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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Great news!

All those Carys Weldon titles that got snagged from the market last fall are coming back out, and there are more on the horizon! Twenty or more, all told.

I haven't signed the contracts yet, but they've been offered and my agent is looking them over. I expect to sign them by, oh, tomorrow or Tuesday.

The publisher has promised to get those werewolf books out asap, and to push a very questionable sf novel, out first. (per my request)

I have this novel called Angel Bet that is twisted cool, in my opinion.

Here's the story concept:

Dr. DeAnna Morgan is a woman who desperately needs a make-over, but doesn't care because she's a little too engrossed with her work. She's famous for progressive advances in chemical warfare, and known mostly by reputation as Dr. D. (or Dr. Death). Just a short time after she signs a company contract consenting that her body be used in the cy-droid program which revives the dead and integrates cyborg and android technology into the, uh, victim's body, she is murdered in her a tech assistant who drops the Angel Vapor bomb capsule purposely.
Adrian is a genius rated scientist under pressure to complete a casing for the AV--Dr. D's Angel Vapor bomb. He's a bit of a loner with a war orphan history, a product of NaturoDefense’s group home upbringing—which we flash back to.
This story is set in post third war America at a time when politics have obliterated most religion, and managed to break down all moral prudity and made homosexual behavior wholly acceptable and, in fact, encouraged publicly, and perhaps more expected than hetero relationships. While Adrian doesn’t condemn that, he has a hetero heart and an urge to find a soul mate. A woman with a brain who is also sexually compatible with his somewhat antiquated hetero interests.
Adrian’s profile says he could be a great scientist or an artist. Of course, the very Orwell 1984 type company helped him make the choice. And we jump into the story after DeAnna’s been revived, cy-droided, and put back into action. She now goes by Anna and is driven by a time bomb agreement with the company. They’ve installed hardware in her body that is complete with a remote control unit called the B.E.T. that will, literally, shut her off.
There are twelve g-rates in the sector Adrian works in, all vying in a competition on the AV-1 casing. Last place gets demoted. First place gets big bonuses. DeAnna has a one in twelve chance of picking the winner, and living past the end of the competition. After profiling them all, she moves in on—and with Adrian.
He thinks it’s all about love and attraction, and he knows he’s head over heels. But then, only a short time into the relationship, he figures out that she’s been cheating on him—with every guy in his sector. And on top of that, he learns that she’s a cy-droid. Now, in the post war world, fidelity isn’t that big a deal within the loose confines of the re-ordered society—except, to Adrian, it’s still betrayal, and it hurts like hell. Can he forgive her?

(I'll give you an excerpt tomorrow.)

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That is exciting. Congrats! :)

By Blogger Kiernan, at 9:27 AM  

Oops. That's me. Forgot I was signed in with that. lol.

By Blogger Jen, at 9:28 AM  

That could be an interesting premise - I'll have to see what you do with it!

By Blogger Maura, at 12:26 PM  

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