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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Candy's Kisses

I worked for several hours yesterday on Candy's Kisses. Okay, mostly on undoing Levi's jeans. I realized that these two have had many sexual encounters but the guy isn't taking his pants off much. Will have to remedy that before the end of the book.

I now have the manuscript up to 81, 400 words. So, it is coming steadily along.

I have appointments today, though, so I don't know how much I'll be able to accomplish. I have hair dye on my head--way longer than I was supposed to, because I thought I'd go through my email and blog before rinsing. Hopefully, the gray roots will be fully covered. Eh?

Also wanna get my nails done (solar). They are waaaaay overdue. I am terrible at doing things on schedule. Mostly because money and time ebb and flow around here. Mostly go. (Gotta go look up ebb and flow and see which one means going out to sea.) Feel free to save me the trouble. Which one is it?

I have been asked to ghost or co-write three nonfiction books, but don't know if I wanna take the time out from my schedule. I'm sure I should. One is the brainstorm of a man who went from poverty to wealth in two years and has a plan for success he thinks anyone can follow. Another is for Vickie Gay (world renowned psychic--this one I am pretty sure I WILL do just because it sounds fascinating to listen through her tapes and transcribe her experiences.) And then there's another one that I'm meeting over today. It could be fun but I'm sworn to secrecy on that. IF I do it, you will be the first to know.

What do you think? Should I give the co/ghost thing a try or just get my werewolf and romance books pushed out faster? Taking a vote here. Anybody care what I do?
(Watch no one will say a word. LOL)

Going to rinse my head now.

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I don't know...

If it were me, I'd probably do the psychic one just because that sounds so blasted intriguing. lol.

I'd probably say thanks-but-no-thanks to the guy with the success pitch.

By Blogger Jen, at 7:52 AM  

Whoa!! I just realized you did 11,000 words in one day! Sweet! lol

By Blogger Jen, at 2:39 PM  

Personally I am biased cause I say werewolfs. I don't read nonfiction at all

By Blogger Pamk, at 5:38 PM  

Keep an eye on Mojocastle Press. That's where my next werewolf book/series is gonna appear. Raven's Mischief will probably be out before you know it!

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 7:50 AM  

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