract and then I have to print and sign it and get it in the mail today. I also have to fill out what are called AIF's. Author Information Form. Those get all my info plus all the details on the book, like what I'd like to see for the cover, etc.

I have to get on that this morning. I am soooo excited. I can't wait to announce this sale to my writer's groups. I was feeling sad that all my CW titles were pulled and I had nothing going there.

I also got an assurance from a publisher yesterday that if Kensington doesn't take all my other titles that I had with Extasy, this other pub will take every one.

I actually have TWO publishers that are jonesing to put those out for me. So, you WILL see more of Leer, Jack, and Hood...and you gotta read the stories of Bark and Letha (Pack Taboo), and Mark and Amber (Pack Attack)--in that one, Hood and Giselle get married. I'm feeling excited about all my CW things coming out again, even though I haven't signed contracts on them yet.

One editor said she'd turn my ms's around so fast that my head will spin--that's how fast they'll be out. And with new covers...which are always fun to see.

Okay. Some are just funny to laugh at.
I think I'll go get busy now. I have a lunch date with tarot reading friend, Maiden of Mysteries on I can't wait to tell her my great news.

Isn't it wonderful to share good news with friends who will hug you and cheer for you?
(We don't get to do that often enough, imo.)

I say...let's all make goals for the new year to do something that we can be cheered for, and to look for things our friends do that we can cheer them on for! K? How many are with me on this?

Oh. Wait. Did I promise you a sexcerpt or something?
That'll have to be tomorrow. Tune in. See what's up. (pun intended!)

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Woohoo!! Major congrats are definitely in order!!

I think the resolution to do something friends can cheer for is a good one. :)

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By Blogger ikkinlala, at 9:08 AM  

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