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Friday, February 09, 2007

BIG trouble

Somebody is in really, really big trouble. I'm guessing it is my son.

I don't like to blame people falsely but...

My $150 headphones (Bose) were fine yesterday when I left the house. When I arrived home last night, my son high-tailed to the bedroom without looking me in the eye. Weird fast. But I thought he was probably still mad at me from the day before when I made him (Oh, God forbid!) do women's work. (Fold and put away laundry.)

Today, I rise, I shine, I come smiling to my computer, sit down and go to pick up my headphones and HOLY CRAP, they are in pieces. Broken the same way our laptop headphones ($20 deals) are. One side manhandled too harshly so it dangles.

My daughter says she confronted him on them last night and he swore he didn't touch them. But the kid is hiding in his bedroom this morning--which screams GUILTY AS HELL to this mother of five.

Oh is the shit gonna hit the fan when his father finds out. Because that's the one that bought them for me and I said at the time, "Don't. One of the kids will ruin them and that will be a true nightmare."

I have a positive attitude on that sort of stuff. I'm sure someone will ruin anything nice I get. It's based on a lifetime of experience.

So. I can't even friggin' rock out today. No way can they be replaced under warranty when someone obviously broke them.

I've just hollered. (This is how I handle it. I've called three or four times for him to hustle up. That was before I found out about the m. Now, I've yelled, "Get out here. I wanna hear your lame-ass excuse about how you broke my headphones."

I should probably say I spent years in patient parenting but having four daughters kinda zaps that crap out of ya. Eight years teaching preschool. Six years running a beauty pageant. (Those will teach you patience.) Plus teaching sunday school. Geez, how many times have I been put in charge of the class where they've stuck the "bad" kids. You know, (any of) the ADD/PDHD/AUTISTIC/GENUINELY RETARDED. I can deal with those. I don't think they're bad kids, just misunderstood. You know, kids that need a different approach.

Okay. My son has come out and sworn his innocence. I'm crying because I SWEAR TO GOD I never had anything nice that someone else doesn't tear up or break.

The only other possible culprit is a break-in. We don't lock our door. But then we live way the hell out in the country. Ten acres in a haunted hollow. Only five other houses on a two mile long street. Nothing closer than 4-5 acres.

As he walks out the door, the kid swears one more time that it wasn't him, but nicely brings me the duct tape (his idea) to fix them with.

So, what started out as a happy day has gone right into the a very bad place. I'm out of my happy medicine, too, so it doesn't look like it is going to get better.

Evidence is against the kid. I will never know the truth. Should I be the good mother and get over myself? Forget the idea of ever having a nice thing until they all leave home?

I know. You'll tell me to lock my damn door just in case that was the problem. But, really. The laptop is sitting out. And this computer, and printer and the digital camera is sitting here, and my nice 35 mm is out of the case, sitting on the camera. We have a very nice tv, vcr, dvd, sat/tivo set-up, new dvd's up the yin-yang, among other things. Nothing else is missing or tampered with. See, all that doesn't scream anybody else was in the house to me.

What do you think? Convicted without a trial? Innocent until proven guilty?

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I'm saying look at the track record. He broke your chair, which tells me he doesn't care about and/or respect your space or your stuff. Little shits (experience with my brother brings that term to mind) lie about stuff like that and you would SWEAR to the death they're telling the truth when they're not.

By Blogger Jen, at 7:54 PM  

I'm a mother of a 19 year old and a 5 year old son - I'd vote guilty. I'd be tempted to tell him that his prior track record means you do not believe him because you can't trust his word. Then I'd make him do any jobs (like laundry) for a pittance until he's paid off the cost of a new pair.

By Blogger Maura, at 9:26 PM  

He swears innocence. My husband asks me, "Why would he do that?"

So, I look like the bad guy to accuse. But, honestly, who else could have done it?

I need to let it go because it can't be fixed now. But it is so damn annoying.

Now I can't rock out. I have to listen to the crap on television that my husband cranks up. Talk about a distraction from writing.

By Blogger CarysWeldonblog, at 7:48 AM  

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